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Ref #DescriptionImage
FR-66500 Francs 27.5.1937 (Mercury, cherubs, figures)[Obverse] [Reverse]
FR-725 Francs 5.1.1933 (woman; dock worker; sailing ship)[Picture & Info]
FR-8410 Francs 4.12.1941 (Minerva; peasant woman)[Picture & Info]
FR-8550 Francs 21.9.1939 (Ceres, Mercury, Versailles Park)[Obverse & Reverse]
FR-901000 Francs 3.11.1938 (Ceres, Mercury, Professions)[Obverse] [Reverse]
FR-9350 Francs 18.12.1941 (Jacques Coeur; Scene in Bourges)[Picture & Info]
FR-94100 Francs 29.1.1942 (Notre-Dame de Paris;
Maximilien de Béthune)
[Picture & Info]
FR-95500 Francs 18.12.1941 (Pax, man, woman)[Obverse & Reverse]
FR-961000 Francs 19.12.1940 (Woman, Mercury, blacksmith)[Obverse & Reverse]
FR-975000 Francs 20.7.1939 (Victory statuette, woman)[Picture & Info]
FR-985 Francs 30.10.1947 (Pyrenean shepherd; woman)[Picture & Info]
FR-9910 Francs 4.12.1947 (miners; cows; woman; child)[Picture & Info]
FR-99fr10 Francs 10.3.1949 (Miner) Replacement[Picture & Info]
FR-100a20 Francs 10.3.1949 (Breton fisherman; women & child)[Picture & Info]
FR-100c20 Francs 10.3.1949 (Breton fisherman; women & child)[Picture & Info]
FR-101100 Francs 6.1.1944 (Descartes, hay cart; female; angel)[Picture & Info]
FR-1035000 Francs 1942-48 (Allegory of French Colonies)[Picture & Info]
FR-105100 Francs 2.10.1943 (Marianne, anchor, barrel)[Obverse] [Reverse]
FR-11610 Francs 1944 (torches; french flag)[Picture & Info]
FR-123100 Francs 1944 (cloudy skies)[Picture & Info]
FR-12750 Francs 1.2.1951 (Leverrier; Neptune)[Picture & Info]
FR-128100 Francs 12.10.1950 (Occupations; family; oxen)[Picture & Info]
FR-129500 Francs 28.3.1946 (Chateaubriand; lyre; muses)[Picture & Info]
FR-1301000 Francs 25.4.1946 (Minerva; Hercules; woman)[Picture & Info]
FR-M65 Francs (1947) (woman; fruits; wheat harvesting)[Picture & Info]
FR-M710 Francs (1947) (woman; wheat harvesting)[Picture & Info]
FR-M11100 Francs (1955) (Mercury, seated woman)[Obverse] [Reverse]
FR-1301000 Francs 17.2.1949 (Minerva, Hercules, woman)[Obverse] [Reverse]
FR-1315000 Francs 10.3.1949 (Sea & Countryside; Mercury)[Picture & Info]
FR-1341000 Francs 5.1.1956 (Cardinal Richelieu; town gate)[Picture & Info]
FR-1375 Nouveaux Francs on 500 Francs 12.2.1959[Obverse] [Reverse]
FR-1415 Nouveaux Francs 2.7.1959 (Pantheon; Victor Hugo)[Picture & Info]
FR-14210 Nouveaux Francs 7.6.1962 (Old city; Richelieu)[Picture & Info]
FR-144100 N. Francs 1963 (Napoleon Bonaparte, Triumph Arch)[Obverse & Reverse]
FR-1465 Francs 4.11.1966 (Louis Pasteur; laboratory)[Picture & Info]
FR-14710 Francs 8.1.1971 (François Voltaire; buildings)[Picture & Info]
FR-14850 Francs 1976 (Jean Racine; old buildings)[Picture & Info]
FR-149100 Francs 2.1.1976 (Pierre Corneille; arches)[Picture & Info]
FR-15010 Francs 2.10.1975 (Hector Berlioz; musical instrument)[Picture & Info]
FR-15120 Francs 1997 (Claude Debussy; stormy sea)[Picture & Info]
FR-15250 Francs 1977 (M. Quentin de la Tour; Versailles)[Picture & Info]
FR-154100 Francs 1994 (E. Delacroix; nude Marianne)[Picture & Info]
FR-155200 Francs 1981 (Baron de Montesquieu; Labrede)[Obverse] [Reverse]
FR-155200 Francs 1990 (Baron de Montesquieu; Labrede)[Picture & Info]
FR-156500 Francs 6.12.1973 (B. Pascal; St. Jacques Church)[Obverse] [Reverse]
FR-156500 Francs 5.11.1987 (B. Pascal; St. Jacques Church)[Picture & Info]
FR-15750 Francs 1992 (A. de Saint-Exupery; plane; Africa)[Picture & Info]
FR-157Aa50 Francs 1994 (Little Prince; Saint-Exupéry; biplane)[Picture & Info]
FR-157Ad50 Francs 1997 (Little Prince; Saint-Exupéry; biplane)[Picture & Info]
FR-157Ad50 Francs 1999 (Little Prince; Saint-Exupéry; biplane)[Picture & Info]
FR-158100 Francs 1998 (Paul Cezanne; still-life of fruits)[Picture & Info]
FR-159200 Francs 1997 (Gustave Eiffel; Eiffel Tower)[Picture & Info]
FR-160a500 Francs 1994 (M. & P. Curie; laboratory utensils)[Picture & Info]
FR-160c500 Francs 1998 (M. & P. Curie; laboratory utensils)[Picture & Info]
Private, Local and Test Notes
FR-VIC1 Franc of French Red Cross, War Prisoner Bond[Picture & Info]
FR-CCC1 Franc of 'Chambre de Commerce de Carcassonne'[Picture & Info]
FR-EC1'Echantillon' (printing house trial note)[Obverse]
FR-EC2'Echantillon' (printing house trial note)[Picture & Info]
FR-ENV5-10-20-50-100 Euro ND test note set 'NO VALUE'.[Picture & Info]
FR-LYOC.C. Lyon 50 Centimes 9.9.1915[Obverse & Reverse]
FR-UMG1 Franc of 'Union des Magasins de Grenoble' (Arms)[Picture & Info]
Since 1.1.2002 France uses the Euro which has become European Union's
common and world's third largest currency.
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