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#118707262 - Young asian woman with a surprised happy expression won a bet. Add to Likebox #117439270 - Giveaway, enter to win text on screen. Lottery and prizes. #122707781 - Old senior has fun playing bingo in the afternoon at the retirement. Add to Likebox #121103954 - Young woman over yellow wall. Bingo is built by bingo lovers, for bingo lovers. Place your bets and play up to four cards at the same time. Instantly play the classic fun game today for free, no downloads necessary! Play bingo and review ancient China in this great game made to culminate a unit of study. It includes 30 unique cards in a printer friendly format or a decorative format, as well as calling cards, dragon playing pieces, and more. The calling cards come in two formats as well so you can play an easy game with just terms, or a harder version where students must figure out the term based on a. Asian Drama Bingo: January Check-In Posted by Unbothered Unnies January 31, 2021 January 31, 2021 Posted in 2021 Tags: Asian Drama Bingo, Asian Dramas, unbothered unnies First month of 2021 has come to an end and we have seen so many things happen that we about to call 2021 season 2 of 2020.

Asian Readathon and Asian Lit Bingo are going on this month and I didn’t really have a set TBR list for either. I actually just found out about Asian Lit Bingo so I haven’t even looked over all the categories yet.

Woolworths gambling. I figure my strategy for both will to just read a bunch of own-voices Asian authors and see what sticks at the end. I’ll be updating my progress here on this blog post for my own record keeping.

There are 12 Bingo cards and 16 Bingo calling cards included in each game. The Bingo cards will print out 8'x10' in full color, and the 16 different 4'x5' Bingo calling card images will also print out in full color. You can print your Bingo cards in Black and White by choosing that option in the printing section.

Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan
Malaysian author/intersectional Asian character/queer romance
My initial thoughts: I finished this in one sitting so it was definitely an engaging read. But I wish the world building was a little better done and the characters more developed. I loved all the Asian culture woven into the story. I’m greedy and I want more of it added in! I’m curious to see where this story goes.

The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Iranian author/graphic novel/auto-biography
While I understand the hardship and horror Marji went through, she was a spoiled rich girl and it showed throughout her story. Se doesn’t seem to realize how much freedom she was given because of her family’s money. I found the history lessons interesting and I liked reading about the parts when Marji was in Iran. I appreciate her honesty and showing the darkest parts of her life.

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman
Japanese author/intersectional Asian character/contemporary w Asian MC
I wish I had this book in high school or middle school. I didn’t relate to Kiko on every level, but the parts I did hit me hard. I loved reading about a half-Japanese character! I understood her insecurities and experiences surrounding her race. I really connected with Kiko over her social anxiety. I handle it better outwardly than she does, but her inner dialogue and her feelings of awkwardness may as well be taken straight from my brain.

This bingo card has a free space and 24 words: Went to Saturday language school, Give away presents you were gifted, Fluently speak, read, and write in mother language, Lived in mother country for majority of your life, Cut up fruits for friends/family, Knows how to play Mahjong/Go-stop, Have never heard their parents say they’re proud/love you, Bring a wheely shopping trolley when shopping, Save sauce packets/napkins from restaurants, Don’t use the dishwasher, Eat certain foods to ‘cool down’ or ‘heat up’ your body, Drank milk religiously to grow taller, Travelled to Asia after High School, Have a 10 step glass skincare routine, Ugly cried while learning studying/practicing instruments, Only buy things on sale, Studying medicine, engineering, or law, Still ask parents for permission to go out, Fights over paying the bill, Arrive at the airport several hours before boarding time, Been compared to mom’s friends’ children, Been compared to one of mom’s friends children, Had your parents wait outside for a birthday party for the entire time and Had family say you are skinny and feed you food.

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