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Welcome to Batman slot machines, the fate of Gotham lies in your hands, are you going to go with the forces of good and play as Batman or will you follow the path of evil and play as the notorious Joker? The choice is all yours…

Batman Begins Free Online Slot Machine Review The online slot machine Batman Begins is based on the 2005 movie and has the same realistic, dark and gritty aspects to it. A version with no deposit required is available. Answer 1 of 11: Hey all, Does anyone know the locations of the Adam West Batman slot machines? I know they used to be in the Cosmopolitan and Caesars Thank you to anyone who can tell me it's my fave slot! The Batman And Catwoman Cash slot machine is a game that introduces new adventures of one of the most popular superheroes. This is a slot from the company Playtech, which offers the interesting features, such as free spins, special multi-level icons, and thematic bonuses. The Batman and Batgirl Bonanza slot machine belongs to the Playtech line, which was inspired by DC comics. This is a game with 5 reels and 60 lines. During the spins, you can win up to 2000 and all of this is without taking into account the most profitable prize features.

Batman first appeared on the scene back in 1939 as the bat-man, since then the caped crusader has gone from strength to strength, kicking criminal’s asses all the way up today. Yet he’s never managed to beat his arch nemesis the Joker, but all that is about to change, now you can finally step into the shoes of Batman himself. Move over Christian Bale, there’s a new Batman in town and he’s ready to get rich. That’s right, the new Batman slot machine is guaranteed to add a couple of zeroes to your bank account with their variety of bonus rounds where you can win tons of cash. And remember what makes Batman so special is he’s just like you and me, he has no special powers, but he’s just trained himself to take on all the bad guys of Gotham City, so remember that you won’t need any special powers to beat this game, just a desire to kick some ass and rack up some serious cash.

Poker games free online pc. However if you’re sick of being the good guy and you fancy like causing some chaos and carnage, Joker style, then you can play as the grinning maniac himself and cause as much destruction as possible as you try and unlock the awesome bonus rounds.

First up in Batman slots is the Sonar bonus round which gives you access to Batman’s security headquarters, where Batman keeps his eye on Gotham through hundreds of screens. You’ll enter into one of the screens, where you’ll have six choices to choose from 12 boxes, the more unmatched symbols you reveal the higher your multiplier will be. So make sure you keep your eyes focused on the prize.

Next you can access the Sleight of Hand bonus round, where you’re required to flip over as many of the Jokers cards face up as possible. The more you flip up, the more credits you’ll receive. In the Batman slot machines in Vegas, you actually have to swipe your hand over the screen and the cards flip over as if by magic! Let’s hope they add this to the iPad version of the Batman slot game.

When you play Batman slots you can also unlock the creepiest bonus of them all, the Agents of Chaos bonus round, where the masks from the Dark Knight film are hanging on the screen. Your job is to choose the ones which will give you the most amount of credits as you try and conjure up a big win!

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So stay tuned for all the latest hints, tips and offers for the fantastic Batman slot machines.