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Most of the sports bettors we know like to see their winnings show up in their wallet as fast as possible. Placing bets at the top online sportsbooks is a fantastic option for you to turn to, as long as you are doing it at one of the most trusted sites.

The bet365 sportsbook is widely recognised as the world’s most popular online sports betting site. From NFL to Nascar, horse racing to hockey, the range of sports to bet on is immense, yet the site. Our in-depth reviews and ratings pinpoint the top gambling sites. With 50+ years of sports betting experience, we’ve placed bets at almost every sportsbook online. Bonus: 50% up to.

Few things are worse than winning a bet, only to see that it is taking weeks for those funds to actually show up in your bank account. How do you know if the site you are betting on will transfer you your winnings in a timely manner? Don’t you want to be able to avoid those headaches?

Betting Site
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All you have to do is click on one of the sites we recommended for you above and you can start betting with confidence. Place your wagers knowing that when you make that right pick, you are going to get rewarded for it. Not just by money showing up in your online account, but by having no issues trying to transfer the money straight into your pocket.


We are going to talk about the different questions that come up and what to look for when deciding where to place your bets. Of course, telling you what sites to sign up on blindly wouldn’t be fair, so allow us to explain.

Why Did We Choose These Sites?

This one is short and sweet. We take pride in making sure we don’t endorse sites that our readers will be unsatisfied with — period. Your gambling experience is not to be taken lightly, and you deserve to bet on sites that take your business seriously. This is why we didn’t just pick sites to list. “Picked” isn’t the right word because what we did was rank the sites based on their performance.

There are plenty of sites that have a wide selection of sports to bet on and that may even be really easy to use. Other sites have the most up-to-date software and always have a customer service representative willing and able to assist you with any questions. These are terrific factors, and we consider them all.

However, if you are placing sports bets at a site with which you can’t be sure if and when your winnings will be credited to your actual bank account, then what’s really the point in making the bets in the first place?

As significant as all those areas of a site are, the legitimacy of the banking options take precedence.

When we say “legitimacy,” we are talking about a couple things. The sites listed at the top of this page have reliable methods to withdraw funds. These are also the sites with the fastest and most secure withdrawal processes the online sportsbook industry has to offer.

We had dedicated individuals take the time to make sure these sites won’t let you down. It isn’t just about having loads of options to deposit or withdraw your money. We care about efficiency, and in this case, speed.

Have faith that getting your winnings off the site quickly won’t be the issue. Picking the winners and turning your wagers into winning bets will be your biggest challenge!

Why Do Some Transactions Get Blocked or Take So Long?

Unfortunately, this portion of our segment on fast payout betting sites isn’t always going to be in your control. What do we mean by that?

We mean that you shouldn’t take it personally or think that it is your fault if a banking transaction is not being completed as rapidly as you think it should. There are times when the process of seeing your winnings “actually come to life” doesn’t go as smoothly as you had hoped it would.

The reason our team of industry experts created this page was so you can avoid these scenarios. Anyone who has bet sports over the internet before knows not every site will complete your requests for a withdrawal in a reasonable amount of time, if at all. This could be due to a few different things.

Some sites will tell you things they say in their “Terms and Conditions” protect them from having to release your funds. Perhaps your bank does not accept checks or transfers from companies in a specific region. Nobody likes the fine lines and small print at the bottom of the page, and nobody wants to be surprised.

The great news is that we weeded out those “bad apples” for you. The sites that will come up with excuse after excuse simply didn’t make the cut onto this page.

Those “Triple Ps” aren’t always your best friend. Sure, sometimes having a third-party involved can help smooth over transactions and make everybody happy. Luckily, those are ones you will find in the banking options on the most premier sites in the business, like the ones we suggested.

The bad news is that sometimes the reason your payment gets “held up” is because one of the “less than reputable” third parties isn’t adequate. Be careful in your future endeavors using payment processors you don’t trust. Stick with the sites here and those troubles stay away.

Best Online Sports Betting

Pick the Option That Works Best for You

Hopefully you are winning a bunch of bets and now you have to decide how you want to withdraw those winnings. We gave you a list of sites that offer dependable and efficient methods to do so. Which of those methods is the best isn’t always a black and white answer.

Depending on exactly what your goals are, you may want to choose an option that someone else has no interest in. Take a look at what we mean and read a little about each of the common options.

Bank Wires

How long a bank wire takes from the time you initiate the request until it shows up in your bank and is available to spend can vary depending on your bank. This process can sometimes be completed the same day and in other cases may take up to 7-10 business days.

Choosing to release your funds in Bitcoin will happen instantaneously. Be cautious, as we all know the price of Bitcoin fluctuates by the second.
Bitcoin Sites

Credit and Debit Cards

Many people feel safe about using this option, as their credit and debit cards seem to never be farther away than an arm’s reach. Expect to see your funds within a couple of days. Allow up to 5 days before worrying, but more times than not it will take less than that.

E-Wallets (Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, etc.)

These may just be the best and easiest way to transfer your money from your online sportsbook account directly into your wallet. The only problem is they may or may not be an available option to you depending on where you reside.

If the site you are betting at list one of these companies as an option, you have our blessing to proceed forward. You may see your money pop up in your account instantly, and it may take up to 3 days. Transactions using the e-wallets are protected and a smart decision to make.


Believe it or not, but yes, people are still using paper checks today. Don’t feel forced to select this option as it can take up to a couple weeks for the check to arrive via the mail. If you happen to be old-fashioned or not in a hurry, there is nothing wrong with this choice.

If you want to avoid waiting and walking into your bank with a check from a website they probably haven’t heard of, we suggest sticking with one of the other options. They will be much faster and much more private.

Prepaid Debit Card

The prepaid debit cards can be great, but they can also present some drawbacks. In other words, there are some pros and cons. The pro is straightforward — the transaction happens immediately, there is no waiting, and there are no questions.

The cons would be that these cards can be capped with a limit. This means you may only be able to withdraw a portion of your winnings. If you want the remainder released from the site and into your bank account, you may have to purchase additional prepaid cards.

Betting Sites with Fast Payouts Reign Supreme

Let’s just be honest here, ladies and gentlemen. Whether you need the money immediately or not, a site that is able to process your request for a withdrawal and act on that accordingly is the type of site you want to be associated with. They are undoubtedly the most professional in the industry.

If your boss only paid you your salary checks when he or she felt like it, it wouldn’t be fair, and you would be ticked off. The online sports betting area should be no different.

The most respected online casino operators understand that getting your money to you quickly and safely means everything.

If you are spending your time and hard-earned money betting on their sites, the least they can do is release your funds to you in a timely fashion.

Many of them will offer loyalty and VIP programs, and you will want to take advantage. The more frequent of a customer you are, the more the site will know and trust you. Don’t think this means you will be treated “any less” if you are a first-time bettor on their site. Those of you who have never placed a sports bet online before are equally important.

Best Online Sports Betting 2020

However, the fact does remain that if you have already bet money on their site before, you already have a relationship of sorts established between the site and your bank. Once you successfully withdraw money the first time, it is all smooth sailing from there.

To Summarize

Don’t waste time exploring, hoping a new site you come across is going to keep your sanity in check when it comes time to withdraw your funds. Join the sites we listed at the top of the page and you will be in good hands.

We told you why we recommended the sites we did. In this particular page, we looked at the speed and safety of withdrawing your money as our main priority. These might not be the sites with the most prop bets for every single sporting event. But rest assured these are the sites that won’t leave you hanging when it’s time to press “withdraw” and collect your winnings.

There are so many betting sites out there nowadays, you will inevitably encounter situations where the withdrawal process is taking longer than you anticipated, and frankly longer than you have the patience for. Due to some relationships between banks and casino operators as well as laws based on where you may live, some transactions can take longer than others.

This is why it is increasingly more imperative to be betting on sites that are completely trustworthy like the ones at the top of this guide. Once you arrive on the sites, you will be able to scan through multiple options for how you want to receive your money. Take the time and pick the most appropriate option for you based on your personal situation.

That is all it comes down to, folks. We can’t stress enough the importance of placing sports bets at sites that are going to pay out your money swiftly. We did the homework for you and gave you the sites. Now it is up to you win some games so you have some money to withdraw!

It’s crucially important to stay safe when betting online. In fact, it should be priority number one when assessing a site to bet on.

We’ve done most of the hard work for you by searching the web, reviewing hundreds of potential betting sites, and separating the worthy sites from those you should avoid.

Check out the sites listed in the table above. All of these passed our security checks with flying colors.

Betting Site
BonusBet Now
1 up to €30 Free BetGo to Site
100% up to €122Go to Site
3100% up to €200Go to Site
100% up to €50Go to Site
5 100% up to €50Go to Site

Of course, we don’t just expect you to take our word on it. That’s why we’ve outlined how we made the decision to include these below if you’re interested.

The safest gambling sites are inevitably found in the countries where it is legal and regulated. These sites have to pass quality checks and comply with strict regulations to get a license from the authorities in these countries. This is one of the factors we consider when assessing a site.

How We Decide if a Betting Site is Safe

There are literally tens of thousands of potential betting sites to choose from. We’ve visited, bet on, and reviewed thousands of them. Over time, we have developed criteria for assessing betting sites.

Each site listed in the table above passed the following tests:

It Must Have a Valid Gaming License

If a site doesn’t have a license issued by a credible authority, that’s a warning sign that it might not be safe. It’s even worse if it once had one but lost it. That means it violated the issuing authority’s rules.

There are lots of gaming authorities in the world, but the following are the ones we rate highest.

This is widely considered the gold standard of casino gaming licenses. The UK is a highly regulated market and there’s a zero tolerance policy towards cheating and scheming. If a betting site has a UK license, it’s almost guaranteed to be safe.

Malta is a Mediterranean island nation and an iGaming mecca. Lots of online casinos and software firms operate out of Malta. The Gaming Authority, therefore, takes licensing issues incredibly seriously and is quick to clamp down on anything considered unfair.

Geographically, Gibraltar lies off the tip of Spain. It’s actually a British overseas territory, though. While it governs its own affairs, gambling regulations stem from the UK Gambling Act (2005), making a Gibraltar license just as worthy as a UK one.

This small island nation in the Caribbean is home to thousands of remote eGaming operations. A Curacao license is generally held in high regard, and although the regulations are a little more flexible than the UKGC’s, for example, a betting site with a Curacao license is still considered pretty safe.

So, that’s a quick look at some of the top gambling regulators. Our recommended sites always have a valid license. You can double check these directly on the websites listed above.

It Must Offer Fast, Reliable Payouts

There’s more than one way for a site to be unsafe, but without a doubt, the most common sort of betting site scam is when you deposit and don’t get your money back.

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Some sites also put up major obstacles to allowing you to withdraw, such as by asking for unreasonable verification documents or by putting in minimum withdrawal clauses which far exceed the deposits you have made.

We check the terms and conditions of each site we recommend and avoid recommending those with anything we think is ‘funny business.’

Ideally, we want to see same day payout for e-wallet withdrawals, and we want to see a maximum 3-5 business day wait for credit and debit card withdrawals.

Despite how some players feel, we actually like it when a casino asks you to verify your identity. As long as the process isn’t too complex or time-consuming, this means the site cares about fraud prevention and identity theft. When it comes to looking for safe betting sites, that’s a big plus.

It Must Run on a Secure, Encrypted Connection

Does the idea of advanced encryption make your head spin? Don’t worry, we feel you on that.

There’s no need to have a deep understanding of this issue to make use of it. That’s why they pay IT professionals the big bucks. All you need to know, as an online bettor, is that you want to bet at sites with https:// at the beginning of the web address.

That means the site runs on an SSL encrypted connection. Without getting into boring details, this makes it virtually impossible for hackers and criminals to steal financial and/or personal data on the connection.

If you take a look at any of the sites listed above, you’ll see that they run on secure connections. We don’t take risks with your data safety, and you should avoid any sites which aren’t encrypted.

On most browsers, a little notification will appear beside the address bar telling you if a site is not secure. Pay attention when this happens. It could be a costly mistake to ignore this.

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It Must Offer Games from Reputable Software Providers

Whether it’s a sports betting site, a casino site, a poker site, or a combination of things, we want to see software from established, reliable firms.

When it comes to online casino betting sites, for example, we really like to see games from NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, and Playtech. These companies have a long history and are guaranteed fair.

If we see betting software we don’t recognize, that’s not an automatic write-off. We know this industry is highly innovative and are always willing to give upstarts a chance. However, we need to dig deeper and find out if these companies are reputable, and ideally want to see third-party verification of payouts.

Safe betting sites will have no problem publishing payout rates and explaining how the software works. If they aren’t willing to be transparent, we aren’t willing to recommend them.

It Must Have an Established History & Solid Base of Players/Bettors

The longer a betting site has been around the better, in our view. If a site has been servicing thousands of players since 1998, it’s highly unlikely to be unsafe. If it has survived for decades, it’s a safe bet (pun fully intended).

Best Online Sports Betting For Us Players

We’re also aware, of course, that there are lots of new betting sites coming online on a daily basis, and plenty of them are safe. In those cases, we look at the management team and company running them. If they are experienced and run multiple safe betting sites, we are happy to recommend them.

If a site is totally new, run by a startup with no industry reputation or experience, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find that site on our recommended list. They will only make it if they’ve done something exceptional to win our trust.

There are some new betting sites which make the cut, but it’s rare, and as you’ll see from the table above, most of our preferred betting sites have been around for a while.

Some of the Risks Associated with Online Betting

Part of the key to staying safe when betting online is education. We don’t mean to be patronizing, but if you’re new to this, you’re more likely to fall into the hands of predatory sites and scammers.

We want to prevent that, if possible. Other than sticking to the sites which have already been reviewed in-depth by our team of experts, it helps to know what some of the common safety concerns are.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the risks associated with betting sites:

Best Sportsbook Online Sites

  • Outright Theft – This is simply a site stealing your money or making it impossible to get it back. It happens all too often but can easily be avoided. Stick to sites with a reputation for fair, fast payouts. Also, take some time to at least skim the terms and conditions, especially the ‘withdrawals’ section.
  • Identity Theft – This is the one that really seems to freak people out these days. It’s always slightly unnerving when a betting site asks you to send a copy of your ID and a recent utility bill to verify your account. Again, it won’t be such a worry if you stick to the best-known operators who have licenses requiring them to take data protection seriously.
  • Fee Gouging – Those terms and conditions are a treasure trove of information, as we’ve said before. Still, virtually nobody takes the time to read them. This is where dishonest operators can confiscate your winnings for no reason or take back a hefty slice in the form of fees.
  • Viruses & Malware – Lots of mobile bettors, in particular, like to download an app from their favorite betting site. However, too many less scrupulous operators install malware, adware, and spyware along with the app. Get a good antivirus program which detects malware, adware, and spyware, and you should be safe.
  • Rigged Games & Odds – The crooked bookie or casino run in a smoke-filled room parlor by the mob is long gone. These days, they’ve migrated online. Some unsafe betting sites create their own odds software or casino games, which are designed to rip you off, plain and simple.


It’s always worth it to take the time to research before deciding on a betting site. You can start by reading some of our in-depth reviews.

We cover each of the points listed above in detail and leave no stone unturned. We’re not saying every site we review will turn out to be right for you, but we are saying you’ll be in a much better position to make a decision after reading one.

You can find our safest betting sites and their full reviews on the table at the top of this page. We wish you the best of luck!