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I've been working on a 'BlackJack' command which is a minigame. Now, I'm pretty sure simply adding the different math generators for each embed would work, and if. Discord has evolved from being a text and voice chat app for games to a fully featured platform with a lot of utilities. Blackjack is converted into a text-based game with the dealer’s hand.

A traditional slot, with a normal, random main round, and an arcade bonus round (like Space Invaders) (hybrid of skill and chance) Multiplayer games, where you compete against other players to win their. Skill based slot machines. GameCo - Video Game Gambling. A few years ago, however, slot providers started to roll out skill-based slot machines that give you the opportunity to control the outcome of your game and to win money based on.

Blackjack Discord Channel

Giverole system
With this, members of your server will be able to assign themselves different roles
With the tools given, you can create roles that can require prerequisite roles, ensure its not given to people with different ignore roles or only work for members who have been on the server long enough.

How To Play Blackjack Discord

The modlog
This lets you create a private or public channel to track all kinds of events, such as when people join or leave, when channels are created or even when messages are deleted.
Its like Discord's audit log, but its on sterroids!