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We also host numerous Classic Blackjack games that capture the spirit of traditional gaming for any of you old-school fans, while Blackjack Grand VIP invites high rollers out there to pull up a chair and chance their luck. These tables are specially intended for those with slightly deeper pockets, with stakes beginning at €500 per hand. Blackjack Grand VIP Rules. Blackjack Grand VIP also features the most professional and serious casino dealers. So, a fair and classy casino experience is a guarantee. Other than that, standard Blackjack game rules apply. It’s a multi-deck game with all the blackjack bets, side bets and 21+3 bet options.

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Blackjack was always considered as a game that carries a certain aura of class with it. Because of that, many of its variants are dedicated to a selected clientele only. Blackjack Grand VIP is one such title. The game is not meant for amateurs, Blackjack Grand VIP is a sort of a tribute to high rollers who enjoy playing this game.

The game’s lowest bet per hand is €500 and that shows you that Blackjack Grand VIP is meant for true high stake players only. Besides a great camera coverage and user-friendly menu, this game also features a professional live dealer. You can communicate with a person who is managing the game, but don’t mess around, this is a highly professional session, created to provide you with the most elite casino experience.

Only the selected sites offer this game, after all, Evolution Gaming (the game’s developer) is quite picky when choosing its business partners.

To save you hours of searching, we have compiled a small list of very reliable and renowned casinos that have Blackjack Grand VIP in their offers. The sites listed below are respected venues that will treat you well, so don’t hesitate to pay them a visit.


Welcoming and friendly, Fun Casino is always eager to see new players join its host of fans. The site enjoys being loved by its customers, which motivates it further to continue its good work. Fun Casino always imports only the finest games that players really want and it is known to be very generous at times. Here, bonuses and promos are aplenty and the site boasts a neat VIP program too!

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Relatively recently, this site was branded as one of the most hospitable casinos on the web. Trada Casino is a responsible and fair venue that always puts its customers in the first place. Rich with games, the site provides its players with the finest products only, there are no “second-grade” goods here. Also, the site boasts one of the best customer support services on the internet, so know that you will be in good hands here!


Ripe with good games of all genres, this site has one of the most diverse offers in the gambling world. Besides superb live dealer games (and that includes Blackjack Grand VIP) of all kinds, the site also boasts numerous slots and scratchers. Only the best providers export their games here because the site conducts business with the big names only. Also, Fruity Casa Casino offers various bonuses and promos to its players, the site is never short on innovative ideas that can further improve your gambling experience.

Blackjack Grand VIP is the new live variant of the blackjack empowered by Evolution gaming. It provides faster as well as richer gaming encounter to both the high rollers and mid rollers. This new variant is fully optimised for offering the colourful playing experience on mobile and desktop devices. This card game provides a wide variety of the live tables to select from. Fraction bingo online. If you love to play at a fast-paced action or want to get treated like the VIP or want to be dealt by good-looking professional dealers, then this variant is just a right place for you.

Blackjack Grand VIP Exciting Features

Blackjack Grand Vip Casino

This variant has many additional features which add extra fun as well as increases winning opportunities for the players. Some of the features are the following:

  • Players can place the side bets, 21+3, Perfect pairs and Bet Behind options.
  • Get easy access to all different live tables.
  • Each live table offers a fixed number of the seats.
  • This exotic variant features professional as well as pleasant dealers who interact with players.
  • Players can also opt for live chat feature for dealing with dealers.
  • These online casino variant actions take place in a real-time along with the real cards.

All the above features add more excitement and fun to the game.

Gameplay – Blackjack Grand VIP

While playing the Blackjack Grand VIP, dealers will deal in real cards. The players only goal is to achieve a hand which should be as close to twenty-one as possible and should always be better than dealer’s hand, without getting busted. There are various camera angles which gives a better vision and other options involve split pair bets, insurance and double down.

Blackjack Grand Vip

This is a game which demands skills and with more options, it will improve your chances of winning. The additional bet place on 21+3 will offer players more opportunities of winning with different card combos which comprise of players first two dealt cards and dealer’s faceup card. On another hand, the perfect pair will help players to boost their additional payouts when initial two cards create the mixed, coloured or perfect pair.

Blackjack Grand Vip Club

To Sum Blackjack Grand VIP Up

Blackjack Grand VIP provides a wide variety of options along with the fast-paced action. The players can watch game actions in real time. This online casino variant has professional as well as pleasing dealers and the streams action in high-definition quality.