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Craps at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa at 1 Borgata Way in Atlantic City, New Jersey has proved that offering the best in gaming, restaurants, and hotel accommodations pays big dividends.

I’ve always been a frugal gambler. This means that I’m always on the lookout for ways to play my favorite table games (Craps definitely tops that list) on the cheap. While I generally don’t care for electronic versions of games like blackjack and roulette, the automated machine-played version of craps adds just enough realism to keep things interesting. Bubble craps is also a great way for a new player to get comfortable with the game without the pressure of playing at a live table. Recently, bubble craps has made its way to Atlantic City, so get your dice shooting button ready.

  • Craps (dice) odds. Historically, Atlantic City was always the “home” of 5x odds at craps games. Las Vegas was known for 3x 4x 5x odds, with some exceptions. The craps odds at Borgata Atlantic City are no longer 5x, but 3x 4x 5x odds.
  • Harrah's Northern California Casino offers more than 20 of your favorite casino table games, including craps, blackjack, roulette, pai gow and more.

What is Bubble Craps?

From my trips to Las Vegas in recent years, there are a variety of electronic versions of craps. All of them revolve around a central plastic dome, or “bubble,” which contain the dice that players get to shoot. It doesn’t convey the same sense of camaraderie that you’ll see at a live table, but it’s still great fun. It also has the distinct advantage of being very low minimums.

At its core, the game runs just like a regular craps table. You’ll sit at an electronic terminal that allows for all of the same bets as its live counterpart. If you’re not sure about the win conditions of a bet, there is an information button that you can press to display the rules, odds, etc. This makes for a great educational experience if you’re trying to bring someone new into the game.

Bubble Craps in Atlantic City

Bubble craps has been around in Las Vegas for many years now. My hope is that you’d see more of a proliferation of the game in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case yet, though casinos are always looking for new ways to bring in players, so you may see more of them as time goes on. Currently there is only one place to play bubble craps in Atlantic City: The Wild Wild West Casino.

Unlike the “Shoot to Win” Craps machines that you see in Las Vegas, the bubble craps at Wild Wild West operates a little differently. A shooting player is never designated, for example. Instead, a timer starts after each roll, and you’ll have to place your bets before the timer ends. Once the timer expires, the dice will automatically “pop” and roll, with the lucky winners collecting their payouts (hopefully).

Borgata craps table minimum

Have you ever tried this game in Atlantic City? Let me know in the comments section!

The Phil Ivey-Borgata baccarat saga finally concluded last week after more than a six-year legal battle.

According to court documents filed July 2 in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, the two parties have come to an agreement on the $10.1 million that the 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner owed the Atlantic City casino.

The filing stated that after an oral argument on Sept. 17, 2019, the court referred the parties to the court’s mediation program where an agreement was reached. Predictably, the details were not disclosed.

The battle in the courtrooms stemmed from several epic high-stakes baccarat sessions in 2012. Ivey and his partner, Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun, beat the Borgata out of $9.6 million. After it was revealed that the duo was using a controversial technique called “edge sorting,” the casino filed suit against Ivey and Sun.

The technique allowed the pair to spot manufacturing defects on the cards and gain an edge over the casino. Ivey and Sun used the same technique in the UK at London’s Crockfords casino and won £7.8 million, but the casino wouldn’t pay out the money. Ivey sued the casino and lost.

Borgata, on the other hand, paid Ivey and Sun and were forced to use the legal system to try and get the money back.

Borgata sued for $15.6 million two years after Ivey’s massive win. The total which included hundreds of thousands of dollars in comps and the $5.4 million the casino’s legal team figured the casino would have beaten Ivey for if he had been playing straight up.

In 2016, the judge decided that Ivey would be forced to pay the casino $10.1 million, after factoring the $500,000 Ivey won playing craps after his baccarat session.

Unfortunately for Borgata, Ivey’s bank accounts in New Jersey were completely empty and Atlantic City’s highest-grossing casino was unable to seize the funds. A letter from Wells Fargo confirmed that Ivey had no money in his bank account. Borgata’s legal team claimed that the money was transferred to a Mexican bank account.

Borgata Craps Tables

In 2018, Borgata sought approval from the courts to cross state lines and go after Ivey’s assets in Nevada. The court ruled in favor of Borgata in February 2019.

A few months later, at the 2019 WSOP, Ivey cashed four times for a total of $133,398, including an eighth-place finish in the $50,000 Poker Players Championship for $124,410. Borgata seized it at the conclusion of the series.


With Borgata seizing Ivey’s winnings, it looked like the days of Ivey playing American poker tournaments were over since he would basically be playing without any chance of being paid. But the conclusion of the saga gives him the option of playing all the major American events. Whenever they resume.

Borgata Craps Table

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