Casino Crazy Time

  1. Crazy Time is a comparatively new and especially interesting Live Casino game which was made by a well-known Evolution Gaming studio. Each spin at this game is full of action and players have a chance to get into one of 4 different bonus rounds. Just after Crazy Time was launched, it received a lot of attention from the players.
  2. Time needed: 5 minutes. Crazy Time is the latest game show of Evolution Gaming. The best from Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher is combined in this crazy game. Go to the live casino section and choose Crazy Time. The casino leads you to the live studio of Evolution Gaming where the host is presenting Crazy Time for all the players.

Crazy time by Evolution Gaming is a casino game show with a giant wheel of fortune that has 54 different segments which you can bet on via 8 different sections. Your goal is to predict where. Crazy Time Casino Game Now Live! The most exciting Live casino game made to date has finally arrived. Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming, the new wheel based gameshow with more bonuses th. Read more Crazy Time live casino game edges closer to release 14th May 2020.

Crazy time is an absolutely unique casino game with real dealers that is created by the Evolution Gaming company. The crazy time was introduced on the show called ICE 2020, which happened recently. It took about a year to develop the project, and there was an open testing before official launch of the game. The testing has shown that gamers are interested in such format which includes innovative technologies.

Crazy time description

Developers of the game were inspired by the classic fortune wheel, which is very popular in classic an online casinos. The fortune wheel is considered to be the main part of the gaming process. A whole new studio was created specifically for the game, and it does not have any attributes of the live casino.

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There is a huge wheel that looks just like a fortune wheel with a logo placed in the center located right in the middle of a very colorful circus-like room. Crazy time game has a perfect combination of virtual and real world. Some elements of the interface can be adjusted individually in order to make the process of bidding more convenient. Resolution can be adjusted in order to ensure stable performance of the game. This is a useful feature for those who does not have an access to fast Internet or wants to use portable devices for gaming.

Moreover, same features are available on the smart phones and tablets just like on a PC version of the game.

Crazy time gaming process

Crazy time is hosted by a professional who is dressed in an appropriate manner. She accepts the bids and stirs the wheel. There is a slot with symbols located above, which starts right after the time for bids is up. Depending on a slot that appeared on the screen(number or bonus), the multiplier is applied to the wheel but only in case if the multiplier and sector are coincidental. If they are not coincidental the game will keep going without bonus multiplier.

Crazy time game features

  • Unique circus style;
  • The game is based on fortune wheel;
  • Lots of multipliers and huge payouts for up to X500 from a bid;
  • A few mini games;
  • High payoff percentage-96.08%;
  • Stable performance and availability of setting features for customizing the interface.

Payout Table

Wheel sectorNumber of sectorsPayout amount
crazy time1up to х20000
coin flip4up to х5000
cash hunt2up to х10000
pachinko2up to х10000

Crazy time bonus features

Each one out of four available bonuses is a separate mini-game which starts right after a corresponding sector has appeared on the wheel.

  1. Crazy Time – host offers gamers a variety of multipliers which will appear on the chosen arrow. The right choice will bring a solid payout- up to x20000 from a bid.
  2. Coin Flip– The easiest bonus mold in the game. Multiplier will be defined by flipping a coin.
  3. Cash Hunt – The gamer chooses a hidden multiplier out of 108 variations. The gamer will be given a time to choose, and when the time is up, there is a canon shot and the host reveals which multiplier is given to the winner.
  4. Pachinko – analogue of the popular game that is widely used by the Japanese gamers. The host will start the puck which will stop on one of the multipliers.

Casinos where you can play crazy time

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Crazy time has become the most expensive project of the company evolution gaming and includes not only innovative technologies but also a few mini games. The CEO of the company said that the goal of the evolution gaming was to create a game that would make people watch it just like a popular show that is broadcasted on the TV. These are not just words. Crazy time is getting more popular in a very fast pace, even though it was launched just a few months ago. Moreover, a lot of people play it not only to test their fortune and make a few bids, but also to enjoy the fascinating gaming process.

Game Description

Casino Tracker Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. The game is inspired by the Dream Catcher concept, meaning that the main game prop is the giant wheel known as the money wheel. However, the game also uses a Top Slot that is located above the money wheel and can award players with lucrative prizes if they’re lucky.

The main wheel consists of 54 segments labelled either by a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or by a bonus game. There are four bonus games available — Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. Every game starts by spinning both the money wheel and the Top Slots. Once the spinning stops, the Top Slot will determine the multiplier for a random bet spot.

The game is hosted by professional entertainers. It is located in an exciting studio that makes Crazy Time captivating and immersive. If you’re a fan of Dream Catcher, you’re going to like this one.


The game is set in a bright and colourful studio with a big wheel located at its centre. The studio is inspired by a theme of a circus that is reflected in the design of the interior and is created to keep players occupied and interested in the game.

Like every other Evolution Gaming product, it offers a perfect blend of the real and the virtual, as you can use sophisticated software to make bets and follow the latest results of this game. You’ll also have an opportunity to customize your environment, as Evolution made this title highly customizable.

Casino Crazy Time

Game Features

  • An immersive online show for all Dream Catcher lovers
  • Circus-themed captivating environment
  • Plenty of bonus features
  • An additional slot with multipliers
  • Great customization options
  • Entertaining hosts
  • High RTP rate (96.08%)


Fortunate players can win up to 500x of their original bet. Let’s take a look at the payout list.

Wheel Segment

The Number of Segments




1 to 11 cent.



2 to 1



5 to 1



10 to 1



Up to €500,000

Cash Hunt


Up to €500,000

Coin Flip


Up to €500,000

Crazy Time


Up to €500,000


The process of playing Crazy Time is pretty simple. All you have to do is place your bet on the segment where you think the money wheel will stop.

When the time runs out, the Top Slot will spin and add a multiplier to one random segment — either a number or a bonus. If the multiplier and the bet segment align horizontally after the Top Slot reels stop spinning, the multiplier will be added. Otherwise, the game will continue without a multiplier.

Every bonus feature is a game of its own. Therefore, the only way to learn how to play the game is by playing Crazy Time and trying all the bonus features. They are pretty easy to learn.

Video Description

Being one of the newest products by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time features state-of-the-art video quality that can present action in HD. Naturally, you can choose the quality that suits your internet connection.

Crazy Time Casino Uk

Native-Speaking Dealers

There are no live hosts who can speak multiple languages, so English is the default option in the game. However, Evolution Gaming provides casino operators with numerous customization options that can sometimes include additional languages.

Mobile/Desktop Interface

Evolution gaming uses cutting-edge technologies, including HTML5 that makes all its games available for mobile devices, and Crazy Time is no exception to the rule. This title works excellent on all screen sizes, which means that you can even play it on your tablet. Mobile gamers can use all the options in the game that are also available for desktop computers.