Coral Bingo Rooms

  • Bingo nummbers are called out in Dutch only BUT there are screens everywhere. You can play on paper or electronically. You will probably only be able to have one set of cards ( not like in Canada where everyone play a set of at least 3 and up to 24 together.
  • About Midpoint Bingo. Midpoint Bingo was under the same ownership since May 1, 2009 until just recently. January 1, 2019, the bingo hall’s General Manager/Vice President, Krissy Stewart, purchased the bingo hall. We have Matinee AND Evening bingo sessions at various times throughout the week!
  • The Bingo Session will take place in The Hub Bingo Room from 20:00 – 21:00 (UK Times). The Prize Pool for the Session is £1,000 and will include the following game feature: 1TG, 2TG and Roll On. In the case of multiple winners, the prizes will be split proportionally based on the number of tickets held by each player.

Bingo Rooms At Coral, we offer a wide range of online Bingo games that give you everything you love from being inside a Bingo hall, and much more on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. If you’ve played in a Bingo hall, you’ll be familiar with the rules of the online experience too.

We’re going to hazard a guess that you love something for nothing? I mean, honestly, if you don’t, you may as well click away now. There is no sane person in this world that doesn’t love a corking freebie. Well, here at Coral we love to give them away, so much that all you bingo lovers are going to go head over heels with this fantastic offer.

We’re offering you the opportunity to play bingo for absolutely nothing!

When we say nothing, we mean not one penny, zilch, completely and utterly free.

For eight hours a day, every day of the week, between the hours of noon to 8pm, you’ll get the opportunity take win glorious prizes whilst depositing nothing at all. Some bingo sites force you to deposit before you can reap the benefits, well here at Coral we think that’s rather naughty.

You’re probably thinking ‘where do we find this magical place?’ Well, you need to head over to the Allsorts room, once you’re there you’ll find like minded super savers battling it out to take home all the lovely free cash prizes, which can reach up to £15 for a full house.

The free games are great, but Superbooks is where the real party is at. Simply buy the optional extra which can be as little as 2p per ticket and you’ll gain entry into games that have gigantic cash pots of £600.

That’s not bad for a couple of pennies isn’t it!

Not only does bingo bring you the chance to win great cash prizes, but it’s also great if you’re looking to meet new people. All of our rooms have bustling communities filled with regulars and newbies alike. The great thing about our free rooms is that you don’t have to pay for the privilege to meet new people. All you’ve got to do is head over to Coral bingo, register and enter the Allsorts room to start you new social activity.

So what are you waiting for, head on over to Coral bingo now!

Coral Free Bingo Rooms

A huge range of bingo rooms at Coral!


At Coral, let’s face it, you’re spoiled for choice! We’ve got so many bingo rooms that even we can’t keep up!

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite bingo rooms and put them all in one place. Take a look below and find your ideal bingo room!

Big Banker Bingo!

If you’re familiar with Deal or No Deal, then you’ll love our newest bingo room – Big Banker Bingo! It’s essentially the same as Deal or No Deal, but with one big twist.

Say you’ve managed to bag the full house prize, and it’s a rather tasty treat indeed. Most bingo rooms would simply say ‘there’s your prize, enjoy!’ Well, Big Banker Bingo comes with a tasty tweet – you can either keep your prize, or trade it in for a shot of what’s in the golden safe. If you’re brave enough, you could be treated well!

Open from 8am to 1am every day and ticket prices vary from 5p to 25p!

Rainbow Riches Bingo!

Rainbow Riches Bingo is one of the most popular bingo rooms at Coral, and an off-shoot of the very popular slot game. It’s themed, as you might have guessed, on a tongue-in-cheek look on Ireland and stars the jolly Leprechaun. He’s keeping hold of his pot of gold, waiting for the right person to come along and win it all for themselves.

Basically, as you play in this room, the leprechaun will travel along the the rainbow as specific balls are released. If he hands on the 20th step everyone playing in the room will be awarded the third-tier prize; if he lands on the 40th step, you’ll win the second-tier prize and if he lands on the 100th step, you’ll win a share of the gold pot, which is the first tier prize!

There’s plenty of other bonuses on offer, alongside a whole host of other cool features – check it out here!

Open from 9am to midnight every day and ticket prices vary from 5p to 25p!

Swift Room Bingo


We know as well as you do that life is sometimes rather busy. It’s after lunch, the house is all tidy and you’ve got 15 minutes before the kids come home from school, but you don’t have time for a regular game of bingo. Is there a way you can squash fifteen minutes of bingo into your regular schedule? Yes there is, swift bingo!

Our swift bingo room has new games every 2 – 4 minutes, which means you could even fit 5 games in your fifteen minutes of freedom, and isn’t that lovely! Delta airlines 777.

Coral Bingo Rooms Online

So, there we go, three of our favourite rooms at Coral Bingo! Why don’t you check them out yourself and find the perfect bingo room for you!