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What is a Challenge Coin?

The simple answer is: A challenge coin is usually a metal coin or medallion, bearing an organization's insignia, emblem or logo and carried by the organization's members. Traditionally, challenge coins were used by the military and displayed by service men and women to prove exclusive membership when challenged, and to enhance the military units' morale.

Historically, challenge coins were awarded by military unit commanders in recognition of special achievement made by a member of the unit. They are also known to be exchanged and traded during recognition visits to different international organizations, bases and service tours. These coins have been heavily collected by active and retired service members and law enforcement personnel for years.

Modern challenge coins are made in a variety of sizes and often include popular culture references such as superheroes as well as known characters in a parody. Many companies today are using them to build morale in teams, link people with similar interests and even to promote their brand. Challenge coin designs today are pushing the boundary of what a challenge coin could mean or be used for. One thing is for sure, personalized coins further strengthen the sense of bond within people that both give and receive them.

Amazing details, intricate patterns, moving parts and other custom features can be added to any signature challenge coin design. Challenge coins are made out of an assortment of metals. Most are made of brass or zinc, but they can also incorporate precious metals such as 24-carat gold.

What Do Challenge Coins Represent?

Challenge coins represent camaraderie and achievement. Units, teams, organizations and businesses all have members that work hard to achieve milestones and goals together. They are often used to commemorate a major achievement, an anniversary or a special event. Company challenge coins create close and lasting bonds between people who give and receive them.

Businesses are starting to use challenge coins to award accomplishments in their various departments. Whether celebrating a sales goal, amazing customer service or marking a milestone for years of service, companies are finding ways to award challenge coins to their staff. Challenge coins are used to build morale in teams, link people with similar interests through promotional marketing and some are even using challenge coins like business cards to promote their business brand. Many veteran owned businesses are spreading the challenge coin tradition to their co-workers and employees by rewarding their achievements together.

Military Challenge Coins

There are a littany of traditional challenge coins that represent military branches, individual units, special groups and even specific missions. Military leaders can have their own coins made as well. Many top generals, heads of government agencies and the President of the United States have their own special challenge coins.

Custom military coins come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and are used across every branch of service. As the best challenge coin company in the country, our Signature Coins team has worked with soldiers stationed all over the world. Whether you’re a member of a Marine detachment at the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, a commanding officer at Fort Bragg, or anyone else in between, we’ve got you covered.

Service members are known to develop a sizeable collection of challenge coins during their time in the military. They display them with pride and a sense of belonging.

First Responders Challenge Coins


Like the military, first responders use challenge coins to honor service. Law enforcement agencies and firefighters use challenge coins to honor special accomplishments in the line of duty. Government agencies and politicians are using challenge coins to recognize first responders in their communities. This creates a sense of honor and unity during a time of tragedy and loss.

What is the Purpose of a Challenge Coin?


The purpose of a challenge coin depends on why it was made in the first place. It can be used for membership, recognition, to create a bond between people in a group or to commemorate an anniversary or special event.


In the military, challenge coins are proof that you are a member of a unit or served on a specific tour of duty. They mean you are a member of an elite group of people. In early military history, they were used for security. A service member may have been required to show the coin to prove their loyalty. That may not be necessary today, but being a member of the team is still a strong military tradition.

Awards and Recognition

Challenge coins are used to award team members who perform their duties extremely well. Giving a coin as a reward for excellent performance builds pride and morale. Receiving one is a great honor and team members work hard to get them.

Creates Bonds and Connections

The challenge coin tradition keeps members of the military connected to one another, even after they leave the service. Veterans frequently display coins from units they have served in, missions they have been on and leaders they have met. First responders receive coins for heroic efforts during times of tragedy.

Challenge coins pay tribute to events that members of an organization endured together and create a bond that will last a lifetime.


Custom Challenge Coins No Minimum

More recently, challenge coins have been used to identify a corporate brand or logo. Corporations are beginning to hand these out at conferences, sales events, and trade shows. A challenge coin is certainly more memorable than a business card. Even schools and sports teams are jumping on the bandwagon. Mascots and logos are being put on coins to hand out at local events in communities.