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People of all ages love trivia, but especially trivia based TV game shows. DigiGames is your complete source for TV game show style wireless game buzzers. Our game show systems are used world wide for a wide variety of uses:

  • Weddings - Create a fun Bridal Trivia experience.
  • School Events - Perfect for fundraisers, classroom teaching and learning, and after-school activities
  • DJ Shows - Add trivia to your DJ dances and karaoke shows.
  • Restaurants, Bars/Pubs and Lounges - Draw in a crowd to your establishment with trivia.
  • Arcade Rooms, Casinos, Cruise Ships - Enhance your entertainment nights with trivia.
  • Custom Built Game Systems - DigiGames specializes in custom built for high end entertainers and also television and broadcasting applications.

Ordering a trivia buzzer game system is your key to successful themed trivia nights and TV-style game shows.

Extreme centre

Slingo Extreme is a game that’s mostly 75-bingo but with a few special characters thrown in that are more reminiscent of slots. The trouble with regular bingo is that it’s just too predictable and samey. Think about it: why do you play bingo? Keno is an online HTML5 game presented by yiv.com, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Online music bingo game for personal or professional use. The Ultimate MUSIC BINGO Game! An exciting combination of music trivia and the classic game of BINGO! No boring numbers here, just one hit song after another as players listen, sing along. The official website of the North Carolina Education Lottery.

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Extreme Keno

DigiGames Wireless Buzzers


Our most popular wireless quiz buzzer system (software included):

  • Wireless with over a 500 foot range (152 meters)
  • Attractive for all ages, durable, and fun to play
  • Works with DigiGames trivia software games (included)
  • Light up with the first player buzzes in, and lock out the other players
  • Easy to set up and are great for random spontaneous trivia games

Extreme Bingo - DJ Bingo

  • Significantly increase your bottom line with a music bingo game
  • Turn your music, videos and pictures into an amazing bingo game
  • Make as many bingo cards as you want, in any size
  • 16 unique variations and growing!

Our most popular 'Stand-Alone' quiz system:

  • Remote controlled - No computer needed
  • LED Lightup buzzer
  • Wireless with a 300 foot range (90 meters)
  • Attractive for all ages, durable, and fun to play
  • Lights up when the first player buzzes in and locks out the other players
  • Fast and easy to set up

Trivia Pads Multi-Player Audience Response System

Our most popular Audience Response Keypad:

  • Polling the audience and collect surveys
  • Audience voting training sessions
  • Questions with ABCD multiple choice answers
  • Local talent shows and talent cotests with judges 'rating' the performers
  • Any situation where a hand-held wireless keypad is needed

CLOBBER - Wireless Buzzer Hard Hat Trivia Game

CLOBBER Hard Hat Trivia is BY FAR the most unique system you will ever own:

  • Instead of buzzing in, players CLOBBER themselves over the head
  • Players can CLOBBER each other and hard hats light up
  • Foam noodle to CLOBBER in included
  • Software games included

DIY Build Your Own Game Show System - V-Station LE

Save money and build your own game show system:

  • Set up any size monitors or projector you need
  • Automatic score keeping
  • Displays player names
  • Supports buzzer Fast Finger and ABCD responses
  • Wireless lockout buzzers included


For high-end game shows - Full standing portable game show system:

  • Full size podium game show system
  • Folds down for easy transport
  • Automatic score keeping
  • Displays player names
  • Bright frontal LED panels
  • Wireless game show buzzers included


QandAtime is ideal for trivia hosts that don't have the budget for a game show system:

  • Players use their own cellphone to 'buzz in'
  • Add your own questions and answers (which is true of all of our products)
  • Ask questions with multiple choice answers
  • Poll the audience and collect surveys
  • Run game sessions from anywhere in the world


Extended height wireless buzzer game show system for a high-end visual impact.

These Trivia Towers are exactly what you need. The Trivia Towers are:

  • Wireless
  • Equipped with RGB LED's (colors controlled by wireless remote)
  • Compatible with all of our software games
  • Portable and Durable
  • Very attractive to look at and fun to play!


Extended height wireless buzzer game show system for a high-end visual impact.

Take It 'er Leave It is the best way to give away prizes at the end of the night. No more typical drawings from a hat when you can use a similar game like Deal Or No Deal to give away prizes?

  • Create your own prizes and money lists to suit the needs of your event
  • Full manipulation of the outcome possible
  • Adjustable banker algorithm
  • Easy text for prizes in the cases instead of money values.
  • Single player or multi-player games
  • Changeable game timers


For high-end game shows and maximum portabilityHighstakesdb.

  • Easy to transport table-top game system
  • Works as computer controlled or stand-alone
  • Displays player names
  • Automatic score keeping
  • Wireless lockout buzzers and microphone included