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Dec 27, 2018 Since starting to work full-time for TPG in September 2016, I’ve flown all around the world. In the last 27 months, I’ve logged more than 625,000 miles on 46 different airlines ranging from Air Serbia to Vueling. But, as of December 2018, I still hadn’t flown two of the fastest-growing ultra-low-cost carriers in the US: Frontier.

The Infinite 'Love In Action' Frontier 777

Greetings Family and Welcome to a page way down the road that we have finally arrived at. We are not selling anything and we have no ax to grind.
All we're doing, really, is just hanging out and sharing awesome 'good stuff' that shows up on our 'windshield' so to speak, that we like to share bc it's fun.
e.g. We invite y'all to check out the latest add to the NDE page we just added tonight.
And as 'coincidence' would have it at the very beginning of this Bob Olson interview with Dave Kane, Dave mentions Santa Claus, giving us a little wind or gust in our sails to go ahead with this Santa - Jerry theme that's been swimming around us for the last few days while we were actually waiting for the 11th to start this baby up. Things just seem to fall into place when ya only want to share Spirit's goodness.

Mom and Company are our ever present inspiration and light on the path.. ) This just popped up. Perfect, Mom.. ) We were actually looking for it earlier and just when least expected there it is to go right where it now is

Alright, we have a song to get things started however first we wish to make a statement about Santa Claus. We don't believe in Santa Claus ~
We Know There's a Santa Claus. Let's start with this reading with the very gifted Intuitive Consultant Mr Jim Law and this reading from 2012.
At 39:00 this Mr Claus, cleverly disguised as Jerry Garcia, is introduced. And hang on bc right after is a Big Hug w Jesus we all can share in at 42:33 Don't miss Yours. ( )

Hope Y'all got yours. And the love goes on here at the jubilee site 24/7/365 and really beyond time as we think we know it.. )
So, if you arrived here from the page you most likely saw the last 2 videos we did which
mentions Mr Santa Claus and how Jerry fits the bill in every way and how Bro Jerry gave up the title of this and subsequent pages.
Your lyrical title Uncle Jerry for sure. ) Pop culture references notwithstanding. So, guys, if you haven't seen that and the other videos which also ref this
you are invited to check it out and the url to get back to this page easily is: Oh, and the current blog to check things coming down is here.. It's kind of like a traffic cop page to go to see and be directed to the latest good stuff. )
Guys, did we mention we're out to have fun aka 'a real good time' on this page..)
Look, it's infinity's doorway, no price tag can now be put on it

P pics
Alright Family, who knew Christmas could come in August?
So, who wants to hear from Jesus and Jerry again in a perfect moment? Not tp mention Mom, Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon w Dr Peebles as 'Gatekeeper.'
w Big time Thank You's to Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire Mr Jim Law. Ok, then get ready for..

Paul, dude, are you saying there's a Santa Claus? We are saying give God and peace a chance if that means knowing something then we Know that life goes on and on and that we are spirit. Spirit is another name for God. God Is Good and ya's may have heard He wants to share The Kingdom with each and every one of us Creator God's that HeShe created to be Companion Gods to HimHer and live in eternal, infinite loving bliss forever.We're gonna live forever like we already have to this point, so might as well cop to it and just let the good times roll. Can we get a 'And So It Is.?'
Good Morning and who's ready for the song to kick this page off with? Here we go with
one that fits and shows how much Jerry and the guys en-joyed playing with each other. )
Grateful Dead- Going Down the Road- alpine valley '89
Thank you wsj160 for sharing on YT.
Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Alright, lovers of infinite frontiers, when we went on FB today who was waiting to share a great song and smiles but our dear friend Dr Timothy Leary.
We give a nod to FB but we know Dr Tim made it happen, so let's share some infinite frontier cosmic music, shall we Brother Tim? )

Thank you sunsetz777 for sharing on YT.
Thank You The Moody Blues.
Oh my gooodness (sic) the musicians are lined up. We have a notion this page could go on for unlimited pages going forward so
hang loose folks, this train, bus, car, merkaba, whatever you want to call it ~ the vehicle is Music and it is wild and free. So, let's have

Rec & fin for now. Joe Friday time..
12:57 p.m.

Alright, later this same cosmic doorway type opening day. Lots of pressure on who should be the third artist(s)
here. If Paul gets it wrong all whatever could break loose. Ok, no worries dear ones, we leave it up to God and
God says it can only be Jimi and His 27 Club friends. Can you say 'no brainer?' Yep, total no brainer. So, Jimi, Bro
start us off with what we expect and then we'll see what happens. Here we go..
Jimi Hendrix The Star Spangled Banner American Anthem Live at Woodstock 1969
Thank you EDUARDO DYABLO for sharing on YT.
Thank You Jimi Hendrix.

Janis Joplin - Ball And Chain (Amazing Performance at Monterey)
Thank you bsubejo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company.
All of us Cass, indeed.. ) ) )

Pic from Jerry Garcia FB page.
Guys, are we having fun yet? )
Jerry and Janis

Riders On The Storm - (The Doors) Extended Remastered Version
Thank you Dan Martin for sharing on YT.
Thank You The Doors.

So, as we woke today, and the thought of what song spirit would have placed here, George Harrison, immediately
followed by John Lennon flashed through our brain. Ok, Beatles, and then the song started playing. That song follows
this one which came to be as one that needs our attention first. Indeed, folks, we got to get our acts together. Don't we?
The Youngbloods Get Together
Thank you Mike Nelson for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Youngbloods.
A nod to the 500,000 superstars that showed up there. )

Thank You The Beatles.

So, on behalf of the group Team Infinite Oneness, Dakarra and Paul hereby share 'our song'
to all 'for what it's worth.' Hope ya's en-joy and take it to <3 )
Just Remember I Love You by Firefall (Lyrics)
Thank you Meredith Steele for sharing on YT.
Thank You Firefall.

Thank You Brother guide Jerry for guiding Paul, at least for the moment, away from the funk he's been in
since watching the news lately not to mention a personal thing he's been dealing with. Love is the answer.

We must say this came forward to us on YT bc it looks like Jerry was wearing a Santa Claus hat. Turns out it was
His halo, one of the comments even mentions it. )
Jerry Garcia Band: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) - 11/19/93 Paul's birthday, coming in at 7:44 In Hampton, Va.
Thank you wsj160 for sharing on YT.

Jerry, You're just what the Doctor ordered, and right on time..
Bright Side of The Road - Shining Star 11-9-91
Thank you ou8abunch2 for sharing on YT.
Thank You Jerry Garcia Band.

Jerry Garcia Band-Sisters And Brothers 9/5/89
Thank you Harry Angus for sharing on YT.
Thank You Jerry Garcia Band.
Alright, Guys. Let's take Jerry & Company's words to heart. We've been given the Promised Land. We Can get
along if we try putting ourselves in another human beings moccasins and see how things are from their perspective.
This is basically what this whole show down here in 3D is all about. C'mon folks, let's rise above the petty, one-upmanship
race superiority mucky pucky. Let's try looking at us each and every one in the mirror as God sees us. Ahh, Yes, there You Are
My beloved child. You've had quite the journey haven't you?
Well, good news, that chapter is Done. Hate and fear run hand in hand. Who's to hate? Us? I'm Your brother. We're all God's children, created equally, no matter what nation or continent we happened to have landed in. We are a world of brothers and sisters, folks, and it's about time we woke up and smelled the flowers. Look, here'a a whole new paradigm we can all step into. It's called the perfect, divine, infinitely perfect paradigm of divine love and light and it has no expiration date. It Is eternal and guess what, dear ones? It has our name on it.
None of us are here by accident. We were meant to be here from the beginning. Saints or sinners, the divine play plays on. We play our parts as we scripted w our guides pre-birth and here we are. Look around, aren't we all straight out of central casting?
Jerry says everything is alright and everything is gonna be alright, just like that Frefall song. All we have to do is love. So really, why live our lives in any other way that with that knowledge?
Alright, this session is in the books and, on behalf of the group, we wish everyone a nice, sweet, kind day in the neighborhood. Now visualize a galaxy. Yep, there's our neighborhood, shining shooting stars. )
Ciao for now.
Rec & fin.
4:44 a.m.
We're back, later this same day. Dr Peebles, ever the efficient organizer says this goes here. And so it does,
just so we're all right where we should be as witnesses to this 'Deal.' So, let's review
And here's what the instrument is sharing on social media..
Dear fellow infinite beings of love and light, Hey, how's it going? Yeah, tell us about it. But there's hope.. In case you haven't checked out the latest and possibly final page (w extensions) at EPF here's your invite. In these divisive, troubled times in our evolution, it's more than time to turn to our elder brothers and sisters for direction. Let's get some Sound advice, shall we? Awesome is as awesome does, Forrest. Hear, (sic) let's let Jesus and Uncle Jerry do their Jobs, They Know the way ~ Love & Music. Let's Be Gratitude incarnate as the One we are. Deal? 😎

Look who makes a young cameo appearance here. Yep, It's John. Hey John, Thank You for stopping by w yer friends.. )
John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell.
Thank you Jorge Selas for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Dirty Mac. John, Eric, Keith & Mitch.
My mother was up the sky,
But I am up the universe

As spirit moves.
Not blaming it on the eclipse or anything else but seems we have been in a funk lately. Who comes to the rescue but our
and this site's dear friend, Jimi Hendrix. Started as a FB memory, ok we shared it there and it goes here quite nicely. TY Jimi. )
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze (Live at the Atlanta Pop Festival)
Thank you JimiHendrixVEVO for sharing on YT.
Thank You Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Alright, we didn't expect to be adding another song so soon however as we were putting The Jimi song up
this popped into our brain. Coincidence or synchronicity, call it what we may, but it feels good here.. )
It also felt good to ad 'Love in Action', our overriding motto (though we seem to be standing still most times ) to the title.
Grand Funk Railroad Live - I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home (1971)
Thank you justin sutton for sharing on YT.
Thank You Grand Funk Railroad.

What's next? We'll all find out together, most likely. Keep smiling.. )

Here's a place to hang out with angel music.. En-joy.. )

Alright Guys, Hope Y'all are doing ok and looking forward to forever. Look, here's a place all prepared to let the music take us where it will.. En-joy.. )

To Be Continued as spirit moves..

Frontier 771

Premiere fence posts sold to homeowners in the Bitterroot Valley and surrounding areas.

Caleb Troyer and company have been in the fencing business for over 20 years. Having recently located to the Bitterroot Valley, Frontier Posts provides homeowners and contractors with fencing material for lots and properties of all sizes.
We've been doing this for a little while. Here's our story, told in 93 seconds.
These guys are great! They helped me understand what I needed for my project and had everything I needed and having searched from Missoula to Hamilton I was glad I found Frontier Posts in Stevensville. I would highly recommend them if you do a lot of fencing.

Frontier 773

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Monday – Friday
4422 Eastside Hwy
Stevensville, MT 59870
406-552-7924 (Cell)
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