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Last PriceAvg Target Price Upside/DownsidePrice Call
4.404.40 0.00 (0.00%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
DateOpen PriceTarget PriceUpside/DownsidePrice CallSourceNews
05/01/20214.475.70+1.23 (27.52%)BUYKENANGA
04/01/20214.455.70+1.25 (28.09%)BUYKENANGA
02/12/20204.155.70+1.55 (37.35%)BUYKENANGA
27/11/20204.204.60+0.40 (9.52%)HOLDPUBLIC BANK
27/11/20204.205.70+1.50 (35.71%)BUYKENANGA
27/11/20204.204.29+0.09 (2.14%)HOLDHLG
27/11/20204.204.200.00 (0.00%)HOLDAffinHwang
24/11/20204.155.10+0.95 (22.89%)BUYKENANGA
16/11/20203.865.10+1.24 (32.12%)BUYKENANGA
18/10/20203.003.01+0.01 (0.33%)HOLDAffinHwang
05/10/20203.115.10+1.99 (63.99%)BUYKENANGA
28/08/20203.584.20+0.62 (17.32%)HOLDPUBLIC BANK
28/08/20203.585.10+1.52 (42.46%)BUYKENANGA
28/08/20203.584.26+0.68 (18.99%)BUYHLG
28/08/20203.584.20+0.62 (17.32%)BUYAffinHwang

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
05/01/2021 KENANGAGaming - Improving Fortune
04/01/2021 KENANGAMarket Strategy: 1Q21 Investment Strategy - On the Cusp of Recovery
02/12/2020 KENANGA3QCY20 Results Review - The View Looks Better Ahead
27/11/2020 PUBLIC BANKGenting Berhad - Lower-Than-Expected Losses
27/11/2020 KENANGAGenting Bhd - On Track To Earnings Recovery
27/11/2020 HLGGenting - Drag from UK and US operations
27/11/2020 AffinHwangGenting Bhd - Visitation Growth Will Remain Volatile Going Into 2021
24/11/2020 KENANGAInvestment Strategy - FBMKLCI December 2020 Review
16/11/2020 KENANGAGenting Bhd - Better-than-expected GENS’ Results
18/10/2020 AffinHwangGenting Berhad - Not The Right Time To Build Positions
05/10/2020 KENANGAGaming - Better Odds
28/08/2020 PUBLIC BANKGenting Berhad - Leisure & Hospitality Segment Hit By Temporary Closure Of Operation
28/08/2020 KENANGAGenting Bhd - Deep Value Recovery Play
28/08/2020 HLGGenting - Compelling Valuations for the Long Run
28/08/2020 AffinHwangGenting Berhad - Upgrading on Valuation; Slow Recovery Ahead

skyuI dont know how some of j intepretw the me the results is good and of course we can anticipate after we saw aands results. Tomorrow panic selling or panic buying , only those big funds manipulator will know since their system already key in the buy sell ratio.
Stocksafeplayer[email protected],
If you see my message here, can I seek your kind to tabulate (if possible) on how GenS’ YTD2020 results would reflect on GenT’s YTD2020 please?
Q32020 of GenT showed very impressive turnaround compared to its Q2 results.
I think there’s some possible good news if GenT will also be able to reverse its Qtr3 loss.
If GenT’ results showed much improved 4th quarter results, I think investors’ confidence in GENTING will increase.
Looking forward to Genting Berhad’s results this February.
Thanks @emsvsi
choysunWow, so many Glove interest came to Genting dy! HUAT AH!!!!
StocksafeplayerThemeg is an illegal glove promoter.
My TG friend said to ignore this crazy woman.
I already said I will only buy TG when TG drops to RM2.66. Hahahahaha
StocksafeplayerExcellent results for GenS!!
Better than expected for year 2020.
Congrats to All GENTING Investors today!!
752_michael_chanMy comments is solely from the perspective of a GenS investor. but I am also an investor of Genting and GenM
dingdonghuatafter green for a few days, understandable if tomorrow red abit. No big deal. v all know result coming, vaccine coming, sentiment coming, dividend coming, apa mau takut.
I think abit red tomorrow but that's totally fine with me. CNY covid mood still on...
752_michael_chanWhether GenS share price is up or down everyone guessed. Let's be patient
StocksafeplayerWhy those illegal glove promoter old ladies only know how to Cut n Paste news and edit other people’s comments, as their comments? Failed your English exams at school is it?
No wonder become illegal glove promoters. Hahahaha
StocksafeplayerTo those who freaked out, better don’t read my postings can?
Read postings by illegal glove promoters cos they freaked out at gloves counters already. Haha
It’s ok to freak out if you want to freak out.
No need to copy what I want to do with my GENTING shares please :)
StocksafeplayerWow! Covid cases Reducing today. Thanks for the good news @ Sharefisher.
Keyman188Keyman188 very naive..need to ask all sifu..master here..
If Genting Singapore nett cash position about S$ 3.72 billion on hand..
So any problem for the future prospect !!!..
“We expect that the implementation of the MCO for a period of four weeks, then we could see the results
“At the moment we are entering week three of the MCO and in a week’s time, we will see a downward trend in daily cases as well as the R-nought, from 1.2 to a manageable 0.6,” said Dr Noor Hisham.
chunky123The world is ready to move on from covid, including Malaysians. First stop for many? Genting resorts all around the world!
emsvsiNo wonder the glove monkeys are here again.their house is on fire !
Supermax shuts down plant in Meru for three days as workers test positive for Covid-19
Ahmad Naqib Idris
February 09, 2021 20:14 pm +08
JohngentingGetting SP profits down 90% leh. Dividends cut to only 1 cent. , I salute it But .. I really don't think anything good tomorrow.
Genting Singapore in deep shit, Glove still the King!
StocksafeplayerTomorrow is a good day for GENTING!!
I am very glad to see GenS is Profitable despite being the worst year for GenS for last 10 years. An impressive recovery indeed.
'KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 9): Supermax Corp Bhd said it is implementing a temporary stoppage for three days at its manufacturing facility in Meru, Klang, from Feb 10 as it discovered several positive cases of Covid-19 among its workers.'
That's.. actually pretty responsible, and a good plan of action. .. if they can keep their covid cases to 'several' that would be pretty solid of them, and I would give credit where credit is due.
(as opposed to construction sites and other dodgy companies where more than half their workforce test positive..)
Genting has also had some of it's employees test positive for covid, and they also halted while doing testing and disinfection.
Let's not bad mouth when people/companies do the right thing. .. you do stringent SOPs, if you find any cases you close and clean up the mess. That's GOOD protocol, and I applaud Supermax for doing the right thing.
DestinyLEverywhere in the world casinos has been making huge losses
To be non-loss making is already a miracle, not to mention slight profit
Those ppl criticizing the result is making a fool of themselves by posting bad comments lol
DestinyL@chunky has a good point, can't travel far? Let the resorts come to you instead!
jasonred79Seriously, what the HECK is going on with this gloves vs genting war??? zzz.. G vs G is it? .. you all watch out, I call Godzilla here, or I challenge you all to find the SPOT.. then you know!
StocksafeplayerThank you GENTING for the extra thousands today.
DestinyL@Jason, Genting is now a rising star, Glove a dying star, funds being limited will flow between
War is inevitable! lol
Just hope its cold war la
kltower2heheheh..emsvsi is like a promoter promote genting in EVERY glove forum, desperately hoping glove investor to switch fund from glove to genting.
but when people give neutral comment on genting, emsvsi straight away angry and call ppl monkey glove lovers, hehehe what a cheapskate kaki.
SharefisherHaha ha.. Genting got kaki go to glove Forum kakacaucau, glove got kaki come genting kakacaucau.. Some of us behave ourselves but we also suffer from their behavior.
sharewiz118Good feng shui has return to G 3182, a very happie and prosperous chinese new year to all genting investor's. Huaaattttt ahhhh !!!!
emsvsiIf one looks at the price action today by GenT(3.29%) and GenM(3.50%) and GenS(+0.56%) it suggests that the rise is due to the drop in new Covid-19 cases to below 3000 (2764)
UK and US cases are seeing massive drops
UK is reopening from lockdowns on March 8
The recovery is well underway
emsvsiMonkey kltower2 your glove lovers go around every forum now you get a taste of it is it nice he see we're nice we rather not tell you your glove stocks are sinking like the titanic and it's redder than a baboons buuttt today he he
CalafateStrong 2H recovery helps Genting Singapore stay profitable in 2020, reiterates commitment to Japan expansion
newbie201980x140= got back 11.2k liao
tomorrow reach 4.5 then got back another 8k
Sui sui liao
I started a subreddit!!! ROFL!!!
(OBVIOUSLY, it's a parody, of.. well, you know.. hahaha)
Feel free to apply to join!
BTW, no, it's not gonna do the 'everyone! buy and hold!' thing. .. well, actually it probably will do so, but only as a joke, Not to be taken too seriously..Rule #1 is 'do not take any of the stuff posted here as actual financial advice'.
kltower2glove lovers go around every forum ? yeah some of them maybe, but what's the different when YOU emsvsi go around EVERY glove forum to promote genting ?
next time should I call you monkey when I see you in glove forum, is that ok for you ? my paper profit increased by 14K...haha.
Early cheers...for CNY..
Worst is over, double digits by May, says Health DG
shareinvestor88TheMeg , please don't spread panic here
DestinyLOmen has spoken! Tomorrow will be up
gearupguy889+211m for latest quarter!!!!!! WOW!!!!!
4Q20: +211m
3Q20: +149m
2Q20: -85m
1Q20: +152m (*there is adjustment so 2Q20 report is used)
4Q19: +288m
4Q19 -
1Q20 & 2Q20 -
3Q20 -
4Q20 -
gearupguy889Uncle Lim giving angpow again tomorrow. Join and Hold.
JN8899% people losing money in stock market, one of the important key point is they buy hope instead of value.
As you can see many people here buying hope even the result if Genting Singapore drop more than 90%.
Just look at the dividend you get from Genting.. Only 3sen .this RM30 is not enough to buy a set of KFC for Family.
Ahmadahmad88push up the price together.
StocksafeplayerThis forum is really filled with illegal glove promoters like glovemask - I think he is in deep sh*t with gloves counters. Stuck too high and no money to buy any Genting shares.
Chill guys..Please read JP Morgan’s reports on Gloves. If not happy, sue JP Morgan if you have the money.
TG friend of mine already told me those foul-mouthed, uncouth illegal glove promoters have only one intention in this Genting forum. Trouble makers only .
NO WONDER TG n SUPERMAT counters Kept Dropping UNLIKE Beautiful GENTING counter.
I heard from my TG friend that people stuck with higher prices are getting very desperate Cos worry everyday and losing alot of money.
Glovemask and other illegal gloves promoters in Genting forum - We all feel very sorry for your sad situation now. Go and curse Genting and Genting Investors.
Luckily it’s only comments which I can totally ignore. Worse than a bunch of strays. Haha
Thanks for your invite. I just joined as..tell you in my comment.
I hope most of you serious Genting Investors can join jasonred’s link.
Waste of time in this forum seeing so many uneducated n rude glove promoters in this Genting forum.
They Always beg me to buy TG shares when TG share prices are dropping dangerously low everyday lately!!
I don’t have to purchase/download the app right?
I can access via website just now. Thank you.
glovemask@Stocksafeplayer you jealous about glove achievement?? haha..
StocksafeplayerThe higher GENTING prices go up, the more hatred-filled and false news those illegal glove promoters want to post in Genting forum.
Why? Trouble-makers stuck with much higher priced gloves shares and very jealous of the thousands we GENTING Investors could make.
These uneducated illegal glove promoters CANNOT even understand how to read financial results!!! OMG. They only know how to swear at us Genting Investors and call us all kinds of bad names and curse us as well as Genting.
Most dumb bunch of glove promoters with gangster background I think.
Even my TG friend is scared of these unauthorised glove promoters.
StocksafeplayerVery positive news from GenS today!!
StocksafeplayerHaha I don’t reply to uneducated illegal glove promoters. Not qualified to chat with me la.
StocksafeplayerGloves getting so cheap nowadays.
No wonder gloves counter prices keep dropping.
I prefer to buy better quality gloves for my own use.
StocksafeplayerGENTING HUAT HUAT HUAT!!!!!!!
More positive news coming in this month of February. MCO2 should be lifted by 19th Feb since covid new cases are dropping.
GenT’s results for Year 2020 in February.
Vaccinations scheduled to commence on 26th FEB
(Btw, Gloves are NOT needed for Vaccinations worldwide, according to JP Morgan’s report on gloves recently)

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