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The 767-300ER Freighter is more fuel-efficient than competing aircraft in the medium - wide body freighter market. Excellent fuel efficiency, operational flexibility, low- noise levels support time-critical cargo schedules even at airports with stringent noise and emissions standards.


  • Shannon based GECAS announced an agreement with Kalitta Air for three 777-300ERSF aircraft. Kalitta Air will be the first operator of the new passenger-to-freighter type, adding to their already large all-cargo fleet when the first of these aircraft is delivered in 2023. The Boeing 777-300ERSF will be the largest ever twin-engine freighter.
  • Mailing Address: 818 Willow Run Airport Ypsilanti, MI 48198. Toll Free: 1-800-521-1590 World Wide: 1-734-484-0088 Fax: 1-734-484-3640.
  • U.S.-based carrier Kalitta Air has requested four weekly allocations for Singapore (SIN) to Hong Kong (HKG) cargo flights using 777-200 freighters on behalf of “a major freight forwarder.” Though the carrier has not yet returned a request for comment, the most likely customer for the service is DHL.

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The 767-300ER Freighter has a MTOW of 412,000 pounds (187,000 kg) and can hold up to 24 standard 88-by-125-inch (2,200 by 3,200 mm) pallets on its main deck and up to 30 LD2 unit load devices on the lower deck, with a total cargo volume of 15,469 cubic feet (438 m3) carry approximately 58 tons of revenue payload more than 3,255 nautical miles (6,025 km).

The 767-300ER Freighter is the best fit in the midsized freighter market, serving routes as short as U.S. domestic and pan-European to long-range flights over the North Atlantic and North Pacific.

Proven Efficiency

The 767-300ER Freighter keeps ton-mile costs to a minimum with its two-person flight deck, and its twin high-bypass-ratio engines offer excellent fuel economy. The operating costs, per available ton-mile, are projected to be 20 percent lower than those of its closest competitors.

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Extended Operations (ETOPS)

Kalitta Air 777

Kalitta Air 777-300ersf


The B767-300ER Freighter has a 180-minute extended operations (ETOPS). Poker live pro app. This allows more direct, time-saving trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic flights from many U.S. gateways that translates to savings for our customers.

Kalitta Air is a Michigan Limited Liability Company owned solely by Conrad Kalitta. Kalitta Air began service in November 2000 with three Boeing 747 aircraft and the fleet has grown to a present total of 3 777 freighters, 24 B747-400 freighters and 9 B767-300 freighters. Capable of air express delivery of virtually any type of freight, the company provides scheduled or on-demand charter service for customers in the United States and around the world.

Kalitta Air is committed to providing our customers with the most cost effective and complete on-demand air cargo services available in the industry. We will operate our flights safely, efficiently, economically and in accordance with all applicable regulations. Our customers will be treated fairly and respectfully; we understand the importance of satisfying a customer. Our team is dedicated to attaining this mission using the skills, knowledge and commitment of all team members.

Our crew members all must pass initial and recurrent training certification programs. Captains are all certified by the FAA to Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) standards, the same as is required by a scheduled airline.

At Kalitta Air we track all of our aircraft in real time, so that we may keep our customers well informed on the status of their shipment. Whether you are shipping super-heavy machinery, delicate medical equipment or perishable produce and even livestock, we provide the kind of individualized care and service that's won the respect and trust of customers around the world.

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