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Came across keno and wondered what it’s all about? Or you’re looking for new strategies to grab the jackpot? Whatever the reason for you finding your way here, we’re going to provide you with all you need to know to get things underway. Keno is a lottery-style game that has been played for centuries and originally came from China.

A typical real money keno game consists of a keno card, a pay table, and a few buttons. While every online keno game is a bit different, these are the common elements you’ll find when you choose to. Yes, you can play keno for real money in the US! This is usually one of the biggest deterrents for US players. Because of the back and forth laws in the US, people are generally worried about whether or not they can legally gamble. That’s where we come in!

It’s easy to play, won’t cost you a fortune and has huge payouts along with added jackpots. Sounds like fun? Keep reading and before you know it, you’ll be ready to play keno online. There are plenty of keno casinos to choose from and we’ll help you find the best one.

Find the Best Keno Casinos Where You Can Play Online

You’ll have no end of options if you want to play keno online. It sure is great fun but in order to enjoy it to the full, you need to find the best casino to play at. There are a number of features you need to look out for but don’t worry because we’ll be pointing you in the right direction here.

When we review casino sites, we always look out for the keno casino games. After all, this site is all about the best keno casino sites so it’s obvious these are going to be a primary concern. You’ll be able to read a wide variety of casino reviews here. And remember we’re only interested in the best. Our review process is pretty rigorous and we look at lots of different aspects, including customer service, banking options, security, variety of different games, real money and free keno casino games.

Free Games or Real Money? IT’S UP TO YOU!

When in doubt try it out, is what our moto is. Our experts go trough a lot of criteria when ranking online casinos, and allowing a new player to “give it a shot” is something that adds some extra points for sure.

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Topics covered on this page:

Keno Variations – Online Keno Game Types

The basic idea behind a game of keno is not overly complicated or complex. In fact, many will say it’s the easiest casino game you can play. This means that operators have had to come up with lots of different ways to play the game in order to keep the punters happy. The basic keno game is a type of lottery that was first played in China several hundred years ago, and very little has changed since then. It’s a game of pure luck that gives players the chance to win big for a small bet.

The game is very easy to play and is a game of two parts. The first of which requires you to pick your number and the second part is when the casino draws the numbers. Those players that have picked the right ones win a prize. When it comes to different variants of the game there really are too many to mention. With individual casinos and developers putting their own individual spin on the game. So rather than look at them all, we’ll look at those you’re most likely to find.

In land-based venues there are basically two types of keno games you can play: live and video. A live keno session involves players using paper tickets and markers to pick out the numbers on their tickets. Whereas video keno makes use of a touch screen or wand used to mark the virtual ticket. When it comes to playing keno at an online site there are rather more variants to choose from. Let’s give you a few examples, but bear in mind there are plenty more.


  • Super Keno – this is a very simple alternative and the rules are exactly the same. The only difference is when the first ball drawn is a hit, the player’s win will be multiplied by four. It’s just a way of increasing the excitement a little.
  • Power Keno – this game is very similar to super keno but in this game the winnings are quadrupled if a player gets a hit on the 20th ball drawn.
  • Split Keno – in this game you’re allowed to have more than one set of picks for a game, which in essence is being allowed to play the game twice.
  • King Keno – in this game one particular pick is already made for you, and it’s called the ‘king number’.
  • Bingo – not really a keno game but these two are often found together at an online casino. The difference with bingo is that players don’t get to choose their numbers and players win when a row or pattern of hits is completed.
  • Pakapoo – this is an old Chinese lottery game related to keno.

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How to Play Keno Online – a Step by Step Guide

Keno is a very simple casino game based on a lottery style mechanic. It also shares a number of similarities with bingo. Betting slips are used at a land-based casino while online the games are played using a simple interface and random number generator. At an online casino keno can be played by downloading the game, using instant play or by downloading an app.

To play the game players have to choose numbers from a selection, between 1 and 80. Once players have chosen their numbers, 20 numbered balls are drawn at random, either from a machine or some other random kind of selection. There’s more than one way to win, depending on how many numbers are chosen and how many are matched by the machine, or in the case of an online keno game, the computer program.

Depending on the range of number options and how many balls are chosen, the rules of keno may vary. When a wager is made its outcome depends on the ‘paytable’ of the game being played. This can vary from one casino to another. It’s possible to play keno online for free, but if you’re playing for real money be aware that the house can have a large edge. It can range from 4% to more than 35%, so is definitely something you need to pay attention to, and make it part of choosing a casino to play at.

How to Play Keno in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Select the keno game you want to play – pay particular attention to the rules because each variant will have its own set of rules.
  2. Select how much you want to wager – once you’ve chosen your numbers you then have to select how much you’d like to wager on them. The amount you’re allowed to wager very much depends on the casino. However, we’ve found that the minimum amount you’ll be allowed to wager will be around $5 and the maximum tends to be $10.
  3. Select how much you want to wager – once you’ve chosen your numbers you then have to select how much you’d like to wager on them. The amount you’re allowed to wager very much depends on the casino. However, we’ve found that the minimum amount you’ll be allowed to wager will be around $5 and the maximum tends to be $10.
  4. Wait for the numbers to be drawn – you have the option of sticking with the numbers you’ve chosen for one or five games and this is determined by pressing ‘play one’ or ‘play five’. Once you’ve done this the numbers are drawn. If you’ve chosen the ‘play five’ option the numbers, as well as the bets you’ve made, will be valid for five consecutive games.

Can a Strategy Be Used for Such a Completely Random Game?

A keno casino is a great place to spend some time and the reason it has become so popular is the possibility of hitting a large jackpot and winning an enormous payout. You can play keno online for free, but you’re going to be much more likely to hit a big win if you play for real money.

But we should stress that keno is a game of pure luck and nothing more. The numbers are chosen by Random Number Generators (RNG) and therefore, the outcome of the game is totally random. Because of the game’s randomness, it is basically impossible to predict the numbers or patterns that are going to occur.

You may come across players who tell you there are best numbers to pick but don’t believe them, there’s no such thing. And it actually makes no difference what numbers you choose. What is far more relevant is the quantity you pick and the probability of winning. There are, however, a number of keno playing tips you’ll find very useful. For example:

  • look out for games with a high RTP (Return to Player)
  • play maximum bets to win 100% of progressive jackpots
  • there’s an optimal quantity of numbers to pick, many experts recommend playing 5 or 6 numbers
  • take advantage of the autoplay option if there is one as playing the same numbers for up to 100 draws in a row will increase your chances of winning (getting more catches)

We’ve already stated there is no such thing as a general keno strategy, and we can’t stress this often enough. But you can consider probabilities and payouts as they are the only real factors to properly assess your chances of winning and choose to play accordingly. More on this in our keno strategy page

Is There Such a Thing as the Best Keno Numbers to Choose?

Well, we’ve got to be honest here and tell you that no, there are no numbers you can choose that are more likely to be drawn. The nature of the game is that the numbers picked are truly random. A clever piece of software known as the Random Number Generator determines what numbers are picked and at the best keno casinos this software is independently checked on a regular basis to ensure the results it produces are random and fair.

It Helps to Understand the Odds When Playing Keno

It would be really hard to accurately predict all 20 numbers that are going to be picked, but that’s not to say it would be impossible. It would be extremely remote (a little worse than 1 in 3.5 quintillion). The chance of such a prediction is so remote that most casinos don’t worry about including this in the payout scale. Should a player predict all 20 numbers correctly, it would likely bankrupt the casino.
20 out of 80 numbers are selected by the end of the game which means you have a 1 in 4 chance of a hit if you select just one number. If the casino payout was fair, you’d win $4 on a $1 wager. The $4 is made up of your original bet plus $3 profit.

Understanding the Paytables

Keno isn’t a complicated game to play and is most definitely one that doesn’t require much of a strategy. It does, however, pay to understand how the pay tables work. Every casino will have its own paytables, and basically these are pay scales based on a player’s success in betting. In other words, players receive different payouts depending on how many numbers they correctly picked.


The more numbers a player picks correctly, the bigger the payout. Because the pay scales vary from casino to casino, it’s very difficult to say what these are exactly. But it is possible to determine what they will be by using a risk-reward ratio. For example, if you pick one number and it is one of the 20 drawn at the end of the game you had 1 ‘catch’ out of 1 attempt. In which case you can expect to receive a 3-for-1 payout. If you picked two numbers and they both came up you can expect to receive a payout of 12-for-1. If you choose 10 and only six of them come up you can expect to win more than a player who picked 10 and only caught 5.

Keno vs Bingo



There are many people who consider bingo and keno to be one and the same. And you’ll often find keno lumped in with bingo games at a number of online casinos. They are both lottery style games and both are very popular, so that’s two things they have in common. Both games involve drawing and matching numbers for big prizes. Both require very little skill and it’s easy to play them both at an online casino. So far, there’s very little to tell them apart. But the truth of the matter is that bingo and keno are two very different games.

So let’s look at the differences because they are very significant. The main difference is that bingo players have no option to choose their own numbers. There is sometimes the option to change your bingo card if you want to but it’s physically impossible to choose certain numbers. In bingo, it’s not possible to control how much you bet, whereas in keno this is all part and parcel of the game. The only options you have in bingo is to buy more or fewer games cards, or choose to play in cheaper or more expensive rooms.

How to Pick the Right Keno Casino

When it comes to playing free keno casino games or those for real money there are countless sites you can visit. The difficulty comes when you need to pick the best one. There’s no point in picking the first place you find because it might not offer you what you want or provide you with the best playing experience. So what should you be looking for in the best keno casinos? Keep reading and we’ll share some useful tips.

Look for a Varied Games Selection

Obviously, keno games are going to be your primary concern, but what about trying something different every now and again? The ideal keno casino will be one with a variety of keno games as well as other casino games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, craps and a variety of others. In fact, it’s probably going to be better the bigger and more varied the selection is. The bigger and better the selection of games to play the less likely it is you’ll be looking for another casino in a couple of months.

Reputable Casinos Offer Software from Leading Providers

At this present moment in time the online casino industry is booming and expanding at a rapid rate. This means that not only is the number of casinos steadily increasing, but the number of software developers is expanding too. There are a handful of games providers with the lion’s share of the business but there are also a number of new providers that are breathing new life into the industry.

Bonuses and Promotions Never Hurt

You only need to type ‘keno games casino’ into a search bar and you’ll appreciate how competitive the world of playing online keno has become. There are literally thousands of sites where you can play the game. In order for a casino to stand out from the crowd it has become necessary to offer players bigger and better promotions. Which is good news for you as a player, because you get to take advantage of all the free cash.

Obviously, it’s not given away for free and you will be under a certain obligation to keep playing at the casino. But this is often a small price to pay. When it comes to the price you have to pay you’ll need to be paying close attention to the terms and conditions. This is where you’ll find out what you need to do in return for the bonus.

Customer Care Has to Be Easy to Reach and Fast to Respond

How a casino looks after its customers is very important. When we write our reviews we’ll share our experiences, but it’s always a good idea to try it for yourself before you commit to opening an account. The features you need to look out for are the range of methods of communication and whether the service is 24/7. We much prefer the live chat option when it comes to getting in touch with customer support because it means you get an instant answer and you get time to think about what you want to say before sending the message.
We also take into consideration the information that’s provided for players as this is an important aspect of customer care. For example, is there a FAQs section? Are there guides to the games and the rules? Is there an interesting blog you can follow? Or is there a casino school you can enrol in?

The Top Online Casinos Invest in Security on All Levels

The security of the casino you choose is vitally important. After all, you’re going to be giving them your money and providing them with very personal information. So you need to feel confident that all this information is protected from prying eyes. Whether the casino is licensed and regulated is also important. Regular audits and certification from independent testing organizations like eCOGRA and iTech Labs is something else to look out for when you’re looking for the best keno casino.

Make Sure You Can Play Keno on the Go

When it comes to playing keno or any other type of casino game, there are a number of options. You want a casino that offers downloadable as well as instant play games. And you also want the option of playing the games while you’re at home or anywhere else you might care to. Therefore, look for a casino that can be enjoyed using a desktop PC and a smartphone or tablet. The best casino sites will be compatible with the majority of mobile devices and give you the option of playing the games direct from the main site or by downloading an app.

Live Dealer Games

Live games are a relatively new phenomenon to the world of online casinos but have caught on really quickly and are now the preferred platform for an increasing number of players. The most popular live games are blackjack and roulette, along with a selection of other table games. Keno, unfortunately, does not lend itself to the live dealer casino format and is not something you’ll be able to play online very often. However, we have found one developer that does offer live keno games. It goes by the name of Ezugi, and is a specialist at creating live dealer games. A traditional drawing machine is used rather than an RNG and once you’ve picked your spots the numbers are drawn live.

Which Software Developers Create the Best Keno Games?

There are a number of different software developers and the majority of them provide a selection of keno games to play. We’ll be looking at software developers on another page, but for now lets introduce you to a few of the big guns and the games they provide.

  • ezugi
  • 1x2gaming
  • Netent
  • Microgaming
  • Net Entertainment – NetEnt has a reputation for it’s extensive catalogue of casino games but keno obviously doesn’t feature high on its list of priorities as it only offers one title.
  • Microgaming – Again, Microgaming has a huge list of casino titles but only features one keno game.
  • 1×2 Gaming – This developer is better known as a virtual sports provider but does have a good array of unique keno games. The standard keno game is provided but most have unique themes and various other special features.
  • Ezugi – this developer is one that can provide live keno with a real dealer and games that are streamed directly to your desktop. No RNG software is used; instead the numbers are drawn using the traditional keno machine.

Download or No Download Keno Games – Which Is Better?

When online casino games were first introduced to the general public, it required the download of a bulky piece of software. Fast forward several years and things are much different for anyone wanting to play casino games online. Players now have the option of downloading games or playing directly from a browser. There are good and bad points with both options so let’s look at them and you’ll be able to decide which is best for yourself.

  1. Accessibility – no-download games can be played using any type of device, regardless of the operating system that is being used. Whereas download may only work on a Windows PC, for example. No-download casinos really come into their own, however, when it comes to playing using a mobile or tablet. HTML5 games can be played on a touch screen instantly.
  2. Memory space – if you’re considering downloading your keno games, make sure you’ve got enough memory space on the device that you’re using. It might not be too much of a problem if you’re planning on using a PC but there may be storage issues if you want to download lots of games onto a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Range of games – with a download casino you’ll be able to play the complete range of games with full usability. Whereas an instant-play site will only offer games from developers who specialize in non-download games. And the number of games you get to play will be a fraction of those at a download site.
  4. Security and viruses – downloading games exposes your computer to viruses. And we all know how damaging malicious viruses like malware and spyware can be. You should be OK if you stick with a reliable licensed and regulated casino. No-download sites, on the other hand will never be a problem because the games are downloaded in browsers. Look out for the SSL logo, as it means the casino uses Secure Socket Layers which protect personal data and financial details.

When it comes to playing keno using a mobile device your options aren’t quite the same as if you were playing one of the more popular casino games such as blackjack or roulette. It’s possible to play keno free or for real money at the majority of top ranking casinos and it’s also available in live format. Mobile keno is still lagging behind a little but more games are coming to light. And with the advances in technology it looks like there will be more exciting things happening in the mobile keno world in the very near future.

Playing Live Keno Online

Live keno games is another area in which your options are sadly lacking. Live dealer games are available to play, but there are nowhere near as many casinos offering this option as you’d like to see. If you are lucky enough to find a casino offering this option, then you get to experience the look and feel of a live casino right there in your living room.

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Are Keno Games Fair?

If you’re wondering whether the keno games you can play online are fair, the simple answer is yes, on the whole they are. Provided you choose a reputable and licensed online casino to play at. Extensive rules and regulations have to be followed to ensure that all players can enjoy games that are fair to all. When you play online a special piece of computer programming is used to generate the results. It’s called the Random Number Generator (RNG) and outputs numbers that are completely random.

However, in reality, there is no reason why an online casino would want to rig a keno game, as it already has a slight advantage and is going to make money for the house. It doesn’t need to be rigged in order to make the casino a profit. For this reason, Keno is one of the fairest and safest games to play online.

You should now have enough information to enable you to play keno online. But we thought we’d finish up by sharing a few tips to make your keno games more fun.

Quick Tips for Playing at a Keno Casino Online

There’s very little you can do to affect the outcome of a keno game. It is by its very nature a game of pure luck and completely random. But that doesn’t mean there are no tips to help the beginners. Here are a few that we think are worth sharing:

  • Look at these very carefully. The aim of playing keno is not to pick the right numbers but to hit a maximum percentage win. The payout charts give you the details of what you’re playing for and what you need to do to achieve your goal.
    Aim to be a consistent player and more often than not it’s a good idea to play with the same set of numbers. This will enable you to see whether any numbers are coming up frequently. If you find there are a few it could be worth picking a range of higher or lower numbers in the same area.
  • There are some very attractive bonuses currently being offered by the top keno casinos, especially if you’re a new player. A helping hand and a little bit extra in your bankroll can be worthwhile, providing the wagering requirements aren’t too high.
    Playing keno is a game of luck not skill – whichever way you look at the game of keno you have to remember it’s a game of pure luck. The most important thing is to enjoy the game rather than getting hung up on winning.

At the end of the day, playing keno online is a fun and enjoyable way to spend some of your free time. There are a number of different online casinos that offer the game and we can help you find the best one.

Most certainly this is our favorite casino at the moment! Check out the full review to learn why we ranked it so high!

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The majority of players who visit an online casino do so in order to play popular online casino games such as online poker, slots, blackjack and roulette. The game of Keno is not as popular as some of these other classic games but during the last 5 years there has been an increase in the popularity of the game of Keno that has resulted in more online casinos adding Keno to their offering.

While many continue to debate whether poker is a game of skill or chance, there is no such grey area when it comes to online Keno as it is purely a game of chance.

Players decide to bet on a set of numbers and the online casino then picks out numbers at random. If the number you bet on is called, then you end up winning.

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This is one of the reasons why Keno is popular with players as it does not involve any elaborate gaming strategy as all players need to do is pick a series of number and then see if those numbers are chosen as the winning numbers.


  • Top US Keno Real Money Casinos
  • How to play online Keno
  • FAQ about Keno

Online Keno Basics

Keno is not a complicated game to play which is one of the reasons why new gamblers opt to play Keno as it prepares them for other tougher online casino games. Players who have never played a game of Keno will do well to take a few minutes to read one of the many keno guides which are available online. Players can also head over to YouTube and watch a few beginner keno videos for an introduction to the game of keno. There are a few online casinos that provide a basic guide to playing keno online.


Keno Variants

Over the years, the game of Keno has evolved and today there is a number of online keno variants just like there is are a number of online poker variants. So when you are signing up with an online casino, go to the Keno section of games and see how many keno variants are on offer. Have a look at two or three online casinos which offer keno games and determine which online casino has more variants as it will give you more variety in your play.

Free vs. Real Money Keno Games

Most online casinos offer both free to play keno games and real money keno games. While playing real money keno games is definitely a lot more exciting, it is always good to get warmed up playing a few free to play keno games.

This is because when you play free online keno games, you do not use any of your own money and you gain valuable experience as you get to understand how the online keno software works, develop a strategy of how many spots to call and gain valuable experience as you learn from your mistakes.

When you understand how the game works and become comfortable with the online keno experience, you can then move on to real money keno games and see how much you can win.


Online Keno Strategy

While Keno is purely based on chance, there are a few tips that you can follow to increase the odds of you winning at online Keno.

  • Don’t select a lot of numbers: The more numbers you select, the more likely you are to win but also the more you have to bet. There’s a thin line here, so it is advisable you choose between 4-5 spots at a time.
  • Online Casino Welcome Bonus: Make sure you sign up at an online casino that offers you a fantastic sign-up bonus as you can use the free money to play online ken and see if you can win without spending money of your own.
  • Manage your Bankroll: Do not get carried away and spend all your money in the first few rounds of keno. This is the easiest way for you to exhaust your bankroll and get into trouble.
  • Casino Payouts: Take the time to research and find out what is the maximum payout of the online casino you are looking to sign-up with. The higher the payout, the better it is for you.

Online Keno

Although Keno may not have been as popular as some other casino games, such as real money blackjack and roulette, its popularity has been increasing with the introduction of the online variant of this game.

Online Keno doesn’t differ much from the traditional game. In fact, many players claim that playing Keno online is even more interesting than playing in land-based casinos because of the number of players that can participate at the same time. Furthermore, various casinos offer free online Keno games which are almost as fun as playing Keno for real money.

Let’s take a look at the short history of this game, how to play it, and how to get the most out of it. Read on!

What is actually Keno and where does it come from?

The name Keno comes from either French quine, which means “five winning numbers”, or Latin quini, meaning “five each,” and it is a game of luck. Nevertheless, the true origin of this game is in no way related to Europe, but China instead.

Although there are no documents which can confirm the assumptions made by historians, it is still widely accepted that Keno is a game of Chinese origin. According to some legends that are still present among the Chinese citizens, Keno was used during the war as a way to raise funds and build the Great Wall of China.

The first written document about Keno was recorded back in 1847 when Macau became one of the places where playing it was legal. Keno became so popular that lottery operators used pigeons to send results to remote villagers who enjoyed playing this game.

Not long after that, the game was introduced to the West by the immigrants from China, and it gained immense popularity among those who loved playing games based on luck. It didn’t take Westerners long to rename the game to Keno and start promoting it as one of the great ways to have fun and even earn some money along the way.

How to play online Keno

Keno is essentially really similar to the lottery, except for the fact that more numbers are drawn than chosen. What does that mean?

In the lottery, you usually need to guess, say, seven numbers, and seven numbers are drawn in total. However, in Keno, you get to choose up to ten out of eighty numbers, but a total of twenty-two numbers are drawn. In other words, you get almost twice as many chances to guess all your numbers right and win the maximum possible prize.

However, even if you don’t manage to win all the numbers that you had selected, you are still in for a treat, since Keno awards you even if you guess only a few of them. In most cases, the minimum number that you need to guess right in order to get paid is half of the total numbers chosen. Naturally, “the more the merrier” rule is applied here, and guessing just half of them doesn’t bring huge prizes. On the other hand, if you guess more than a half but not all of them, for example, you can still receive lucrative prizes in return.

Let’s go through the rules of playing online Keno in the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Choose a free online Keno or real money Keno game on one of the popular online casino sites from here or listed above in table.
  2. Some sites may require that you register before you start playing. If that is the case, make sure to fill out the sign-up form and open an account
  3. Enter the game of your choice and carefully examine the rules as they may differ a bit, mostly regarding the odds
  4. Select the amount of money that you want to bet
  5. Choose up to ten out of eighty available numbers
  6. Wait for the game to begin
  7. Wait for the results
  8. Claim your reward if you were lucky enough to guess at least half of the numbers right
  9. Repeat the whole process as many times as you want

Different types of Keno

The major difference between various Keno types is the one regarding the design. You can find dozens of online Keno games which have identical rules, but some might look better than the others.

Moreover, Keno games may differ in terms of the number of digits that you can choose, and the number of digits that are drawn. Some types of Keno that are worth mentioning include Keno Poker, Instant Bingo, Venetian Keno, Baseball Keno, Hot Zone Keno, Roulette Keno, and more.

Free Keno vs. Keno for real money

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Playing free Keno may not be as exciting as playing the game for real money. However, it is definitely a great way to learn how to play it before you make your first deposit and take the fun and excitement to another level.

Most online casinos offer Keno for free, and we advise that you play a couple of rounds without real money in order to get acquainted with the game. Once you feel confident enough and think that you understand Keno well, you can make your first deposit and start playing the game for real money.

Real money Keno is something that every person who loves playing casino games should experience since it offers a unique atmosphere which is nothing like Bingo or traditional lottery games. The fact that more numbers are drawn than players select adds a layer of suspense to the game and increases your chances to win great cash prizes. In other words, winning is more common in Keno games, although the prizes may not be as high as those won in national lottery games.

Tips & Tricks for playing Keno

  1. First and foremost, avoid selecting ten numbers right away. Instead, choose up to five or six numbers for starters. That way, you will pay less per round and there is a greater possibility to hit all the numbers.
  2. Second, make sure to see whether casinos offer additional bonuses once you open an account. Many online casinos have various welcome rewards and sign-up offers for new players which you can use to jump-start your Keno sessions and play with the bonus money before you start playing with your own.
  3. The third most important thing is not to get carried away and invest a lot of money without getting anything in return. Make sure to plan your budget accordingly and don’t go hard on your bankroll. After all, Keno is a game of luck, and if it isn’t your lucky day, you should try another time.
  4. Finally, playing Keno for real money means playing in an online casino. However, various casinos have various rules, especially regarding payments. Therefore, you should research the casino of your choice before opening an account and find more about the payment methods that are available on that platform.

FAQ about Keno

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Keno.

Is online Keno different from live Keno?

Playing Keno at land-based casinos is identical to playing in online ones. The main difference is perhaps that online Keno has better odds overall.

What is the major difference between Keno and Bingo?

A round of Bingo goes on until the winner is found, and they are the only ones getting a reward for guessing all the numbers right. On the other hand, Keno rounds always last the same, with twenty-two numbers being drawn every time. Furthermore, even those who don’t manage to guess all the numbers can win smaller prizes.

How to win in online Keno?

Winning in Keno is tricky to define as every round bears a significant number of winners. In fact, winning is almost as common as losing. On the other hand, getting all ten numbers right may be a bit more difficult. No special tactics are applied here; you need to rely on your intuition and luck rather than your logical thinking.

Is online Keno fixed?

All online casino games in licensed casinos undergo strict testing procedure performed by a couple of licensed third-party testers. Random Number Generator (RNG) has become an industry standard for all online casino platforms, and it makes sure that the results are always arbitrary and cannot be fixed. Online Keno is no exception to the rule, which means that there’s no point worrying about someone meddling with the numbers.

Where can I play online Keno?

Dozens of online casinos offer this interesting game, and if you want to start playing it, you need to register on one of them and select a Keno game of your choice. However, Keno is not the most popular casino game; therefore, many online casino platforms don’t include it in their offer. In order to find out whether a casino offers Keno games or not, make sure to do your research before registering.

Are there any strategies to win in Keno?

The only strategy that seems to be working in Keno is pretty easy to utilize. Just don’t start with selecting ten numbers right away, and try playing with five to seven numbers for starters as that increases your chances of guessing all the numbers right.

Online Keno FAQ

Just like many land-based casinos, most online operators now offer Keno for those looking for a more leisurely gambling experience. If you’ve never tried it before but are thinking about giving it a shot, here are some basic notions of Keno explained, to help you on your way.

What’s the Difference between Online and Live Keno?

Basically, the two versions of Keno are identical in terms of rules and look, with minor differences that come with online gameplay. The only difference truly worth noting is that online Keno can often offer better odds to players.

Are There any Differences Between Keno and Bingo?

Although they resemble each other very closely, Keno is definitely not the same as Bingo. The key difference between both games is that in Bingo, you buy tickets with preselected numbers, while in Keno you get to choose your own numbers.

Other differences between include that with Keno you can choose the size of your bet but also how many draws you want your numbers to be used for and that Bingo is played until a winner is found, while in Keno the machine will stop after drawing 20 numbers. This gives everyone a chance to win a portion of the prize, depending on the numbers guessed.

Do You Need to Hit All Numbers for A Win?

No, you don’t need to hit every number you pick. Most Keno versions offer prizes for guessing anything from 3 to 10 numbers in a draw. These can range from small consolidation prizes to very lucrative winnings.

What Bets Can I Make in Keno?

The basic bet in Keno is the straight bet, which is when you choose several random numbers and wait for the draw. The split bet is the same as the straight bet, only you can choose multiple combinations on a single ticket, to use in more games.

The way bet is similar to the split bet, the only difference being that with way bets you can bet on separate small groups of numbers( even 3) by using fractions of standard bets. This way you can win smaller sums of money in a faster rate.

Another popular choice for experienced players is playing a combination bet, which basically allows you to place a way bet and a straight bet on a single ticket. There’s also the bullseye bet, which allows you to bet on a single number.

Can Keno be played for Free?

Yes, most online casinos offer demo versions of all their games, Keno included. These demos can help you learn the UI and feel of the game, so that you can be more comfortable when the time comes.

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Is Keno Fixed?

Just like any online casino game, Keno is not fixed. All online casinos use a Random Number Generator, i.e. a piece of software that produces random number combinations. These numbers can have as many as 200,000 digits, which allows for limitless combinations without the danger of repeating draws.

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Does Keno Have Good Odds?

Keno isn’t famous for being the most rewarding of games. Basically, the more numbers you choose, the smaller your odds will be, but also the larger your prospective winning.

In general, Keno is believed to have a house edge that ranges from 25 to 29%, which is beyond what any other casino game offers. For comparison, some of the worst paying slot games have a house edge of 15%, while Blackjack can have a house edge that’s as low as 1-2%.

Is There a Number Picking Strategy?

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Just like the lottery, Keno is a game of chance and there are no strategies that can help you choose winning numbers. Also, the RNG casinos use makes sure that every next combination is impossible to predict, thus making number picking strategies just a waste of time. The only advice you can get is as to the optimal numbers you should choose in a single game (5-7).

Is Keno Fair?

Keno has variable odds which may or may not be to your liking. But apart from the inherent advantage of the game, to ensure you’re playing a fair game you should check whether the casino holds an official license or a third-party audit certificate. Both serve as proof that the RNG has been inspected and are usually found on a casino’s main page.

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Do all online casinos offer Keno?

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Keno is not offered at every casino. Namely, whether a casino will offer Keno or not will depend on its software providers. Playtech, RTG, Betsoft, Microgaming, and NetEnt are only a number of game makers who produce video Keno.