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RETAIL POINTS – Earned at any Live! Casino & Hotel outlet or Shop Live! At the time of purchase. $1 spent = 20 Retail points. Cash or Credit purchases only. Retail points count towards your Card Tier Status earning. REWARD POINTS - Earned based on play in the same way Tier points are earned. $1 coin-in slot machine = 1 Reward point. Casino slots are comprised of online slot games that involve sophisticated features like slots bonuses, free spin games and multiple paylines and 3 reels as well as 5 reels. Video slot demos online have sophisticated graphics and animation, they are truly an entertainment based slot experience. Live casinos are virtual rooms at online gambling sites where you can play traditional casino games that are run by a human dealer and streamed in real-time. If you’re a fan of brick-and-mortar casinos, you’re going to love live dealer games! Live casinos are virtual rooms at online gambling sites where you can play traditional casino games that are run by a human dealer and streamed in real-time. If you’re a fan of brick-and-mortar casinos, you’re going to love live dealer games! Playing against a real dealer makes the game even more exciting and getting to interact with other players via live chat adds a fun.

  • What are the hours of the Live! Rewards® Club?

    • Sunday - Thursday 8:00AM - 2:00AM
    • Friday & Saturday 8:00AM - 4:00AM
  • How do I get a Live! Rewards® Card?

    To sign up for membership, simply visit the Live! Rewards® Club and present a valid form of identification. Membership is FREE and all new members will receive the Classic (Red) Live! Rewards® Card. Each Card Tier has criteria that must be met annually in order to maintain tier or qualify for an upgrade.
  • What are the player Tier levels and how do I move up?

    Tier level is based on how many Tier points are earned, based on play.

    Tier Earning Is Easier Than Ever

    Since we haven’t been able to play as much as we’d like, we’ve adjusted the Points needed for you to maintain or reach your next tier. See the Prorated Points below for your earning goal.
    Membership is Free. There is no Tier point minimum at the Classic Card level.

    Earn 25,000 Tier points or 100 Poker Hours annually to achieve Gold Card status.

    Earn 100,000 Tier points or 500 Poker Hours annually to achieve Platinum Card status.

    Black Card
    Earn 500,000 Tier points or 5,000 Poker Hours annually to achieve Black Card status. status.

    Jade Card
    Earn 1,000,000 Tier points annually to achieve Jade Card status.

    Chairman’s Club
    Earn 2,000,000 Tier points annually to achieve Chairman’s Club status.

    Tier points are reset the first of each year, but Tier upgrades will occur within seven days after the specified point levels are achieved through the year.

  • When do the new Card Tiers take effect?

    Tier status may take up to seven days to be reflected, but members who do not maintain status will be downgraded March 1 of the following year.
  • Will my expired Live! Rewards® Card work?

    Yes. Your expired Card will work and all play will be properly tracked to your account. However, Tier status and awards will not be associated with the expired Card. You must have a valid Card to access benefits.
  • How do players find out what Card Tier they’re in?

    Members that qualify for Gold, Platinum, Black Card, Jade Card and Chairman’s Club membership will be notified via mail before February 15 annually. After March 1, members can find out their level at any Promotional Kiosk, on the Live! Casino & Hotel website, from their monthly mailer, or by asking a Live! Rewards® Representative.
  • What are the benefits of each Live! Rewards® Card Tier level?

    All Live! Rewards® Members qualify for a variety of unique benefits. As higher Tier status is achieved, benefits increase in value without losing the benefits from the previous Tier. Please refer to the Card Benefits Page for the full list of benefits available.
  • Where can Live! Rewards® members find out more about the benefits?

    All benefits and how to access them are listed on the Live! Casino & Hotel Card Benefits Page. Benefits are also detailed in brochures that are issued at the Live! Rewards® Club.
  • How long do I have to achieve the next Card Tier level? When does my Card expire?

    Live! Rewards® is an annually renewed card program, which means you must achieve the minimum criteria for a Tier level by December 31 each year. Once achieved, you will be upgraded for the remainder of the current year and for the subsequent year. Remember you are always playing for the following year’s status.

    Live! Rewards® Cards will expire on the last day of February of each year. If a higher Tier is achieved, or your Tier remains the same, stop by the Live! Rewards® Club to pick up your new Card.

  • How do I earn points and rewards?

    Every time you play at a slot machine, properly insert your Card into the card reader and the slot machines will keep track of your points for you. If you see a red light, please re-insert your card. At any table game, present your Live! Rewards® Card to the dealer, so your play can be registered.

    TIER POINTS - Earned based on play


    $1 coin-in slot machine = 1 Tier point

    $2 coin-in video poker = 1 Tier point

    $6 coin-in electronic table games = 1 Tier point

    Table Games

    Based on game type, length of play and average bet


    1 hour played = 100 Tier points

    Members earn Tier points to achieve a higher level. Tier points cannot be spent.

    RETAIL POINTS – Earned at any Live! Casino & Hotel outlet or Shop Live! at the time of purchase

    $1 spent = 20 Retail points

    Cash or Credit purchases only

    Retail points count towards your Card Tier Status earning

    REWARD POINTS - Earned based on play in the same way Tier points are earned


    $1 coin-in slot machine = 1 Reward point

    $2 coin-in video poker = 1 Reward point

    $6 coin-in electronic table games = 1 Reward point

    Table Games

    Based on game type, length of play and average bet


    1 hour played = 100 Rewards points

    Members earn Reward points to redeem for slot play, dining, and shopping at Shop Live!

    600 Reward points = $1 in Reward credit

  • How do I know how many points I have?

    Members can check their point balance at the following:

    • Any slot machine by inserting their Live! Rewards® Card, selecting “Personal Banker”, adding their PIN and selecting “Account Balance”
    • The Live! Casino & Hotel website by accessing their account
    • By visiting the Live! Rewards® Club
  • How do I redeem my Reward Points for Free Slot Play, Match Play and Self-Comps?

    FREE SLOT PLAY – Redemption occurs directly at the slot machine:

    • Insert your Live! Rewards® Card into the card reader
    • Select “Personal Banker”
    • Enter your PIN
    • Touch “Transfer to Game”
    • Touch “Points”
    • Touch the value desired to be downloaded and confirm

    MATCH PLAY - Redemption occurs at a Promotional Kiosk:

    • Insert your card at any Promotional Kiosk
    • Enter your PIN
    • Select “Redemptions”
    • Select “Match Play”
    • Enter the amount of Match Play you would like to receive in exchange for your points and push enter (Minimum Match Play amount to be redeemed is $5)
    • Re-enter your PIN number and select enter
    • The printed Match Play receipt can be redeemed directly at your table game of choice

    (Excludes Poker and Carnival Games)

    FOOD, BEVERAGE OR RETAIL – Redemption occurs directly at the outlet:

    • Present your Live! Rewards® Card and valid ID to the cashier
    • Partial or full credit can be applied to a bill based on customer preference or point availability
  • When do my Reward points expire?

    Reward points will remain on a member’s account until they are used or their account becomes inactive. Inactivity is defined as an account that has no active play for 90 consecutive days.
  • What are Self-Comps?

    Self-Comps are a benefit that players earn and use to comp themselves at Live! Casino & Hotel restaurant outlets and the Shop Live! retail store. Self-Comp awards are dollar based; for example, $1 in earned Self-Comp is equivalent to $1 in retail or dining purchase.
  • How do I earn Self-Comps?

    Members earn Self-Comps based on game played, average bet, and length of play at slots and tables. The earning rate will vary for every player based on their play. Members earn $1 in Self-Comps for every hour of poker played, with higher Tiers earning at an increased rate.
  • How do I use Self-Comps?

    Members can simply present their Live! Rewards® Card at any Live! Casino & Hotel restaurant or the Shop Live! retail store to redeem their comps for purchase.

    To use Self-Comps at Bobby's Burger Palace, The Cheesecake Factory® or Medieval Times®:

    • Insert your card at any Promotional Kiosk
    • Enter your PIN
    • Select the “Redemptions” button
    • Select the “Items” button
    • Choose Bobby’s Burger Palace, The Cheesecake Factory® or Medieval Times®
    • Select the “Comp $” button
    • Enter the amount that you would like to spend and press enter
    • Re-enter your PIN to confirm the transaction
    • A receipt will print out and must be taken directly to the restaurant for use on transaction date and must be utilized in full.

    *Max $500 Bobby’s Burger Palace, The Cheesecake Factory® or Medieval Times® credit per day. The voucher expires at the close of business the day that it is printed.

  • How do I know how many Self-Comp dollars I have?

    Members can check their Self-Comp account on any Promotional Kiosk in the facility, on the Live! Casino & Hotel website or at the Live! Rewards® Club.
  • When do my Self-Comps expire?

    Self-Comps will remain on a member’s account until they are used or their account becomes inactive. Inactivity is defined as an account that has no active play for 90 consecutive days.
  • Can Self-Comps be converted to Cash or Free Play?

    No. Self-Comps exist for the members' use in our food and retail outlets only.
  • Do Self-Comps count towards Tier earning?

    No. Only earned Tier points count toward Tier earning and renewal.
  • Why do I need a PIN (Personal Identification Number)? And how do I reset it if it’s not working?

    Each Live! Rewards® member is required to establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This acts as a unique identifier, protects accounts and ensures only you have access to Free Play, Self-Comps and promotional rewards. Your PIN also allows you to download rewards and view your Live! Rewards® balance directly at any slot machine or Promotional Kiosk. If you forget your PIN number or it gets locked, please visit the Live! Rewards® Club.

Video slot games are just the natural progression from the original one-armed bandit aka classic slot machines or pokie games in Australia. A basic three or more reel machine, the player would insert coins or tokens into the machine to get the proper combination of symbols for a win. This is the most basic of casino games as there is no strategy or skill involved. As the name “bandit” indicates there have been many losers in the history of the slot machine.

The video slot machines are just a more advanced version which can be played at the casino on a video screen or on the internet. This technology has given the “machines” the ability to offer an expanse of features and payouts while creating a more visual and exciting experience - just like the popular penny slot machines or Vegas themed slots.

Now, our players have a chance to try games on our casino slots for free page!

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How to Play Video Slots

As with the original slot machines, money is deposited and the player pulls a handle or presses a button. The difference now is that there are many more options and opportunities in the way you bet. Because it’s a video screen and not an actual machine, the features and options are limited to the designer’s imagination.The Video Slots consist of buttons while online video slots consist of screens and icons to click. Because many of these have an assortment of ways to win it is recommended the player reads up on the game and its options.


Live casino direct free slot games

Because of its simplicity and one person playing against the machine/computer, there really aren’t too many rules that the player needs to follow. Don’t kick the “machine” and don’t play more than one “machine” when the casino is crowded.


As there is no skill involved in playing Video Slots it is hard to create a suitable strategy. Obviously each player has their own way of playing from using all paylines, playing the maximum or minimum, automatic play, etc. The strategy is of course to win, and from my experience many wins and losses happen in streaks. To limit your loses and maximize your gains, you must have the ability to walk away when you are streaking and remember to never be embarrassed to walk away with a profit.


Some terms are interchangeable with the original slot machines, but of course with new technology comes new terms. Paylines, payout, pay table, scatter symbols, wild symbols, reels, multiplier, bonus, free spins, progressive jackpot, bonus feature, coin size, payout percentage, max bet, second screen and hit.

Variations of Video Slots


Technology as given Video Slots the ability to transform themselves into games which hardly resemble the old 3 reel slots. One of the most common is the 5 reel slot, which although has just 2 more reels, can significantly transform the way a player bets and wins. With the ability to have multiple paylines, the player has an increased chance to win on more spins with payouts even occurring from diagonal combinations. Although the return is lower, the game is more exciting and keeps the players engaged. Also some slots give the player a chance to increase their winnings with a Double button after each winning spin. This takes the player to another screen (second screen) where they can pick a symbol to double or even quadruple their money.

Progressive jackpot slots are another example of the new technology of videos. A specific amount of money builds over the course of the game, if the player hits, a large sum is paid out to the player and the jackpot will usually reset to zero.

Variations can also come in the form of a themed slot, which is based on anything from a movie to super heroes to TV series. Sometimes these games incorporate the theme into the bonuses and features, while others just use the title to attract new players.

History of Video Slots

The slot machine gained its popularity by leaving the player to their own devices and not involving other players, a dealer or anyone else involved in the game. The intimidation of Craps, Black Jack and other table games led many players to the comfort and security of the slots. As the basic setup of the table games remained the same, Video Slots offered first-time gamers to the slot experience with the addition of added features, including bonus features, second screen play and progressive jackpots. Also both Video Slots at casinos and online adapted themes from movies, songs and popular culture to make things more interesting.

As with any history, especially in the gambling world, there are many people who would like to take credit and many others with varying opinions. So let’s just start with the “fact” that the slot machine came about in the late 19th century.

The popularity grew in the early part of the 20th century along with the gambling industry as a whole. The machines were very basic and rudimentary and sometimes the payouts were free drinks instead of money. Although the fundamentals remained constant, appearance and marketing became more original and important.

With slots becoming popular and lucrative, many were placed into drinking establishments where those seeking to compliment the vice of alcohol, could occupy there time. Unfortunately with the introduction of Prohibition in the U.S. in 1920 -1933, the slot industry along with many others suffered. Although still popular, the next leap came in 1963 with the introduction of the electromechanical machine called Money Honey by Ballys. The first of what we now know as a Video Slot appeared in 1976.

As the technology changed and true video and computer screens were added, the video slot became the ubiquitous game in the casino and the most lucrative. The internet transformed gaming as well as the casino slot and is now a far cry from the one-arm bandit of yesteryear.

Popular Culture

Play Slots Live Casino Direct

Popular culture has most influenced Video Slots through certain products and trends being integrated into the theme of the games. Because of the technology, such things as popular films and TV series have become a part of the slot experience. Movies such as Terminator 2 and Aliens are a natural fit as they do more to enhance the gaming experience by just including an added bonus feature. Also movies such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Hangover are used as the movie clips, characters and props can be incorporated to improve the game. Sometimes they go too far and it’s just overkill, but most of the time there is some real excitement and fun added to the game.