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Last updated on January 7, 2021

Current Jackpots The table below displays the current jackpots for major world lotteries ordered by jackpot size (taking into account current currency conversion rates). The number of days and next draw date are also displayed for reference. TORONTO - No winning ticket was sold for the $6.4 million jackpot in Saturday night's Lotto 649 draw. However, the guaranteed $1 million prize was won by a ticket holder in British Columbia. Lotto Max, and Lotto 649! Posted 12 days ago. 1110 Posts Offline. January 20, 2021, 1:15 pm ⮟ Canada, I play the lottery in Atlantic Canada- Nova Scotia! Current Lottery Jackpots. The prizes are the largest lottery jackpot since June 2019, when a San Diegan woman bought a winning Megamillions ticket worth $522 million. There might not be a better time to buy a ticket, cross. Main jackpot starts at $5 million and will grow until won, with a guaranteed $1-MILLION PRIZE. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. LOTTO 6/49 tickets are sold until 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on draw nights. You can also play up to 26 weeks in a row with Advance Play.

If you have been playing Lotto 6/49 for many years now, chances are, you have been doing it all wrong.

The odds of winning the Lotto 6/49

The lotto-649 game format produces a total of 13,983,816 playable combinations. So if you play one game, your probability of winning is one in almost 14 million chances.

It’s too hard to win.

They say people are more likely to get killed by a shark than winning the lottery. I suppose the probability is zero if you don’t swim in the ocean.

The lottery is the same. You have to be in it to win it.

So, how would you be able to choose the six numbers that will turn out to be the next Lotto 6/49 winning numbers?

The first step is to know the best type of combinations that will dominate in a lotto 6/49 game. And math is the only tool we can use to determine that.

To give you a hint of how we separate the worst from the best ones, first, we need to understand the difference between odds and probability. And that’s the topic we will discuss next.

All numbers and combinations are equally likely in a 6/49 game

In a truly random 6/49 game, hot and cold numbers don’t exist because all numbers will average in the same expected frequency under the law of large numbers.

Likewise, all combinations possess the same chance of occurring because there’s only one combination that can win the jackpot. That means even a combination such as 1-2-3-4-5-6 has the same probability as any other. This is expressed mathematically as:

The same formula applies to 2-4-6-8-10-12 or to a 5-10-15-20-25-30 and what you get is the same probability value. So when you think about it, it seems that there’s nothing you can do to improve your game.

But that’s not accurately true.

When you look at a problem and see the things you cannot control, you might also want to look at the things you can control easily.

And here’s how the idea of measuring the odds come in handy.

In mathematics, odds and probability are two different things and they are not mathematically equivalent.

Probability is expressed this way:

Odds are expressed this way:

In layman’s term, probability measures the likelihood that an event will occur while the odds measures the ratio of success to failure.

And that’s how mathematical strategy exists.

Lotto 649 Jackpot For Saturday

As a lotto player, you have no power to change or manipulate the underlying probability in any random lotto game. But using the power of mathematics, you can calculate all the possibilities and make an intelligent decision by choosing the right combination that will give you the best ratio of success to failure.

Here’s how it works:

There are 177,100 you can combine 6-odd-combination (no even numbers) and there are a total of 13,983,816 combinations in a 6/49 lotto game. That means you have only one opportunity to match the winning combination in every 100 attempts that you play the 6/49 game.

In comparison, there are 4,655,200 you can combine a 3-odd-3-even combination. This means that you have 33 opportunities in every 100 attempts that you buy lotto 6/49 tickets.

6-odd-0-even VS 3-odd-3-even

As you can see, choosing the best combinations is not about focusing on probability per se.

A true mathematical strategy is all about calculating all the possibilities and choosing the best option that will give you more opportunities to win. That’s how intelligent decision is made when you use math to play lotto.

In the study of the lottery, the ratio of success can be best determined using Lotterycodex patterns.

But to understand Lotterycodex patterns, first, we have to understand how simple odd-even or low-high patterns work in a 6/49 lottery game.

Let’s tackle that now.

6/49 game’s odd-even combinations

Here is the table that shows the complete odd-even combinations in the lotto 649 game with their corresponding probability:

Based on the table above, we can divide the patterns into three groups:

If you are a lotto 6/49 player, would you trust your money on number patterns that will not give you any chance to win? Of course, not.

For example, if you have to choose between 3-odd-3-even and 0-odd-6-even, your clear choice should be the former.

How do we know 3-odd-3-even is the best choice? The answer is by calculating their expected occurrences.

Determining the expected occurrence takes the following formula:

Expected occurrence = Probability x Number of draws

So if we want to know how many times a certain pattern will likely occur say in 100 draws, then we can see the difference:

Expected Occurrence of 3-odd-and-3-even = 0.33289911709365 x 100 = 33.289911709365


Expected Occurrence of 0-odd-and-6-even = 0.0096251266464032 x 100 = 0.96251266464032

Lotto 649 Jackpot January 9 2021

From a layman’s point of view, this is how the two fare with each other. Which one do you think will perform best?

3-odd-and-3-even = occurs 33 times in 100 draws.

0-odd-and-6-even = occurs approximately once in 100 draws.

Predicting the Lotto 6/49 draws

Probability theory can also determine ahead of time how a particular type of combination will likely occur in the future.

For example, if we want to know how the two patterns will perform in the next 5000 draws, we will come up with the following discovery:

Expected Occurrence of 3-odd-and-3-even = 0.33289911709365 x 5000 = 1664.49558547

Expected Occurrence of 0-odd-and-6-even = 0.0096251266464032 x 5000 = 48.125633232

In other words, 0-odd-6-even will only occur 48 times, while 3-odd-3-even will occur 1,664 times in 5000 draws.

As a lotto 6/49 player, you don’t want to bet on 0-odd-6-even. You want to win the jackpot, so your lottery strategy should be focused on a winnable pattern. It’s 3-odd-3-even.

If we are to predict the outcome of all the odd-even patterns, we know it will always be 3-odd-and-3-even that will stand out.

Actual lotto results versus the theoretical calculation

The theoretical calculation will always be close to the actual lotto results. It is always the case, and mathematics never fails.

But it’s better that you prove it yourself. Go to any official lotto 6/49 game website and download the last 100 draws and tally the odd-even table yourself.

Here are the links to results pages for some of the 6/49 games in the world:

Let me present to you the expected occurrence of all the odd-even combinations:

Compare your list with the above probability table. You will believe with your own eyes that probability theory is such a powerful predicting tool.

Of course, you can do the same thing with low-high patterns. Here’s how we estimate the low-high patterns in 100 draws:

It doesn’t matter what lotto system you play as long as it follows the pick-6 from 49 numbers. The actual results will always agree with the mathematical calculations.

Of course, don’t expect that your tally will exactly match the estimation. But you will notice the close match. Probability is just a guide that will describe the general outcome of any random game over time.

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Whether you are using Canada Lotto 6/49 or the Philippine Lotto 6/49, or any 6/49 game in any part of the world, the statistical data will always match closely with the probability theory.

Now, hold on.

Better lottery hack requires a deeper understanding of the Lotto 6/49 structures than just odd-even or low-high numbers.

Now, let me introduce Lotterycodex patterns.

Lotterycodex patterns – the best way to pick 6/49 numbers

To play the Lotto 6/49 with the best ratio of success to failure. Your method should be better than just odd-even or low-high combinations. This method is described as Lotterycodex patterns.

The lotto 649 game has a total of 84 patterns in Lotterycodex.

These patterns are in three groups.

From the table above, you see lotto 6/49 players should focus on the best three patterns only.

We are not saying those 64 worst combination patterns will not occur. We simply say they have less chance of getting drawn in a lottery draw according to probability analysis.

If you want to play with the best shot possible, always choose the patterns which occur more frequently. For a lotto 6/49 game, these are patterns #1, #2, and #3.

And for those which occur less likely, simply don’t bet on them.

However, many lotto players are not aware of the patterns they are playing. More often, they fell on those number patterns that will only waste their money. I hope you are not one of them.

So let me wrap it up for you.

How to win the Lotto 6/49 game

To have more chances of winning the Lotto 649 game, I recommend that you focus on combinatorial patterns with the best ratio of success to failure, especially Pattern #1, #2, and #3.

If you are not especially good at number crunching, then don’t worry. A lottery calculator is available. This calculator is especially good at generating good numbers for you. Simply use the lottery number generator, decide how many numbers to wheel, and download the list

To win in a lotto 6/49 game, you must be able to predict the general outcome of the whole lottery game from the perspective of the law of large numbers. When you know the outcome ahead of time, you can choose numbers with the best shot possible. Knowing how to win the lottery requires combinatorial and probability calculation.

The probability analysis I have conducted of the Lotto 6/49 shows that only three combination patterns exhibit high probability. Check out how to calculate probability in the free guide: The Lottery and the Winning Formula Based on Combinatorics and Probability Theory.

The majority of the players are unaware of the number-patterns they are playing. And this is why many lotto 6/49 players are wasting money.

Now, it’s very important to clarify one thing here. You don’t win anything by hitting the right pattern. The big idea is to use math to get the best shot possible. That’s how probability theory and combinatorial math can be handy.

When you know the best type of combination to play in a lotto 6/49 game, then you use that knowledge as a guide for selecting numbers. This probabilistic approach will surely boost your winnability if combined with the lottery wheeling method.

The main idea is to use mathematics to get you closer to the winning combinations. And with persistence, winning is just a matter of time.


Estimated Cash Value $49,600,000

Next Draw: TUE/FEB 9, 2021

Last Draw: FRI/FEB 5, 2021

  • 14
  • 17
  • 28
  • 29
  • 44
  • 2 Megaball


Estimated Cash Value $31,000,000

Next Draw: WED/FEB 10, 2021

Last Draw: SAT/FEB 6, 2021

  • 1
  • 16
  • 48
  • 49
  • 65
  • 8 Powerball


Estimated Cash Value $13,900,000

Next Draw: WED/FEB 10, 2021

Last Draw: SAT/FEB 6, 2021

  • 4
  • 16
  • 34
  • 35
  • 45
  • 17 Superball
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Lotto 649 Jackpot

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