Lucky Tree Slot

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  • Lucky Tree is a contemporary oriental-themed video slot heavily inspired by Asian symbols for good luck and based on the money tree. As such, the game is all about feeling lucky, believing in lucky charms, and embracing the traditional Chinese culture.
  • The Basics: How Lucky Tree Works For a slot with so many unique extras, the base setup is standard. There is a 5 by 3 grid for the reels, and you will play over 30 win lines. Bets are in multiples of 50c.

The Lucky Tree title coming from Bally Tech with a Chinese theme, giving the opportunity to any player to shake the ancient - lucky tree of wealth. A video slot with 5 reels and 30 Paylines. Lucky Tree offers players the chance to try their luck among plentfull of features! Wild symbols/Fortune Cat symbols/Wild Coin Mystery bonus/Free spins bonus!

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Lucky Tree Slot Review

Bally’s Lucky Tree slot machine game takes players on a journey to an exotic locale rich in surprises and potential fortune. Heavily inspired by Asian symbols for good luck, Lucky Tree mixes a vibrant reel design with very exciting gameplay.

Two different bonus rounds give lucky players a chance at huge returns, while the titular Lucky Tree is ready to change the fate of any spin.

Lucky Tree’s art design reaches out and grabs the player’s attention. The Lucky Tree slots logo hangs golden coins over the reels, set against a lovely purple sky.

The reels continue the theme, with the bonus spaces based on yin-yang symbols, dragons, coins and fortune cats. The standard spaces are based on colorful fish, turtles, frogs, lotus flowers and bamboo.

The card symbol spaces, A, K, Q and J stand out as a little bland, although that’s mostly because of how much everything else stands out.

All of the art design has a 3D look to it, with the symbols popping off of the board even before they dance for winning paylines.

The sound design is fairly typical but works well. A mixture of gongs, xylophones and chimes accents the Asian setting.

Overall, the music isn’t distracting and players should still be able to hear the satisfying little clicks as the reels lock into place. The game will switch to a rising tone to build excitement when either of the bonus games may be on the line.

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Lucky Tree Slot Free

Game Specs for the Bally’s Lucky Tree slot machine
Min. Bet$0.30
Max. Bet$90
Max. RTP96%
Max. Jackpot5,000x Bet
FeaturesWild, Scatter, Free Spins, Pick Bonus
Mobile AppYes

Lucky Tree: Core Gameplay

Lucky Tree slot machine provides a fairly simple game, featuring five reels and three rows. There are 30 paylines in play, and players do not have the option to play fewer lines. In general, the paylines are fairly generous with most left-to-right combinations paying out with three or more matches.

There is no additional feature fee for the bonus rounds.

A crucial part of the core gameplay is that each spin has a chance of triggering the Lucky Tree once the reels have settled.

When players hear the chimes, two to seven coins can fall onto the board. The spaces that they land on turn into special Wild coin spaces.

Note that this is never a downgrade. If coins fall onto higher paying dragon spaces or any special yin-yang or fortune cat spaces, they simply convert into special Wild versions of themselves.

All of this means that the main slots revolve heavily around getting some lucky Wilds.

A number of the symbols don’t pay out particularly well. In fact, the only set of three that pays break even is a set of Wild spaces.

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To get the big wins players are generally going to have to hope for lucky coins to make some nice bridges across the reels and set up big, simultaneous paylines.

When the coins do fall in the player’s favor, it can be like a mini jackpot. Otherwise, players are left looking for big money in either of the bonuses.

Lucky Tree Free Games and Quick Picks

The Lucky Tree slot game really blossoms for the first potential bonus round. During any normal spin, yin-yang symbols can appear on the second, third and fourth rows. Three of them appearing anywhere gives the player 10 free spins on the special set of bonus reels, with payouts based on the bet that triggered the round.

At the end of each free spin, the Lucky Tree will drop three to seven coins down onto the reels. With that many Wild spaces in play, the paylines really start to stack.

One fun addition is that the yin-yang symbols can still appear during the free spins, and getting another set of three adds 10 more free spins to the game. There is no hard cap on the number of free spins that can be awarded, so luck is your only limitation.

Aside from the free spins, players also have the chance to play the special “pick” bonus round.

Lucky Tree Slot Machine Max Bet

Fortune cats can appear on the first, third and fifth reels during any normal spin. Getting three anywhere on the board triggers the beginning of the pick game.

It starts with three spheres that each hold a hidden number of picks, somewhere between six and 15, but unlucky 13 is not available. Once the sphere is picked, it reveals how many picks are available, and the matching game begins.

A special 5×6 board appears on the screen. Each of the 30 spaces can hide a snake, a tiger, a monkey, a pig or a fortune cat.


Play Lucky Tree Slot Online

The goal is to get as many matching spaces as you can of any one animal. For example, it’s better to get just four snakes than three of everything.

The heart of the game is trying to get eight of the lucky cats, which is worth 5,000x the total bet on the spin that triggered the game. Although, even just getting a few pairs can add up to a decent little bonus payout.

Final Thoughts

The free Lucky Tree online slot game provides an exciting experience that draws the player in with great artwork and a variety of ways to win.

Lucky Tree Slot Machine

With a 96 percent RTP, the game doesn’t punish serious players who are looking for some flashy bonuses.

Money Tree Slots Free Download

While purists looking for more traditional jackpots may be disappointed, the sheer variety should keep most players interested for a long session. The Lucky Tree has a lot of ways to rain fortune down on its players.