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  • Maryland (MD) lottery currently offers these lottery games:
    • Powerball is drawn two times a week Wednesday and Saturday 10:59 PM
    • MEGA Millions is drawn 2 times a week Tuesday and Friday 11:00 PM
    • Cash4Life is drawn daily Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:00 PM
    • MultiMatch is drawn two times a week Monday and Thursday 11:07 PM
    • Bonus Match 5 is drawn daily 8:00 PM
    • 5 Card Cash is drawn daily Sunday thru Saturday 8:00 PM
    • Pick 4 Midday is drawn everyday Sunday thru Saturday 12:30 PM
    • Pick 3 Midday is drawn daily 12:30 PM
    • Pick 4 Evening is drawn everyday Sunday thru Saturday 8:00 PM
    • Pick 3 Evening is drawn everyday Sunday thru Saturday 8:00 PM
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  2. Winning numbers are available at and on your smartphone by downloading the free MD Lottery app. Powerball is offered in 44 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S.
  3. South Carolina (SC) lottery results (winning numbers) and prize payouts for Pick 3, Pick 4, Palmetto Cash 5, Lucky for Life, Powerball, Mega Millions.
Md lottery past winning numbers

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Maryland Lottery Winning numbers history

Any winning tickets bought in Virginia must be redeemed in Virginia. Watch the draws. You can watch Mega Millions Draws live every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. By clicking the Winning Numbers tab at the top of the page or check us out on Facebook. You can even watch them later. Draws stay on our site! Never miss a draw. Play the easy way! Notice: The West Virginia Lottery strives for accuracy in reporting of winning numbers; however we cannot be responsible for complete accuracy of information due to the possible unauthorized entries and edits of our material. The winning numbers on file at the West Virginia Lottery are the determining record for winning tickets.

Here, you can find the Past Winning Numbers, statistics, and in-depth analysis of Pick 3 Midday, Pick 3 Evening, Pick 4 Midday, Pick 4 Evening, Bonus Match 5, 5 Card Cash, Multi Match, Cash4Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball. . The winning numbers history is provided and its FREE. You can save it or print it. Our page also has a tool to search for winning number or set of numbers for all Maryland lottery games.

For in-depth analysis and other resources of the game winning numbers visit the game home page. Summary of winning numbers data available for Maryland lottery on our website as of today

GAMEData Available on this Site
Pick 3 Midday05/01/199502/09/2021
Pick 3 Evening07/29/197602/08/2021
Pick 4 Midday05/01/199502/09/2021
Pick 4 Evening04/08/198302/08/2021
Bonus Match 509/15/200202/08/2021
5 Card Cash11/06/201302/08/2021
Multi Match02/04/200602/08/2021
Mega Millions04/20/201002/05/2021

Maryland Lottery Draw Games Schedule

Pick 3 Midday12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PMUS/Eastern
Pick 3 Evening7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PMUS/Eastern
Pick 4 Midday12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PM12:28 PMUS/Eastern
Pick 4 Evening7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PMUS/Eastern
Bonus Match 57:51 PM7:51 PM7:51 PM7:51 PM7:51 PM7:51 PM7:51 PMUS/Eastern
5 Card Cash7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PM7:56 PMUS/Eastern
Multi Match11:07 PM11:07 PMUS/Eastern
Cash4Life9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PMUS/Eastern
Mega Millions11:00 PM11:00 PMUS/Eastern
Powerball10:59 PM10:59 PMUS/Eastern

About Maryland ( MD ) Lottery

Maryland Lottery, with the motive to support State Education and Public health and safety the Citizens of Maryland approved the government-run lottery in 1972. MD lottery started operating on Jan 2nd, 1973 with 3,800 sales agents selling tickets across the state.

From the net Lottery sales, MD lottery returns 60% to players, and 30% is to fund the state welfare programs like education and health. Out of remaining 10%, 7% goes to retailers as commission and 3% for operating expenses. Since 1973, Maryland lottery agency has contributed more than $14 billion to the state welfare and more than $22 billion awarded to players in the form of jackpots and prizes.

As of today, Maryland lottery four state-only games;

Pick 3 and Pick4; the draws are two times daily. Player has to choose 3 digits for Pick 3 and 4 digits to play Pick4 from the 0 through 9. The prizes and play types Visit Maryland Lottery Pick3 and Maryland lottery Pick4 information pages.

Bonus Match 5, another daily game in MD Lottery, held seven days a week. Players have to choose 5 numbers from the range of 1 through 39.

5 Card Cash, it’s based on the standard poker game using a playing deck of 52 cards offered by Maryland Lottery. It is a combination of an instant win and Daily Drawing. If the ticket has a Poker Hand of pair of jacks or better, the player instantly wins the prize for that hand. Also in the evening, 5 cards would be drawn from the standard 52 card deck. There will be different prizes for matching 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the drawn cards.

MultiMatch Lotto, with draws on Monday and Thursday at 11:22 PM local time. The bet is $2 for a jackpot starts at $500,000. The jackpot goes up until its own. Players have to choose 6 numbers and two more sets of six numbers will be auto picked, making a total of 18 numbers. There are different ways to win. Visit MD Lottery Multi-Match game page for additional information.

In addition to the state-run lottery games, Maryland lottery began offering Mega Millions in September 1996. Powerball lottery became available in MD lottery from February 2010.

Md Lottery Winning Numbers Cash For Life

Maryland lottery also offers the famous multi-state lottery Cash4Life from January 26, 2016.

For details of Maryland lottery and latest news visit Maryland Lottery Official Website

Maryland Lottery Contact Address :

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Maryland State Lottery Agency
Suite 330 comma 1800 Washington Blvd
MD 21231
Phone : (401) 230-8800


Md Lottery Winning Numbers Powerball

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