Most Valuable Coins

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  • Most of these coins were melted down and none were thought to have survived until two were found in the Tyne River in 1857. These are now part of a collection at the British Museum. This specimen was discovered in southern England in 2006 and is considered the most valuable English coin. 1829 Capped Head Left Half Eagle (U.S.) Sold at auction: $881,250.
  • 15 Valuable Coins That May Be In Your Coin Jar 1. 1943 LINCOLN HEAD COPPER PENNY. It’s a little counterintuitive to think of a copper penny as an oddity, but it. 1955 DOUBLED DIE PENNY. You may think you’re experiencing blurred vision if you come across a doubled die penny, but.

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With the Royal Mint launching eight new 50p coins this year, and some coins fetching large sums on eBay, 2019 was a big year for checking your change.

Whether you’re starting a collection from scratch, or looking to add to your overflowing treasure chest, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for.

Here, we reveal the coins that proved the most valuable and rarest of 2019 and the change you should look out for next year.

Which rare coins sold for the most in 2019?

We’ve used coin site Change Checker’s ‘scarcity index’ to find the most in-demand 10p, 50p, and £2 coins of the year, and checked out how much they have sold for on eBay.

Change Checker’s ‘scarcity index’ is based on mintage figures plus how many of each design is listed as ‘collected’ by members and the number of times a design has been requested as a swap. This is meant to give an indication of the current level of collector demand.

The prices we’ve found are an average of what each of the five circulating coins most recently sold for at auction on eBay.

Collectors tend to be more interested in buying scarcer coins, often paying more for them. There are a number of factors that affect a coin’s value, however, as we’ll explain later.

The rarest and most valuable 10p coins

The Great British Coin Hunt series of 10ps was launched in 2018, along with an accompanying app.

Though the initial buzz has died down, the coins still proved popular in 2019, with collectors doing what they could to secure coins in the alphabet-based series.

The zebra crossing coin is the only 10p to remain in the top five from 2018; the others are all new entries.

All of these coins are quite scarce, with only 220,000 of each of them entering circulation. That’s only 10,000 more than the infamously scarce Kew Gardens 50p, which can sell for upwards of £100.

There’s no guarantee that the A-Z 10ps will ever sell for that much, however, and at the moment they’re considered much less valuable.

The rarest and most valuable 50p coins

Though a number of new 50p coins have been launched this year, mintage figures for these coins are not yet available, so they aren’t on the scarcity index.

The big winner is the Kew Gardens 50p. It’s still the scarcest coin ever to be circulated and can now sell for more than £100.

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Most valuable coins in circulation

Only 210,000 Kew Gardens 50p coins were minted. To put that into context, every single other circulating 50p has a mintage of more than one million.

The rarest and most valuable £2 coins

Most of the in-demand £2 coins in 2019 were related to the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

How rare are 2019’s new 50p coins?

Since mintage figures haven’t been released, there’s no way to know exactly how rare any of the new coins released this year actually are.

Still, we’ve covered the launch of several new 50p coins to tell you everything you need to know about them.

Read our rare coin coverage here:

It’s worth keeping in mind that not all of these coins entered circulation, meaning they won’t turn up in your change. Instead, you’ll have to buy them online from the Royal Mint or a licensed seller, such as the Westminster Collection.

However, commemorative coins that never entered circulation tend to be less collectable and there’s evidence that they can actually fall in value.

A silver proof Stephen Hawking 50p, for example, retailed at £55 on the Royal Mint website. Six months later, one of them sold for £54 on eBay.

Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Bunny: nearly the rarest 50ps

In October this year, the Royal Mint released mintage figures for 2018 coins.

The big news was that the Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Bunny coins each had just 1.4m mintages, making them the tied second-rarest 50ps in circulation.

The 2018 Mrs Tittlemouse coin is the third most-scarce in circulation, with just 1.7m minted.

What makes a coin valuable?

There’s no guarantee any coin will ever sell at more than its monetary value. However, collectors might be willing to buy it for a number of different reasons.

Most Valuable Coins To Collect

1) It’s rare

Coins with lower mintages are harder to come by, meaning collectors are more likely to resort to paying for them.

Most valuable coins in the world

The Kew Gardens 50p sells for so much because there is almost no chance of finding it in your change today. If you want one for your collection, purchasing one is the most effective way to get it.

2) It has an error

Coins with errors on them are extremely rare and hard to find, so they tend to fetch higher prices than their ‘perfect’ counterparts.

A 20p coin released into circulation without a date (it was actually minted in 2008) has proven very popular with collectors.

Most Valuable Coins 2020

3) It’s part of a collection

Serious coin collectors are dedicated to completing collections. That’s partly why the A-Z 10ps and the Olympic 50ps can be valuable. If a collector has 25 out of 26 A-Z coins, they might pay a little more for the last one just for the sake of completion.

4) It’s in good condition

Even if your coin meets all of these other criteria, collectors are unlikely to shell out for it if it’s scratched or in generally poor condition.

Should you invest in rare coins?

Even though the coins we’ve mentioned above have increased in value over time, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will happen with any coin.

In fact, looking at coin sales on eBay isn’t necessarily a great way to determine value, as sellers could seek to inflate prices by creating fake listings or placing their own bids.

A series of experts warned against buying coins purely to make money on an episode of The Which? Money Podcast. They encouraged listeners to buy coins because they’re interested in them, not because they see them as an investment.

Listen to the episode below to hear how dangerous investing in rare coins could really be.

  • Find out more: 50 years of 50ps – how much are they really worth?

Putting together a collection of the most valuable coins can be a rewarding trip through the history books and a smart investment. Coin collecting is a fun pastime for enthusiasts of all ages, but it can also pad out a portfolio if curated with an eye toward valuable coins that have the potential to increase in value. When creating a collection that will build worth, it helps to understand not only what people are looking for now, but what they may be looking for in the future.

Current Valuable Coins to Look Out For

Coin values can skyrocket for the rarest issues. The most valuable coins are sold primarily at auction, and due to their scarcity, once a specimen sells, another may not be available for decades. When building your collection or taking your collection in a new path, it can be more rewarding to start with more readily available coins that still offer excellent value.

Morgan Dollars

One of the most popular United States Coins, the Morgan Dollar was primarily minted from 1878 until 1904, with a single one-off year of production in 1921 to cap off its run before giving way to the Peace Dollar. Struck in 90% silver, these dollars are still sought after for their metal content and even poor examples hold their value as bullion. Along with the more common Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia minted coins, this dollar saw some coins struck in Carson City and New Orleans, which are highly collectible.

1873 Seated Liberty Dollars

Seated Liberty Dollars are some of the most valuable coin specimens on the market, and they’re fairly accessible for collectors looking to get started. These coins were struck in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Carson City, and New Orleans between 1840 and 1873. Production was ended by the Coinage Act of 1873 which both established the gold standard and eliminated the ability for anyone with silver bullion to deliver it to the mint and have it struck into coins.

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles

From 1907 until 1933, the United States Mint produced what is widely regarded as the most beautiful coin it ever created and some of the most valuable coins on the collectors market. Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens at the invitation of President Teddy Roosevelt, the resulting image was a piece of art that was then cast in 90% gold.
Struck at the Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver mints, the coin saw several slight changes throughout its run, giving collectors plenty to chase down if they’re putting together a type collection, but as highly collectible gold coins, they stand on their individual merits just as well.

What Coin Collectors Are Looking For

W Mint Marks

While most collectors are familiar with the S, D, and P mint marks on everyday coins, watch out for W, which signifies coins struck in West Point’s mint. These coins won’t show up in the change you get at the store but are often seen on bullion and commemorative issues. West Point has also struck some special edition coins for mint sets. Because it is often used by the mint to help encourage interest in coins and collecting, you can’t rule out its potential for additional runs in the future and possibly some strikes meant for circulation.


Bullion coins, like the silver and gold American Eagles and Buffalos, are in current production and make beautiful additions to any collection. Bullion strikes have proven popular over the years, and since they’re offered in a set weight of precious metal, there is a floor to their price of that metal’s spot. More importantly, the potential ceiling for these investment-grade coins is incredibly high.


Errors are and will remain some of the most valuable coins to collect. With the United States Mint’s stringent quality control guidelines, relatively few make it into circulation. With more limited releases coming in circulation coins, such as the National Parks Washington Quarter, each with its own sets of dies, the opportunity for error to make it into circulation is higher than in any other time in the modern era.
Adding these gems to your collection can be both a rewarding hobby and incredibly lucrative. While you can acquire errors through the secondary market, they can also be found in your pocket change and rolls of coins you can buy at your bank for face value. There’s no risk involved because each coin is worth exactly what you paid for it if your search comes up empty.

Protect Your Valuable Coins

Coin collecting is an iterative passion. Enthusiasts invest significant amounts of time and money to curate their collections, but it can all disappear in a fire, natural disaster, or in the hands of thieves. It’s important to protect the value of your collection so you have the peace of mind to focus on finding the next addition.

A collectibles insurance policy makes sure you have the resources you need to rebuild in the event of a loss without tying you down to constantly fluctuating market value. Contact American Collectors Insurance for a free quote and discover the best protection for your most valuable coins.