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This is Aristocrat gaming new Buffalo Grand slot machine $3 bet Bonus with multiple retriggers. Palazzo, Las Vegas. I just located this game at Palazzo,Las V. Buffalo Gold by Aristocrat is a real money slot machine that is housed in the ARC Single cabinet. Because it is only available in brick-and-mortar resorts as opposed to online casinos, there is no play for free. New Slot Machines Aristocrat decided to “ride” on the success of their classic Buffalo titles and launched a new Buffalo Grand slot. Buffalo Grand is an amazing progressive slot that should be familiar to anyone who has ever heard of Aristocrat and their legendary Buffalo slot machine.

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Aristocrat Technologies is shaking up bar top gaming with the release of the new Winner’s World multi-game bar top cabinet.

These bar top gaming cabinets bring new games and new technology to a popular but outdated way to gamble. Aristocrat is installing these new devices in casinos and gaming bars across the country.

The new Winner’s World machines have video poker, keno and one of the most popular slot machine brands in casinos today.

Buffalo Grand slot machines and more online casino games

The highlight of the new Winner’s World bar top machines is the inclusion of bar top versions of Buffalo and Buffalo Grand slot machines.

This is the first time the popular slot title can be played while sitting at the bar. While the cabinet is different, the gameplay of the Buffalo slot games is the same as the traditional games found on the casino floor.

These new machines are also bringing the Buffalo theme to one of the most popular bar top games. Winner’s World also features Buffalo Keno. This modern take on keno has the bonuses, multipliers, free games and screeching red hawk that players love in the slot machine versions of Buffalo.

There are multiple slot titles including Aristocrat’s popular Lepre’coins.

In addition to the new slot and keno games, Winner’s World also has the traditional video poker games that bar patrons enjoy. The paytables for video poker can be adjusted to match the other bar top offerings available.

Winner’s World is modernizing bar top gaming

Winner’s World is bringing more to the bar top games than just new games.

Each cabinet features a floating 23.5″ LCD tilted monitor. The bright screens are eye-catching and stand out from the bar top games currently in use. The difference is stunning and the new machines certainly stand out beyond the latest games.

Garuda 777 routes. Garuda 777 business class headphones and water Garuda doesn’t go all out with their amenity kit. It is a proper kit, yet kinda ugly casing. It’s filled with Clarins products with all the basics like toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, eyeshade, earplugs, lotion, creme, and lip balm.

Many new bars have USB outlets for guests to charge mobile devices. Unfortunately, not all bars that offer gambling machines are new.

In an effort to modernize the bar top gaming experience, each Winner’s World cabinet includes an easy-access USB phone charger. This also gives mobile phones a little extra juice so players can share a video of their gameplay on social media.

In a press release, HectorFernandez, president of Aristocrat Americas, said “While innovation abounds in every area of the casino, bar top play has been largely stagnant, Winner’s World Multi-Game offers a fresh take for our customers, and we’re excited to bring player-favorite Aristocrat games to these venues for the first time.”

Where to find these new bar top slot machine games

Boyd Gaming casinos around the US are the first to see the new Winner’s World machines.

There are 20 Boyd Gaming properties in seven states throughout the US. Boyd Gaming casinos are currently in the following states:

Boyd Gaming also provides slot machines for bars in Illinois and Nevada.

Golden Entertainment (PT’s Pub, Stratosphere, etc.) has already installed numerous Winner’s World machines in various Las Vegas bars and taverns.

As of now, multiple Station Casinos properties in Las Vegas are testing the Winner’s World machines:

  • Red Rock
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • Texas Station
  • Boulder Station

More bar top gaming options

Gaming manufacturers offer new gaming experiences every year.

Slot machines and table games on the casino floor show off new technology regularly. Until recently, technology for bar top gaming has been relatively flat.

Winner’s World, from Aristocrat, isn’t the first new bar top gaming experience to appear in casinos and taverns. In 2016, Golden Entertainment signed an agreement with Interblock to use its StarBar gambling machines. These games offer video versions of blackjack, roulette, and craps along with traditional bar games like video poker.

Most bars that offer gambling machines inside and outside of full-service casinos use IGT bar top machines. It seems as though the new competition has sparked something with the slot manufacturer.

IGT plans to introduce PeakBarTop, which will also feature a large 23” screen and a USB outlet for mobile charging. IGT plans to include old video poker favorites along with new video poker games.

Competition is usually good for the customer. Between Aristocrat, Interblock and the new IGT slot machines, gamblers who prefer playing at a bar have more gaming options than ever.

Photo courtesy of Aristocrat Technologies

Buffalo Slots

If ever there was a genuine legend in the slot machine world, it has to be Buffalo. This game has been the most popular slot in Vegas for so many years now, it's incredible. Buffalo eclipses other hugely famous slots like Cleopatra and Wheel of Fortune, in terms of the number of machines in the casinos and the number of people playing them.

The popularity of Buffalo isn't limited to Vegas, it is massive in casinos all over the US as well as in Canada and Australia. The game is also starting to break into Europe, where Aristocrat games have historically never been particularly prevalent.

It is very easy to find Buffalo slots in every casino in Las Vegas and some casinos have huge areas dedicated to just this one game. One of the best places to play this game is Harrah's, where they have a big area in the middle of the slot floor which has mostly Buffalo.

How many versions of Buffalo Slots are there?

One of the most amazing things about Buffalo, is that every single one of the new versions they produce seems to be a massive success. These new games all retain the best aspects of the original, whilst at the same time, adding new and exciting bonuses and features, which improve on the previous versions and keep the gameplay interesting.

After the original, the next version made was the 'deluxe' version. In that game, the basic play was the same as the first one, but you could choose the multipliers of the Buffalo icons in the bonus game. If you pick a higher multiplier (up to 5x), then you get fewer free spins, but if you pick a lower multiplier (up to 3x), then you get more free spins.

After the Deluxe version, the next really big version (there were a few minor updates in the meantime) was the Stampede game. This is the one with the elongated screen, where the Buffaloes run up the screen. This game still feels like it is quite new, although it can look a little dated in some casinos, is the screens have started to fade.

Following the Stampede version, came the Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Grand games (they came out quite closely to each other), with their huge screens, amazing sound and a lot of innovative new features like spinning wheels (Wheel of Fortune type thing) and new bonus games.

Buffalo Gold

Taking a look around the Vegas casinos, whichever type of casino you go to (big or small, Strip, Downtown, or off Strip) the most popular of the 'newer' versions seems to be Buffalo Gold. In some casinos there are literally dozens of them on the slot floor!

Buffalo Gold is particularly attractive because you can win a huge amount on the bonus game, even if you only play 40 cents per spin. It has been known for players to win over $4,000 in the bonus round on Buffalo Gold. To do that, you will need to hit all the 15 golden Buffalos during the free spins and then keep re-triggering the game after that.

Free buffalo slots no download

Online, the only version available is the classic game, albeit an updated one with nice shiny graphics. The mathematics of the free online version (and the real money one, if you happen to live in a country where it is available) is identical to the original Vegas one.

Buffalo Gold Slots

Buffalo Stampede

Afer the deluxe version was released, the next version to come out was the Buffalo Stampede game. Buffalo Stampede looks very different at first sight, but the game play has kept all the appeal of the original, so it is still great fun. Possibly, it is even better than the original, although it is more expensive to play - 70c per spin minimum!

Buffalo Stampede slots also has lots of new features, which are really exciting. One of these is where the buffalo seems to run straight at you, approaching like it is coming out of the screen, laving the lassoos on the screen.

Another great feature is the one where the buffalos stampede up from the bottom, elongating the screen as they run. As they do this, the number of rows increases, meaning that you can win on a far greater number of pay-lines during the stampede.

Just like Buffalo original, the stampede and deluxe games give you a great chance of re-triggering the free spin bonus when you are playing. This is because you just need two bonus symbols to re-trigger the games, whereas in the main game you need three of them to start the bonus playing.

Buffalo Stampede Slots

Buffalo Grand

Out of all the versions of Buffalo, the Grand edition is possibly the most fun in terms of sheer entertainment value, but probably not in terms of value for money. The game seems to benefit players that bet more, because it has a jackpot that can only be won if you play max bet (unlike the jackpot on the Buffalo Stampede slot, which can be won by any bet)

So, if you play this game on a lower stake, then you will have to put up with a lower payout rate and so you would be likely to lose your cash a bit more quickly, on average. On the other hand, the game has amazing graphics and actually gives players a chance to win really big in normal play and not just the bonus.

The reason you can win big on Buffalo Grand during regular play, even on minimum bet, is because the screen is so huge and has so many paylines. If you line up a whole load of Buffalo on the same screen, you could find yourself getting a huge multiplier.

Buffalo Grand Slots

Less Well-known Versions

At the same time as those three hugely successful games have appeared, there have been some other versions of Buffalo which are also really good, but quite hard to find in the casinos.

For example, there is a game where you can choose the mathematics of the game, in that you can pick the volatility. This version is interesting, because the game actually has different math in different places around the US and in different countries, but with this one you can choose the one you prefer.

There is also a new, but old-fshioned style of game, with 3 reels. This one is very much like the original Wheel of Fortune game in style and appears to be more of a limit game, than a penny slots. Like many 3-reel games, the three-reel Buffalo slots is one you really need to play max bet per line ($3 per spin, or more) to get any type of value from your play.

There is also a massive version of the original in many casinos. This one is so big it's actually hard to focus on the game when you play. It also features a love-seat for two people, so it's a great one for couples and lovers to enjoy.

In addition, a game called Buffalo Max - this game rewards you for betting more and does not appear to be very popular. Possibly, players have rejected it because it feels like you are being punished, if you just want to play for 40 cents per spin, instead of 400 cents.

Most recently, Aristocrat has launched a 'Diamond' version, which features a 4k screen, to celebrate 10 years of the game. Although the game was launched in 2018, to celebrate the decade since it was released in 2008, most casinos will not see it on their slot floor until 2019.

Deluxe Buffalo Slots Free Play

The Buffalo Diamond game has an unusual 'honeycomb' style format to the reels and is bound to be another big hit. Whether it stands the test of time, like the original and many of the latest versions, remains to be seen. Only time will tell.

Real Money Buffalo Slots

New Buffalo Slot Machine 2018

To play Buffalo slots for real money online, you will need to be in a country where Aristocrat games are available in online casinos. This includes the UK and some other European countries, but does not include the US, Canada, or Australia, Unfortunately.

That said, there are quite a few 'copies' or close 'emulations' of the game available (unofficial versions) in several online casinos. To find these games, please visit our real money slots page, where you can find the best casino to play.

Fans of the Aristocrat games in Australia and New Zealand will generally know and love them as Pokies, rather than a 'slot machines'. Pokies are the term used for slots and video poker - see our online pokie casinos page for more details

Buffalo Slot Machine Strategy

The same terminology is also used in New Zealand casinos. and you will find the same games in New Zealand as you find in Australia.

Buffalo online pokies is definitely one of the most popular games out there and you will be sure to see this one along with other Aristocrat classics, like Zorro, Big Ben, Wild Panda, More Hearts, More Chili, Wicked Winnings and Where's the Gold.

New Buffalo Slot Machine Youtube

In Canadian casinos, the Buffalo slot game is as much loved as it is in the USA, including Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City. What you will find though, is that the payout table might be much different. For some reason, the payouts on Buffalo vary from place to place. I have no idea why, but I do know that my favorite is the one in Las Vegas.

Similar Games Online, to Play for Real Money

New Buffalo Slot Machine Jackpots

If you would like to play games online that are similar to the Buffalo slot machine - that is, with the same mathematics (the 243 winning lines) and with similar free spin bonus games, then the best game to play would be Jaguar Mist. It is essentially the same game as Buffalo, but with a different theme. Jaguar Mist used to be available online, but it got taken down in 2018, so you have to go to a bricks and mortar (land-based) casino to play now.