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Produced by Rick Hall in 1993, Nickels & Dimes & Love was recorded outside of Nash Vegas at Muscle Shoals in Alabama. It was also the last time Gosdin nailed the charts, with Hugh Prestwood's 'Back When,' a mid- to uptempo burner with gorgeous acoustic guitars, a lilting fiddle, and pedal steel that jumps in texture and phrasing from verse to refrain. It's a love song that verges on a breakup tune. But in the grain of Gosdin's voice, the track becomes a song of hope and redemption. One of Gosdin's five contributions is a solid honky tonk number, 'Bury Me in a Jukebox.' In that George Jones croon of his, Gosdin sounds like he's having a good time even when he's broken -- as long as the Telecasters and steel guitars are ringing out in the heart of the mix. And they certainly do here. Uncharacteristically, Gosdin travels deep into outlaw terrain with the pumping 'I Like My Country Music Kinda Rock.' Here a funky backbeat frames a razor-wire guitar and rounded high-pitched pedal steel, as a bluegrass fiddle anchors the tune in the country camp. The high point on the album, however, is a duet with Janie Fricke entitled 'Two People With a Love Gone Bad,' another Gosdin number. If there were ever a song written too late, this one was. It should have been written for George Jones and Tammy Wynette. In the voices of this pair, it's still a devastatingly beautiful country weeper that transcends the country genre and becomes simply a beautiful song. Gosdin was focused here on writing for the charts, and it is reflected in the production, but nonetheless he remains completely true to the tradition in his execution. Gosdin would remain with Columbia for another four years, but this was the beginning of a transformation in country music that would leave him out, as it had others in his generation. It was too bad for country, because Gosdin is the real thing.

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Stream Nickels And Dimes by Jay-Z from desktop or your mobile device. Nickels And Dimes by Jay-Z published on 2016-08-31T21:43:06Z. Genre Hip Hop Comment by 5 Star Wayne P. 2019-03-05T02:49:09Z Comment by Fooliogold Haha. Hey where can i find more of nickle and dimes. Nickels and Dimes Lyrics: Nickels and dimes / Sticks to my mind / I want more than / You have my friends / Got a thing for nickel plated nines and pretty dimes / MAC-11, I squeeze like lemon limes.

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nickel and dime (one) to death

To assess costs or fees in enough small amounts that it adds up to a substantial sum. Between the increases in property tax, sales tax, and income tax, I feel like the government is trying nickel and dime us to death.These phone companies all make their profits by nickeling and diming their customers with hidden charges and fees.
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nickel and dime

1. If you describe something as nickel and dime, you mean that it is not important or serious, or involves only small amounts of money. Note: A nickel is a five cent coin and a dime is a ten cent coin. I want to keep the campaign on the issues that matter. I'm not interested in that nickel and dime stuff.Some claim the company's nickel-and-dime charges are driving away sellers of inexpensive items. Note: You can also say nickel-dime with the same meaning. It's nickel-dime stuff, though, compared to what you and Michael have to deal with.
2. If someone nickels and dimes someone or something, they harm them by continually taking small amounts of money away from them, or by continually making small changes or requests. Note: A nickel is a five cent coin and a dime is a ten cent coin. The claims aren't huge but there are a lot of them and it all adds up. We're getting nickeled and dimed to death.

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Nickels And Dimes
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nickel and dime someone (to death)

tv. to make numerous small monetary charges that add up to a substantial sum. Just give me the whole bill at one time. Don’t nickel and dime me for days on end.

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