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NTC33 is an online casino that has the best online slot games. NTC33 provides more than 50 different themes of slot games for you to play. Play the slot games so you have a great chance to win $$. Besides, NTC33 do also launch the other types of game like Jackpot and Table games. Therefore, play all the games as you can! NewTown (NTC33) mainly provides real-time casino casino games such as Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Sicbo, Live Blackjack and Live Poker. In some game versions, it even has a dragon table casino game, such as Dragon Tiger. Yes, NewTown is known for its fair and transparent live casino games.

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Welcome to Newtown Casino! The number one casino in Malaysia for the mobile online casino experience! Table games, board games, slot games, and more! Get your share of the daily RM50 000 winnings when you play at Newtown Casino!

We are bringing you the best mobile casino experience that is always available to you 24/7. Find your favorite game here at Newtown Casino and play with friends or online players every day.

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How To Use Newtown Casino:

Download the game from our download page for Android or iOS

Activate your account with our online casino agents on Wechat, Whatsapp, or Telegram.
Log in to the application and start playing your favorite games.

Cash-out your winning money with our online agents and bank into your own account.
Newtown casino is ready for you to take it on with any games you like, get only the best games when playing Newtown casino. Your games are great as the plays that you make. So use many different strategies to start winning your game and build your bankroll higher for you to make bigger and bigger bets! Each player can win up to 50 000 ringgit in cash when they play with us.

What is Newtown Casino (NTC33)?

Newtown NTC33 club brings to you the online gambling club stage that needs you to feel as if you are in another town. A new beginning each game urges you to play your cards and space pulls right. Get into the notch of playing this new gambling club in Malaysia to win your prize in real money for diversions that you adore! Themed opening diversions, dynamic space amusements, table recreations, card diversions, we have it for you here at Newtown. The gambling club that either can enable you to be rich. Get the game and give it a shot for yourselves to make certain of your successes and possibilities.

Where to download NTC33?

Get the most recent adaptation of New Town from our download page which is additionally secure and free of infection. We need to secure our clients consistently and along these lines, they are relied upon to have their game the most secure way that is available. Empower your telephone to introduce outside applications to begin introducing the Newtown Casino application.

Step by step instructions to login to NTC33?

Make sure to keep your secret key and username private consistently. Key in your username and secret phrase that was given by the game specialist into the application and log in. Once signed in, you can change your secret phrase to guarantee full command over your record get to.

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How to Cuci Balance?

Got plenty of wins for New Town Casino? Here is the way to withdraw – contact the game specialist and get them to move you your rewards into your web-based financial record. Your rewards ought to be with you within a couple of minutes in the wake of reaching our game vendor! Good karma and make the most of your betting background straightforward! Look at our withdrawal record page for evidence of pulls back.

Ntc 33 live game stream

Withdraw your winnings from Newtown casino when you request from our online casino agents. We want you to have the best experience for withdraws and that is why we are available to bank your money within a few minutes. Just contact our game agents and they will help you process your winnings from your account within just a few minutes! What are you waiting for? Get started in Newtown Casino now.

NTC33 is a short name term from “Newton Casino”. It is slightly different with others (918KISS, Mega888, XE88), as it provides 24 hours live dealer games. If you are the person who likes live gambling, live roulette, live poker, and live table games, you must prefer it. So, about management, it has 2 game clients, which are Live Casinos and Online Slot Game. NTC33 can be downloaded and played in Android and PC version. IOS doesn’t get any support in IOS system.

Let’s talk about the benefits and main functions which can be get in this apk.

Live Dealers Game

Online Roulette (Live)

Ntc33 Live Game

Live video streaming is very smooth and maintain in high quality. Table minimum bet is RM4 to thousand, the time given for players betting is short (as the normal rules). Pretty girl will take the assist on roll the pedal in the roulette. Players can enjoy watching the pretty girls and the roulette.

NTC33 Web/Flash version (please change your wifi/router DNS to & if you unable to access due to telco blocked)

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Online Blackjack (Live)

As the picture above, the table game has set the minimum bet RM20 and maximum bet RM200. If you wanna change the bet amount, go find try another table. You will get other range of amount. There are even bigger limit if you prefer.

Online Hold’Em (Poker)(Live)

Texas hold 'em (also known as Texas holdem, hold 'em, and holdem) is a variation of the card game of poker. Players have betting options to check, call, raise, or fold. Rounds of betting take place before the flop is dealt and after each subsequent deal.

Online Sic Bo (Live)

Sic bo (骰寶), also known as tai sai (大細), dai siu (大小), big and small or hi-lo, is an unequal game of chance of ancient Chinese origin played with three dice. Grand hazard and chuck-a-luck are variants, both of English origin. The literal meaning of sic bo is 'precious dice', while dai siu and dai sai mean 'big [or] small'.

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There are three different version which you want to select.

Ntc 33 Live Game Stream

If you like to install and play this with your computer (pc), you can click here and refer the guide given >>>>> How to install and play 918Kiss on PC.


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✔️What is Win8.today?

- Win8.today was previously known as WIN88.TODAY. Win 8.today is a current trend, first leading online casino in Malaysia and zero-risked in “easy making money” platform. Win8.today has a wide range of product online casino games, such as famous NTC33, SCR888 / 918KISS, MEGA888. Our main objectives is to fulfil our customers’ needs and provide the best service to our customers. We have the Customer Support, which help every player can enjoy the games without any barrier and difficulties. The design layout has been kept clean, make our lovely customers feel comfortable and easily to pick the selection which mostly preferred by themselves.

Customers will find many good selection of all popular online casino games in Win8.today, such as Jackpots, Slots, Poker, and Live Casino. Many very well-known popular games also can be found in this website such as, Lucky Palace (LPE88), SCR888(918Kiss), Newton(NTC33), Joker123, 3WIN8 and Casino Play8oy. These online casino games remain at the top among many online casino games in Malaysia.

Most of the online games in Win8.today are be supported in both Android and IOS system. Some others are not supported in IOS like NTC33, LPE88 and Joker123. Games are verified and high security system is set. So all players don.t worry about infect any viruses or system blockage.

🎰What games can be found in NTC33?

– There has more than 100 types of online casino games in this NTC33.

*This NTC33 currently not supported in any IOS system device.*

🎰NTC33 Roulette

Ntc 33 Live Game Free

Roulette is a casino game named after with a French word meaning little wheel. Players can choose many options that they have to guess what is characteristic of the number which pendulum stop at. You can buy the among 36 numbers, or first / second / third group twelve numbers, or choosing either 1 till 18 or 19 till 36, or choosing even number or odd number will be. When the pendulum rolling, all the players have to stop changing their bets, no one can touch the table bet.

🎰NTC33 Baccarat

To play Baccarat, starting your bet amount on either Player’s or Banker’s cards. You place the bet which you are confident to choose which one you think will bigger than each other. Normally will be 2 cards. More than 2 cards will be given if they have not enough total amount of 5. Less than 5, a card will be given. The closest amount to 9 will have a bigger chance to win.

🎰NTC33 Hi-Lo

This Hi-Lo game is a slightly different with other online gamble games. The Ace will be the smallest or lowest and the King will be the largest or highest. Before dealer opens the card, players must guess and bet what will be the next card be.

🎰NTC33 Jackpot

Jackpot is a term that brings meaning of bringing or winning a large cash prize in a game or lottery. NTC33 Jackpot brings you all to play “21 Value Game”. The biggest value of the card that dealer and players get are 21. This game is competing the value between players and dealer. Player and dealer can take a card when they think the value is small and cannot win each other. It is a risky gameplay. If dealer and player are taking value over 21, they may lose their bet.

Ntc 33 Live Game Unblocked

🎱If I am interested, how I can join the game?

Ntc33 Live Game

– We have a restriction that 21 years old and above, may join this online casino games. You go to our Customer Support for making your account registration. It’s free of charge for us opening it. Provide us your name, what game do you want to join and your phone number. We are pleasant to serve you as our VIP customers. We welcome all the players and interested people. Do PM us.😘😘😘

*If you want get free trial account for gameplay, get from our Customer Support (pm us). We will get back to you. Important, it’s free.*

💰How to install NTC33 in my IOS device?

– We have to apologise that temporary there is no any app or apk of NTC33 be supported in the IOS system. But, the Android system can support the NTC33. You can get it from Android device. Otherwise, you may use pc to download it. The way to download in pc version >>> https://win8.today/918kiss-scr888/918kiss-918-kiss-scr888-computer-pc-mac-version (same method as download 918KISS). You may refer it. Any question or meet any problems, don’t hesitate contact Customer Support.

🗼How to play NTC33 in PC?

– NTC33 only available in Android mobile version. If you wanna play with pc, you must download an apps which support in apk files, enable to open the apk download file. You can refer the post in this link: (https://win8.today/918kiss-scr888/918kiss-918-kiss-scr888-computer-pc-mac-version)

Ntc 33 Live Games

Download in PC guideline:

1. Install emulator in your pc (we recommend NOXPlayer).

2. Open NOXPlayer and directly open browser go to https://win8.today/ntc33/ntc33-downloads.

3. Download the Android apk and follow the steps of Android.

4. Have fun.