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On this page, you will find a detailed description of online pokies and what they are all about. You will find out if there is a difference between online pokies and online slots. We will also talk about some of the reasons to play free, as well as the real money pokies. In addition, we will discuss how free online pokies work and tell about the game providers that develop them. On this page, you will also find a comprehensive list of online slots that can be played for free.

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Not to be confused with the house that detains convicts, free online pokies are the most popular casino games available to be played on online casinos. Pokies are incredibly popular in online casinos, as you will find many websites hosting over a thousand online pokies on their platforms.

Free Pokies or Slots – What’s the Difference?

Online Poker Slots Free

If you are a big fan of casino games, then you might have come across the term “pokies”. So, what are pokies? And what is the difference between pokies and slots?


If you are not aware of what this term means or what it refers to, then settle down and let us dissect it for you. It is quite common for people to invent and make up new names that are unique in their sphere to refer to things that already have their common names. For example, if you go places, there are different names or slang terms that can identify different things like pubs — some call it bars, saloons, taverns, tap houses, taprooms, and many more. People make up new names because having their own terms makes them feel related to the subject named.

In short, “pokies” is another term used to refer to slot machines in Australia and New Zealand. No one knows where the term originated from, but some people believe it was coined from video pokers, though it is used to refer to slot machines and not video poker. The term has gained wide use, and it has been used over the years in all land-based casinos of Australia and New Zealand, where you would normally find slot machines. And like the online adaptation of the slot machines, the name “pokies” was also carried over to its online versions. There is no significant difference between pokies found in Australia and New Zealand and slots found in other areas.

Reasons to Play Free Pokies

Today, a common practice among many software developers is to equip their games with a free play/demo version. The practice is common across various regions, and many players have avidly embraced this attractive benefit. The importance of free pokies cannot be over-emphasized as many players make effective use of this feature to help them before they start playing with real money.

Although playing free slots offers no rewards to players, there are many reasons people play them online. You will discover that many gambling veterans play free pokies due to several reasons that are highly individual. Some of these reasons are:

  • To filter through the vast collection: There is always a considerable number of games with a variety of themes, design, and gameplay on online casinos, which makes it quite difficult for many players to find the game to their liking. Thus, they have to browse through a number of games to find the one they find interesting. Since playing for real money means having to stake at least the minimum bet amount to spin, players needed a better system to sort through the games. This is where the free pokies came to play — with demo modes, players get to spin for as long as they want with virtual credits.
  • Playing for fun: With zero risks and no pressure, players can explore and enjoy as many free pokies as they like. They can sort through any games in a casino’s collection to find the games they like the most. Many players enjoy this convenient process as the free demo has the same features, paylines, RTP as the real money version.
  • Platform to hone your skills: There is a widespread belief that sufficient preparation is key to success. So for you, to be better prepared for any slot, playing its free version is the best solution. Playing free pokies will give you the chance to get familiar with the game and its gameplay. You get unlimited free credits that allow you to experience the game just the same way you would if playing for real money. It also helps players get important details like the game’s payout ratio, volatility, bonuses, paying symbols, and more.
  • No sign-up or download: One of the upsides of the free pokies is that many of them require no sign-up or download before you can access and play them instantly, though this usually depends on the online casino you use to access them. There is no need to sign up to access this game, so all your personal information is safe and secure. You won’t need to expose your devices to unnecessary downloads since the game runs in your browser.

Online Pokies – How Do They Work

Illinois state lottery results. If you were to visit any online casino, you would discover that online pokies are by far the most popular casino games that you can find online. By their massive number in the casino’s collection, you can easily tell which one is better than the others. And since the emergence of online pokies is dated back to many years ago, there have been many improvements evident by the development of video slots from the classic one-armed bandit slot machines to the recent slots.

Charles Fey invented the first real slot machine in the late 1800s. The machine had three reels with many symbols, including bells and horseshoes. The game’s idea was for players to land three matching symbols along a line called “payline” to win a prize. Interestingly, apart from some slight differences in the features and themes of the modern online slots, there are not many differences in the way the machines work to how it has always been since the first machines appeared.

Mechanism of Online Slots

As we have mentioned earlier, an online slots’ mechanism is still the same as that of classic slot machines with some slight modern variations. A classic slot only has three reels, but there are many online slots now with five reels, and there are even some slots with a lot more than that. An online slots’ reels and rows make up a grid.

A basic feature of slot machines that cannot be overlooked is the paylines. A payline is a line across the reels’ grid that will pay you if you land three or more matching symbols across the line. Classic slot machines only had a single payline, but online slots have improved on this tremendously, with many slot games having many paylines. There are even some slots that have as many as 243 to 1023 ways to win.

So, to summarize the mechanism of online slot machines: you first determine the number of paylines you want to be active in your game, and then you place your preferred bet size and spin the reels. If any three or more matching symbols land along any of your active paylines, you will earn a win.

The Mathematical Aspect of Slot Machines

A question that haunts many beginners to online slot machines is whether or not the game is rigged. To clear your doubts on the subject, we will be explaining how wins are generated in online slot machines. The feature that ensures that online slots are fair and produce random results is the built-in Random Number Generator (RNG) software. This software ensures that every spins’ result is actually random and not controlled by casinos. This feature is one of the key requirements before any online casino receives the license to operate.

The RNG is based on a complex mathematical algorithm that creates thousands of random sequences every second. Each of these sequences is connected to a different outcome on the reels. It means that the number generated at the precise moment you click the spin button will determine what result you will get for each round. It is also important to note that the RNG software has no way of storing the results of previous outcomes. It means that any previous losses or wins you might have had will not influence your next spin, as it is completely random and independent of the previous results.

Structure of Online Slot Machines

Features of Online Pokies

The features of online pokies include all the elements you might encounter while playing the game. Ever since the advent of online pokies, there have been many games developed and available to play. Many features are unique to different games; this means that if you compare the features of two different slot games, you will discover that they may not necessarily have the same.

Here are some of the most common features that you might come across:

Paying SymbolsYou will find a paying symbol in any online pokies that you play. Those symbols are always in tune with the games’ theme, and if you land three or more matching ones across an active payline, you will earn a prize. It is essential to know that the size of the prize earned depends on the value of the particular paying symbols you land.
Wild SymbolThe wild symbol’s function is determined by the particular game you are playing, but it usually replaces any symbols except the scatter to help complete a winning combination. In addition to this function, some games also pay prizes for landing wild symbols across the reels.
Scatter SymbolLike the wild, the scatter symbol’s function depends on the game you are playing. But the symbol is commonly used to trigger bonus payouts or bonus games by landing three or more of them anywhere on the reels. The bonus may be the usual monetary payouts or free spins.
Free Spins RoundThe free spins round is a feature that allows a player to spin the reels for free each time the free spins feature is triggered. The player can keep spinning the reels till the free spins earned are exhausted.
Bonus GameThis feature is different in all pokies and some may not have the bonus game feature, and there are other pokies having more than one bonus feature. The bonus game activates an entirely different game where players will get a chance to win even more incredible prizes.
MultipliersThis feature, when triggered, helps to multiply winnings tremendously in pokies.

Apart from these commonly used features, there are many others that you might come across when playing pokies. Some of them include Expanding Reels, Cascading Reels, Gamble Feature, Stacked Wilds, and many more.


Aside from the maximum payouts that players can earn in a particular pokie machine, some slots come with progressive jackpots. Progressive pokies are the most popular type of casino games because their players get a chance of winning a massive payout if they trigger the jackpot. The jackpot is massive and keeps growing because each time players place bets to spin, a little portion of the wager contributes to the pots.


Online pokies normally come with either three reels or five reels, although in recent years, the gambling world has witnessed power-reel slot machines that have been developed with even more reels.

  • Classic or three-reel pokies: The three-reel pokies, also known as classic pokies, give players the feel and look of the land-based slots with mechanical reels. The game is straightforward, with little to no-complex features.
  • Modern video pokies: This includes slots with five or more reels; it is the latest and newest slots with many in-game features, bonus games, and winning combinations. One of the key features of this type of pokies is that it usually has many paylines. The games are equipped with exciting themes with amazing animations, graphics, and sounds.

Return to Player (RTP)

The return to player refers to the percentage payout of the pokies machine. The RTP percentage lets you know how much a game will pay out of wagered money in the long run. The RTP rate varies for every game, but it usually ranges between 92% and 98%. The more the RTP, the more generous the game.

Popular Online Pokies Providers in Australia & New Zealand

Online casinos do not develop online pokies, but many software providers consistently provide top-of-the-line games to online casinos. Some of the most popular suppliers of online pokies in Australia and New Zealand include Aristocrat, IGT, Playtech, Ainsworth, Bally, High 5, Microgaming, NetEnt, and many more. In this article, we will look at one of these providers and why they are popular in Australia and New Zealand.


Aristocrat is one of the largest developers in the world when we talk about traditional land-based pokies, but in recent years they have moved on to create online games. It is very popular with players because the brand has decades of knowledge and experience creating slot machines, which helps them develop top-notch online pokie games. The brand is licensed in over 300 jurisdictions and operates in over 90 countries. Some of their popular ones include Queen of the Nile, Zorro, Red Baron, 5 Dragons, Big Red, and many more.

Reasons to Play Real Money Pokies

Even though it is fun to play online pokies for free, you usually won’t get the thrill that comes with playing for real money. When you are done figuring out everything you need to know about a game in its free version, do not hesitate to spend time playing the game for real money. This is because playing real money slots is not only fun, but rewarding — you can win some cash while playing.

There are many reasons why most players consider playing real money pokies, some of which includes:

  1. To have fun: Just like demo slots, many gamblers play real money pokies just to have fun through experiencing risks, thrills, and the excitement of winning.
  2. To win money: As was mentioned earlier, playing free online pokies carries zero risks with absolutely no rewards. To stand a chance of winning at online pokies, players need to switch from playing with virtual money to playing with real money.
  3. To enjoy bonuses and loyalty points at online casinos: Many online casinos offer incredible bonus opportunities to gamers that play online pokies on their platforms. So, to be eligible for these generous rewards, a player has to play real money pokies.

There are many more reasons why gamers play real money pokies. And while it can be fun and exhilarating, it is important to know that you will lose money in the long run, so you should gamble responsibly and play for fun only.


  • Can I play pokies on mobile?
    Yes, you will find popular online pokies from top software developers that you can play on mobile devices. Many online pokies run on HTML5, which means that it can be played on any mobile device, whether it is iOS or Android devices. Furthermore, many online casinos are developing mobile apps to make games even more accessible to players on their mobile devices.
  • Can I play online pokies in Australia?
    Yes, there are many online pokies options that you can play for free or for real money in Australia. You can make use of any trusted online casino sites to play for fun and stand a chance to win great prizes.
  • What are the chances to win at pokies?
    One of the major concerns of people new to online pokies is the fairness of the games. We want to let you know that online pokies from standard software providers use a random number generator that ensures that the result of every round is random and fair. It means that the outcome of the results cannot be predicted or rigged, making the chances of winning random.