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With tournaments firming up their schedules and live poker offerings for 2020, poker players are keeping an eye out for anything new and exciting that might make its way onto their own poker calendars for the year ahead.

partypoker has been improving its tournament offering for the past few years, from three MILLIONS events in both 2017 to five in 2019 and the 2020 MILLIONS UK held at Dusk Till Dawn this January has a $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Meanwhile, their online tournaments have been a mixed bag, with their biggest success coming when Benjamin 'frenchsniperrr' Chalot took home $2,259,113 after winning the partypoker MILLIONS Online. However, the return of the $1M Gtd partypoker MILLION hit by cancellation back in November.

Rob Yong Asks the Audience

One person seemingly aiming to improving and diversifying partypoker's tournament offering is Dusk Till Dawn owner and partypoker partner Rob Yong.

Since the beginning of December, Yong has posted a total of 13 questions on a wide range of topics including their preferred tournament length (four days), blind levels (60 minutes), re-entry policy (freezeout) and what live poker streams they prefer to watch (high stakes cash games).

Additionally, Yong has suggested ideas for three new tournament formats - both live and online - to his 23,500 Twitter followers that may or may not come to fruition in the coming months.

partypoker MILLIONS Limited Edition

Dubbed a 'MILLIONS for amateurs' it's clear that the format would suit those unable to commit a great deal of time to a live event.

With both Day 1 and 2 online, all players would be in the money - assured a $10,000 min-cash - and Yong says a 'super structure' would be in place ahead of a Live Day 3 where the blinds would be rolled back.

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Yong didn't just limit his ideas to the partypoker LIVE scene, but also floated the idea for a special MILLIONS online involving both professional and amateur players.

With a buy-in of $5,000, professionals and amateurs would play separately on Day 1, similar to the Triton Million in 2019.

An equal number of professionals and amateurs would then make it to Day 2. Yong didn't poll whether players liked this idea, like he did with the previous event, but how many professionals people thought would make the final table of nine.

2,318 votes

partypoker MILLIONS Invitational

The latest proposed event by Yong is for a 'MILLIONS Invitational' to take place before the Triton Poker series in London in August 2020.

With a £5,300 buy-in, the tournament would be restricted to qualifiers only with no direct buy-in and no late registration. Played with an eight-max format, each table would have seven qualifiers as well as one invited amateur VIP guest.

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partypoker MILLIONS Cyprus

FYI: New stop for MILLIONS Cyprus May 2020 - Main Event $5K $5M + $1K $1M Finale. Full schedule on ⁦@partypoker⁩ ⁦…

— Rob Yong (@rob_yong_)

One event that appears to be real is the partypoker MILLIONS Cyprus, that Yong announced on his Twitter. Although no official date has been confirmed, he said that it would take place in May 2020 with a $5,000 buy-in $5,000,000 guaranteed Main Event as well as a $1,000 buy-in $1,000,000 guaranteed Finale.

According to Yong, the full schedule will be available on the partypoker LIVE website soon.

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The satellite framework this year has been designed with a view to make both the Main Event and Mini Main Event even more accessible.Partypoker flagship brand MILLIONS Online returns to the dot-com market this February after a year’s hiatus.

Rob Young Partypoker Twitter

Running February 13 to March 9, MILLIONS this time around has a buy-in of $5,300 and a guarantee of $5 million. The Main Event will have two Day 1s, each of which will allow only a single re-entry.

Day 1A begins on Sunday, February 21 with a direct buy-in of $5,300. Day 1B will be held the following Sunday on February 28. These two flights will need to attract 1000 total entrants to cover the guarantee. The final table takes place on March 3.

This time around there will be an additional 27 events to bolster the schedule. In total almost $18 million will be guaranteed across the entire series.

“We’re extremely proud to be hosting yet another online leg of the world-renowned MILLIONS tour,” Chris Donnachie, partypoker Head of Poker Room Management, said via press release. “The satellite framework this year has been designed with a view to make both the Main Event and Mini Main Event even more accessible to players of all buy-in levels.”

“With opportunities for players to get their hands on a $5,300 Main Event ticket for just one cent, we expect this year’s field to be one of the most diverse ever,” Donnachie concluded.

Satellites are available now in the client, starting with cent-rolls (one-cent buy-in tournaments) awarding seats into a stepped satellite system.

Other events on the schedule include a Mini Main Event for $1 million, a $500,000 guaranteed PKO event and a $3 million guaranteed Mega High Roller which features an eye-watering buy-in of $102,000.

20 seats to the Mini Main are being offered in satellite finals running on Sundays. The cent-rolls feed into $1.10 and $11 phases with no direct buy-in to the final, ensuring a recreational-heavy field.

Partypoker MILLIONS Online History

MonthDecNov – DecNov – DecFeb – Mar
Prize Pool$5,135,000$21,835,000$21,090,000
Entries Required100040002000
Entries Received102743672109
First Place Prize$1,027,000$2,329,943$2,259,113
No. of Millionaires144

With the MILLIONS debut in 2017, party attracted 1027 players to the event, just meeting its $5 million guarantee. But what followed in 2018 was historic: partypoker ran a tournament four times the size of its predecessor, with a guarantee of $20 million and a buy-in of $5,300.

It would become at the time the largest online poker tournament ever held. The 2018 event would go on to attract 4367 players, surpassing the guarantee by almost 10%. However, it did take a year of promotions and giveaways from the operator to achieve this, so it was no picnic. It paid out a first-place prize of $2.3 million, at the time the largest single prize in online poker history.

In 2019, another $20 million was guaranteed but this time the buy-in was doubled to $10,300 and the number of Day 1s dropped to four. 2000 total entries were required; it attracted 2109, covering by 5.5%.

Partypoker held on to this record for largest single online poker tournament until last year. GGPoker came along with their GG WSOP Main Event, which attracted 5,802 to create a prize pool of over $27 million.

Centennial bingo hall. Understandably, partypoker has decided not to try and outdo GGPoker this year. Instead, it has returned to the original 2017 format, with a $5k buy-in and $5 million guarantee. It is building the brand into more of a festival with multiple standout tournaments rather than a single spectacle event.

2020 Skipped

Originally, MILLIONS had been slated to run in 2020, with partypoker teasing dates of it running in July before it got pushed back into September, then December, until it finally settled on a date in early 2021.

The reason the date kept on getting pushed back was in part due to party’s own $100 million-guaranteed WPT World Online Championships that kept on getting extended. It ultimately stretched over ten weeks.

Pushing the date into 2021 gives partypoker—and its players—some breathing space before running another big event.

The MILLIONS Series will run February 13 to March 9, 2021.

partypoker MILLIONS 2021 Schedule

Partypoker Net For Windows 10

MILLIONS Online #01 Mini Main Event Day 2: $1M Gtd [3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]$1,000,000$1000 + $100
MILLIONS Online #02 Mini Second Chance: $50K Gtd [1-Day Event]$50,000$500 + $30
MILLIONS Online #03 6-Max High Roller: $500K Gtd [1-Day Event]$500,000$10000 + $300
MILLIONS Online #04 6-Max High Roller Turbo: $200K Gtd [1-Day Event]$200,000$5000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #05 6-Max Knockout: $250K Gtd [PKO, 2-Day Event]$250,000$1500 + $100
MILLIONS Online #06 Omaha High Roller: $150K Gtd [1-Day Event]$150,000$3000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #07 Opener Day 2: $500K Gtd [PKO, 2-Day Event]$500,000$1000 + $50
MILLIONS Online #08 Main Event Day 2: $5M Gtd [3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]$5,000,000$5000 + $300
MILLIONS Online #09 High Roller Turbo: $100K Gtd [1-Day Event]$100,000$2000 + $100
MILLIONS Online #10 Omaha: $200K Gtd [2-Day Event]$200,000$2000 + $100
MILLIONS Online #11 6-Max Super High Roller: $1M Gtd [2-Day Event]$1,000,000$25000 + $500
MILLIONS Online #12 6-Max High Roller Turbo: $200K Gtd [1-Day Event]$200,000$5000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #13 Knockout: $250K Gtd [PKO, 2-Day Event]$250,000$1500 + $100
MILLIONS Online #14 6-Max: $300K Gtd [2-Day Event]$300,000$3000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #15 Omaha High Roller: $200K Gtd [1-Day Event]$200,000$5000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #16 Warm Up Day 2: $500K Gtd [PKO, 2-Day Event]$500,000$1000 + $50
MILLIONS Online #17 High Roller Turbo: $100K Gtd [1-Day Event]$100,000$2000 + $100
MILLIONS Online #18 Second Chance: $250K Gtd [2-Day Event]$250,000$2500 + $100
MILLIONS Online #19 Omaha Knockout: $200K Gtd [PKO, 2-Day Event]$200,000$2000 + $100
MILLIONS Online #20 Super High Roller: $1M Gtd [2-Day Event]$1,000,000$25000 + $500
MILLIONS Online #21 High Roller Turbo: $200K Gtd [1-Day Event]$200,000$5000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #22 Turbo Knockout: $200K Gtd [PKO, 1-Day Event]$200,000$1500 + $100
MILLIONS Online #23 Mix-Max: $300K Gtd [2-Day Event]$300,000$3000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #24 6-Max Omaha High Roller: $200K Gtd [1-Day Event]$200,000$5000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #25 Closer Day 2: $500K Gtd [PKO, 2-Day Event]$500,000$1000 + $50
MILLIONS Online #26 High Roller: $1M Gtd [2-Day Event]$1,000,000$10000 + $300
MILLIONS Online #27 High Roller Turbo: $200K Gtd [1-Day Event]$200,000$5000 + $200
MILLIONS Online #28 Mega High Roller: $3M Gtd [2-Day Event]$3,000,000$100000 + $2000