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Keno is one of the easiest games to play in land-based casinos, as well as online. It requires little skill and is entirely random, making it a great game for beginners and experienced gamblers alike. Now, you can enjoy this fun pastime all from the comfort of your own home! There’s no need to drive to the casino to place your bets on cards for the chance to win big!


Play Real Money Online Keno - We list the Top 10 rated casino sites (in 2021) for the best Keno games and action. Plus get a great welcome bonus to play. The majority of players who visit an online casino do so in order to play popular online casino games such as online poker, slots, blackjack and roulette.The game of Keno is not as popular as some of these other classic games but during the last 5 years there has been an increase in the popularity of the game of Keno that has resulted in more online casinos adding Keno to their offering. Here’s how to play keno online for real money: - You’ll be given a board with numbers 1 through 80 - Pick anywhere from 1 to 15 numbers from the 80 choices - The online keno machine is powered by a random number generator which picks 20 numbers - If your number hits, it’s marked in yellow. Keno is one of the easiest games to play for real money online. Before you begin, you'll find a keno card with up to 80 numbers sequentially listed from 1 to 80. As this is essentially an online lottery game, you simply pick your numbers, wait for the Random Number Generator (RNG) to draw the numbers and be paid on how many you guessed correctly. Play Keno King for Free in Demo Mode by Holland Power Gaming. Real-money casinos 0; Similar games to Keno King Play for Free Turbo Keno by InBet. Red Card by Gluck Games. Play for Free XKeno by InBet. Play for Free Firefly Keno.

If you love taking a chance on a keno card every now and then, you’re in luck at Slots of Vegas! We offer an incredible time to our members as they can now pick their lucky numbers, cross their fingers, and hope to win big on however many keno cards they want to wager on! This is a great time to relax after work, pass the time when you aren’t busy, and potentially win huge sums of cash!

Just like keno with a physical card, players will choose numbers 1 through 80 and 20 winning numbers will be drawn at random. Get ready for a great keno experience here at Slots of Vegas, with our amusing graphics and sound effects, and completely randomly generated numbers.

You may choose to download our software to your PC if you wish, but thanks to advancements in technology and our state-of-the-art online casino, you can play right from the web browser of your choice.

Enjoy An Amazing Free Keno Experience

Real Money Keno vs Free Online Keno

At Slots of Vegas, customer satisfaction is a top priority. This is why we offer our loyal fans the chase to play all their favorite games for free or for real money. Playing for free and with cash from your own bankroll are both great in their own ways, so let’s go over what sets them apart.

Free Online Keno

Play Four Card Keno For Real Money Online For Free

  • Playing keno for free is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the game, and see how the game and website really function. When playing for free you can enjoy all the same levels of entertainment, without any risk to your bankroll.<br />This is a good place to start if you are new at the game, or if you donate have a lot of money in your account to risk while playing. Just sit back, relax, and have a risk-free keno adventure.

Real Money Keno

  • After you get warmed up to the game and all its dynamics, you’re ready to play with your bankroll. Playing for real money doubles your fun because now you have the chance to win huge sums of cash! This adds to the enjoyment and intensity of the game. You’ll never run out of things to do at Slots of Vegas, and real money keno is a great game to play while taking a break from other more strategic online casino games.

How to Play Online Keno

Choose Spots

There are 80 numbers offered on a typical keno ticket. Players can choose from 1 to 10 spots, though many casinos offer the option to choose more. If your spot is picked, the payouts change depending on how many spots you have chosen, and how many of your spots were picked. These rules change from casino to casino, and when playing online, you can see the payout change in real-time based on how many spots you have chosen.

Choose a Wager

Play Four Card Keno For Real Money Online Games

While many keno players stick to lower wagers for a higher number of spots and races, others might up the bet (and the adrenaline) and choose a fewer number of spots and races. The wager is per the number of races. For example, if a player wagers $1 and chooses 10 spots on only one card (race), the player is wagering $1 in the end. The important thing is to analyze your bankroll and decide how much you can realistically afford to wager.

Choose a Number of Races

When playing online keno at Slots of Vegas, players have the option of choosing how many races they would like to wager on. You can choose to keep the same spots for multiple races and wager on 5 or even 10 races in a row. Remember that if you wager $5 on a race, it will count for all the races you are playing at that time.


Payouts are different for every online casino (and land-based) and depend on a number of different factors. A casino’s pay table is determined by the number of spots a player selects and how many spots the player catches. This is multiplied by the ratio of the player’s original bet to determine the base rate of the pay table.If it sounds complicated, don’t worry. All you need to know is that the payout differs depending on how many spots you select, how many spots you catch, and how much you chose to wager at the start of the game. Generally speaking, the more spots you chose to pick, and the more spots you win, the payout will be higher.

Keno Glossary

All Or Nothing - A keno ticket that pays in two ways only: 1) If all the numbers you selected get drawn, or 2) If none of the numbers you pick get selected.

Play Four Card Keno For Real Money online, free

Catching a spot - When a number that is randomly drawn matches a player’s pick.

Catch Zero - A keno game requiring a player to catch none of the numbers marked on their ticket.

High-End Ticket - A ticket that pays more for catching a high number of spots, but pays less for catching few spots.

Number Pool - The range of numbers from which you select the ones you want to play. A typical keno pool ranges from 1 to 80.

Pay table - A casino’s set series of payouts; normally depends on how many numbers are drawn total, how many spots a player chose, and how much money was wagered.
Example: If you choose eight spots on the ticket, depending on the pay table you might have to catch five spots before you win any money during a race.

Quick Pick - A ticket with numbers selected by the keno computer at the player’s request.

Spots - The numbers that a player picks.

Ticket - The Keno betting cards that players use to pick numbers.

Way - A separate bet on a ticket with more than one bet.

Winning Numbers - The 20 numbers drawn in the keno game.

Mobile Keno

Thanks to our elite casino software at Slots of Vegas Casino, you can now play keno online from any mobile device. You no longer have to be tied down to your PC to experience all the best that our keno games have to offer. Without sacrificing any of the exciting graphics and sound effects, you can play keno at Slots of Vegas while on your commute to work, or even when you’re in line for coffee — and the best part is, you can actually win real money while playing!

To take advantage of our mobile casino, simply load up your internet browser and log in to your Slots of Vegas account on any mobile device. Keno, along with all of our other classic casino games are compatible with Apple, Android, PC, and any other device that is able to connect to the internet.

All you need is a solid internet connection and you’re ready to win some money!

A Brief History of Keno

Keno is known to have popped up in Las Vegas casinos in the 1930s, but it actually is dated back as far as 2,000 years ago! While the name “keno” has Latin or French roots, the game originated in China where its invention saved a city during a time of war, and it was also used to help build the Great Wall of China.

In 1847, when the Portuguese government of Macau began granting licenses to lottery operators, the results of the keno games in big cities were delivered to villages by way of carrier pigeons — the Chinese name for keno is “báigē piào,” which translate to “white dove ticket.”

It was brought to the United States by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century, and it had become a widely popular game in Texas under the new name, Keno. It was first introduced to casinos in the 1930s where a casino in Reno, Nevada was the first to host this ancient game.

Best Keno Bonuses

Our online casino is constantly offering our dedicated members new bonuses to use on all their favorite games. Check our Promotions page regularly to see which bonuses you qualify for! Right now, all new members will receive an incredible 250% Welcome Bonus when they sign up today! All you have to do to receive this bonus is create an account with Slots of Vegas, head to the Cashier where you will deposit funds into your account, and enter the bonus code NEW250 in the designated spot.

When you use a bonus to play online keno, you can greatly increase your chances of winning! It’s like playing with our money instead of yours! The more money you have to wager, the more races you can compete in, and the more chances you have of catching a spot. So be sure to sign up to our mailing list and check your inbox frequently to see what new and exciting offers we have on our promotions page.


Slots of Vegas provides a top-notch online casino experience whether you are playing for free or with money from your bankroll. When you play keno at our online casino, you will be treated to a variety of benefits including:

Big Pay Days – It is no surprise that the most exciting part of playing for real money is the potential to win big. When playing keno at Slots of Vegas the chance is always there – you can win huge amounts of money at any time if your spots are caught!

Quick and Secure Payments – When you win, we understand the importance of getting your winnings to you quickly and securely. All deposits and withdrawals are Slots of Vegas are completely safe. We use SSL encryption that makes sure that your personal and financial information is kept completely private and inaccessible to third-parties. Everything we do in the process of withdrawal is to avoid potential identity theft and fraudulent activity. We get your winnings to you as quickly as possible; any amount of time that it takes is simply for the sake of security.

Excellent Customer Service – Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and this is why we offer 24/7 access to our highly-trained team of customer service experts. Feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns you have while playing keno or any of our other real money games.

Mobile Casino FAQs

1. Is online keno fair?

Online keno at Slots of Vegas is completely fair, and completely random. Every one of our games is powered by RNGs (Random Number Generators), which are complex algorithms that ensure that each number that is drawn, every card dealt, and dice rolled is a totally unique and random event. There is no way to predict what will happen next, and the next card dealt or dice rolled is in no way affected by the previous number. This means you could hit the jackpot at any time!

2. What numbers are hit the most?

Although keno is a completely random game, some people think there does seem to be a trend with numbers that are picked a lot over a series of races. These commonly hit numbers are 23, 34, 72, 1, and 4.

3. What is the best strategy for keno?

The experts suggest that a good strategy for keno is playing more than just one race. This really increases your odds of having a number picked. It is also a good idea to limit the number of spots you pick, and not to always stick with your lucky number!

4. Is there a trick to winning keno?

Remember that because keno is entirely random, there is no exact method that can ensure that you win every time. However, some experts believe that if you choose your spots in clusters or patterns, your chances are increased. It is also in your favor to choose more than 4 spots for each race. Four out of 80 is not great odds, so choose more than 4 next time you play.

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What is the first game that comes to mind when you think of an online casino? Blackjack, maybe? Or slot machines? Well, it’s one of those hyped and extremely popular casino games. But it’s not keno.

The thing is, keno is certainly not as popular as, say, slots. But does it mean that this lottery is worse than the popular games? Of course, it doesn’t. Keno is a very cool, interesting, and exciting game, and we are sure that you just can’t miss it, especially if you like lotteries or random number games. But of course, you can’t start playing it for real money right away (especially if you’re not a pro keno player) because playing the game without knowing its rules is the fastest way to lose your deposit.

The best online casinos for instant play keno


List of free keno to play for fun

Keno 80
Play Now Keno (Playtech)
Play Now

In such a case, it’s free online keno games that come to help. Free keno casino games have a similar interface and the same gameplay as their real money counterparts have — and that’s not all. Here, we’ll tell you everything about free keno — we’ll talk about the rules, about the gameplay, about the different types of this game, and we’ll also tell you all the most useful tips. Oh, and of course, we’ll answer all your questions and show you the list of the best free keno games — so don’t waste your time, read this short article, and become a keno expert!

Free keno: rules

As we’ve said, keno is a lottery game, so its rules are not too complicated. First, you select 4-10 numbers between 1 and 80 — when you choose the number, it’s called “spot”. The minimum bet is usually 1-5 cents, and of course, there are also lots of options for the high rollers. Higher bets mean higher payouts, but be careful, because you’ll also lose more if you use max bets. The game process is divided into “races” or rounds — lots of casinos offer the multi-race games, so the number of races can be quite high.

The main problem of Keno is that there are 80 numbers and the chances to hit one of them is only 0.25%. As we’ve just said, you can only select 10 (or sometimes 15) numbers — so your chances to win are quite low. The average house of edge in keno is 30% — just compare this number with, say, 1.5% for blackjack or 0.5-5% for video poker. That’s why playing keno for real money makes sense only if you are a big fan of this game. If you are not, we highly recommend trying free online keno — yes, you will not win anything, but on the other hand, you won’t lose your money!

Different types of the game

There are lots of different types of this game, but the rules are always similar. The main differences are related to the bonuses and the number of combinations available for the players. Let’s be more detailed.

Power Keno. It has one additional rule: if the 20th ball matches one of the numbers on your ticket, your winnings are multiplied by 4. It sounds like a great option for those who play for real money, doesn’t it?

Super Keno has the same rules as Power Keno, but with one small difference: it’s not the 20th ball that multiplies your winnings by 4, it’s the very first one.

Combination and Way Keno. These two games allow you to select groups and a combination of numbers to get higher chances to win. All the other rules are similar to all the other types of this game. When you play keno, the way tickets allow you to make multiple bets and to group your spots. The online version works in the same way as the offline version — you can bet on different groups and multiply your winnings.

Video keno. Have you heard about video poker or video slots? The thing is, video keno is just another slot machine. It’s an extremely simple single-player video game — if you are one of the slot fans, you’ll definitely like this type of game. Of course, all the rules are completely the same.

What else to know?

We believe that you should know everything about the game before you start playing it, especially if we’re talking about playing for real money. Here, you’ll find 3 top facts you must know about this game!

Fact #1: This game is completely random

As we’ve already said, keno is very similar to, say, slot machines — there is a random number generator that generates the results, and you can not influence its work. That’s why we can safely say that there are no strategies that work in 100% of cases. What’s more, there are no keno strategies at all — that’s how all the random games work.

Fact #2: However, there are “hot” and “cold” numbers

But still, millions of players believe that some numbers are better than others and that they are “luckier”. That’s why some numbers are drawn more often than others — but as we’ve just said, keno is about random numbers only. So you can use this hot numbers strategy or you can ignore it — the result depends on random number generator only.

Fact #3: You should try free keno

Lots of people love playing this game for real money, that’s a fact and we can’t deny it. However, we also can’t deny the fact that this game is not the best for the real money players. It has extremely high odds, low payouts, etc, etc.

But it’s still a very fun and exciting game — and we know how to make it even better. We highly recommend playing free keno games — you can’t lose money playing them, you don’t have to make a deposit to play them, and you don’t even have to create an account to try them. Online craps betting. What’s more, free online keno games are available for both PC and mobile users — so if you want to play on your smartphone, you can do it right now. How? Just choose the game from the list of the most interesting free keno games, open the game page, and start playing — and yes, it’s as simple as it sounds!


📌 Where can I play keno for free?

Right here! The UCE experts have found the most interesting free keno games, and now they are ready to present the list of these games to you. All the most popular types of this game are available on this page — and they all are completely free!

📌 How to play keno for free online?

It’s extremely simple: free games don’t require download and deposit. What’s more, the absolute majority of these games don’t even require registration — so you can choose the one you like most right here, click on it, and start playing right away. Interested? Then don’t waste your time and try them all, it’s 100% free!

📌 Where can I find an online casino for free play keno?

There are lots of such casinos because keno is an extremely popular game. It makes sense that you’re looking for the best casinos — and they all are waiting for you here. The UCE have found only the safest casinos with a perfect reputation — and of course, all these casinos obtain the RNG certificates.