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Live dealer online poker is one of the latest crazes in poker. Many experienced live poker players are intigued by the convenience of playing online, but wary of entrusting the dealing duties to a random number generator which, in their opinion is too open to exploitation and may not always be truly random. The debate has been raging since the dawn of the online era. ‘Is online poker rigged’? ‘Does the house deal action flops to generate more rake’? These are the types of questions the skeptics ask, and live dealer poker goes a long way towards addressing their concerns.

Play live online poker games with real dealers at live dealer casinos on the internet. Find out more about which online casinos are offering live poker to US players and more about bonuses, mobile casino, customer support, payment options and much more. Live poker is a fun way to get some real casino. Live Dealer 3 Card Poker. Live 3 Card Poker is a table poker option game found at the best.

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  2. Live streamed video with real dealers dealing real cards and launching real balls is the closest thing you can get to a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ casino experience while playing online.

How does Live Dealer Poker Work?

The concept is simple. Players join the table just like they would at any regular online poker site. The only difference being at the live tables, players will see a video window overlayed on the table which shows the dealer dealing out the cards in real time. The dealer deals hole cards for each player in the hand, face down onto an RFID card reader which sends the hole card data to each player allowing them to see their hand. The dealer then deals the flop, turn and river face up, which can be seen on the video screen and also in graphical format on the virtual table. All of the betting is carried out through a normal online poker style interface and the software takes care of awarding the pot to the winning player and keeping account of stack sizes.

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What do you Need to Play Live Dealer Poker?

You don’t need any specialised equipment to play live dealer poker. A good internet connection which is capable of handling the live video stream of the dealer is the only requirement. There are sites which offer webcam poker, where you can see and speak to the other players at your table, for which you would need a webcam, but no sites offer both live dealer and webcam games as yet.

How is it Different from Standard Online Play?

The main advantage of live dealer poker is that you have the peace of mind that a real live dealer is dealing the cards and it is not left to a random number generator in a computer which may or may not be trustworthy and reliable. On the downside, human dealers are much slower than computer dealers and consequently the game moves more slowly, although it is still much faster than normal live play due to the software handling the betting and enforcing a time constraint on all players for their actions.

Play Poker Online With Live Dealers

Where Can I play Live Dealer Poker

At the moment, only a few online poker rooms offer live dealer poker but we expect this market to grow rapidly as there is a strong demand for the games. For the moment, you can play poker with a live dealer at Poker Espresso and Lucky Live Casino.

Live Casino Hold’em” by Evolution Gaming, a leading live gaming development company, is a variation of the popular card “Texas Hold’em“, designed specifically with poker players in mind.

Casino Hold’em and features the same quality players have come to expect from Evolution Gaming. First released in 2013, it features a single deck of cards that are shuffled between hands. Similar to its sister-game Texas Hold’em, its purpose remains the creating of the best hand possible through the use of five community cards and two hole cards using a 52 card deck.

Live Casino Hold’em is streamed through impressive video quality in real-time using multiple webcams at a studio located in Riga. It features a simple interface that allows for easy navigation within the game itself in so far as locating betting options, game controls and information Hosted by experienced dealers, it applies standard poker rules and identical hand combinations based on traditional five card poker.


Best U.S. Live Casino Hold’em to play this game

The most popular casino game in America is undoubtable Texas Hold’em. It then should not come as a surprise that Live Casino Hold’em ranks high amongst card players due to its being a near replica. There are a large number of casinos online catering to American players, and as a result, the opportunities to play with respected casinos, both legally licensed with the .U.S. and those operating offshore, are quite generous.

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  • Best U.S. Live Casino Hold’em to play this game

Those who are located within Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware and West Virginia have multiple state licensed casinos online that provide Casino Hold’em live, and those outside of those states have equal opportunities with those offering live casino games through offshore licensed casinos. The list of those most recommended will highlight the many promotional opportunities and other features they offer can be seen below.

How Live Casino Hold’em works

Casino Hold’em is an easy game to play at its most basic form. Those that have a basic knowledge of poker will be comfortable playing this rendition of a card game classic as it involves the dealing of two hole cards followed by five cards that are community cards, meaning all those seated may use those cards in the formation of their best possible hand. In addition to standard poker hands, Evolution Gaming has chosen to include a Jumbo 7 Jackpot, one that, if a side bet is staked will award the progressive jackpot should a seven card straight flush be dealt.

How to play Live Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is played with a single deck consisting of 52 cards, At the completion of each hand, the cards will be automatically shuffled by the dealer using an electronic shuffling machine, and a new game with then begin. The betting action is noted below:
  • The Ante: This is the starting wager, which can be at the minimum $0.05. The game won’t begin until the Ante is wagered.
  • The Bonus: The Bonus Bet is a secondary wager that’s associated with the Ante. This wager applies to the first five cards laid out by the dealer. Payouts are rewarded only when a pair of aces or higher are revealed.
  • The Jumbo 7: This is a wager meant explicitly for the progressive jackpot. For players to break the bank and win the progressive, a seven-card straight flush must be laid out by the dealer.
  • The Call: This is a wager played when the cards are being dealt out.

Play begins with the initial dealing of the two hole cards. At this point, all those seated may carry out one of the following; fold their cards, pay the amount of the big blind (this is determined by the table limits), or they may raise. After all player actions are carried out, the dealer will burn one card and then deal three community cards.

This is identified as the flop and will be followed by another round of betting, another community card, another round of betting and then the final community card, the river will be dealt. At this point, all those remaining in the hand will have one last opportunity to check, bet, raise or fold. The player with the best hand will win the cumulative total of chips in the pot.

Live Casino Hold’em Tips

Everybody occasionally needs help when it comes to playing a casino game, especially if new to a particular style of poker. Generally, that comes in the form of instructional videos or tips, and in honouring that, we have collected a number of tips that are designed to assist newcomers to Casino Hold’em gain a better understanding of how to play. These include:
  • When you have a high suited pair, call or raise
  • When holding an Ace or a King prior to the flop, either raise or call.
  • When holding two over-cards, always call pre-flop
  • If one card is needed to complete a flush or straight, call

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Live Casino Hold’em Strategy

Most people will be surprised to find out that Live Casino Hold’em isn’t played against multiple other players, but instead is played by each individual player. The main difference to its being online live is while you are playing as an individual, multiple other players are doing the same, all with the same dealer and therefore betting against the dealer, not other players.

Played with a standard 52 deck of cards, typical strategy that would apply to Texas Hold’em, for example, applies to Casino Hold’em. Mastering the game will show veteran players that placing a bonus wager at a specific time will allow for house edges to go down to 2.5%. This means that player percentages will be maxed out on returns. However, there is a right time and a wrong time.

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The best times to place bonus bets are right after a deck has been shuffled, mid-way through the deck and at the very end. Managing this level of strategy requires calling with pairs which, for some, is a risky decision. However, fortune favours the bold in Live Casino Hold’em and holding a pair of aces or kings will guarantee the houses edge decreasing. If new to playing Casino Hold’em, it will be beneficial to play a traditional version in free play to gain a proper understanding of the game, but also as a tool to practise the implementation of strategic play.

We understand that the urge to play for a bigger payout is tempting. However, by not wasting your bankroll and conserving it for the perfect moment, players can enhance payout probabilities tenfold. Just remember, this game isn’t challenging and being calm allows for you to fend off the dealer professionally with a strategy such as the one we’ve provided for you.

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Evolution Gaming continually shows distinction above its competitors in the arena of live gaming. While others try to equal its creativity, quality and selection, few can, and that is evident in Live Casino Hold’em as it is a gaming product that novices and enthusiasts will both enjoy. The ability to place low, mid and high limit bets and the additional opportunity at hitting its progressive jackpot should a seven card straight flush be formed is enticing, to say the least.

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