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The subreddit for anything PokerStars VR related. Created Nov 25, 2018. Top posts february 24th 2020 Top posts of february, 2020 Top. Props can be bought from the store for credits, won in tournaments held on the official discord, or by registering your PokerStars VR name with the aforementioned discord. In order to optimize. PokerStars VR really shines, when i can really feel like im there right next to my buddy, even though he is miles away. PokerStars VR brings people togheter.

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Dragon tiger compatibility. Pokerstars VR is a virtual reality poker game where the player can sit at the table smoking virtual cigars, throwing rubbers ducks around and, perhaps on a more strategically important note; observing the opponents’ behaviours. Since our opponent will appear as floating VR goggle wearing head with hands, which he or she will use to grab for chips and peak at hole cards, the type of information we are accustomed to using in a live game is mostly present. The only things missing are the real droplets of sweat we might see from the nervous bluffer in the brick and mortar card room.

There are two main types of tell that we may use in Pokerstars VR: online tells and live tells. Let’s explore how this blend of online and live poker affects the most important tells.

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Online Tells

Pokerstars Vr

1. The Fast Check (And Other Timing Tells)
The fast check has historically been a sign of weakness. Someone who checks without pondering whether they should bet might just be procedurally checking to the raiser, but in other spots where this is not the case, the timing exhibits a lack of required decision-making. If there is nothing to decide upon, there is generally very little equity to protect, value to be got, or interest in the pot. We have attacked players who check quickly, stealing pots from them for over a decade of online poker. Interestingly, in the realm of Pokerstars VR, the instant check might be more camouflaged. The virtual reality world creates a feeling of being watched. This makes us paranoid and careful not to give too much away. We might find players slow their timing down to remain more consistent in light of feeling more self-conscious about what they give away. Could the classic online timing tells actually become less reliable in this game where opponents are naturally more on their guard?

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2. Betting Patterns

The heart and soul of developing reads in online poker. Villain bets small with the nuts and larger with bluffs – what a gold mine. Pokerstars VR should have very little affect on betting patterns and these tells should continue to be reliable and accessible, but also pay attention to how your opponent makes his bets. More on this now.