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  3. Wednesday 20th January 2021

The following 21 numbers were NEVER DRAWN within the last 25 Powerball drawings shown: 9 16 21 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 1 8 12 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX. 15 cold Powerball numbers above are hidden. The Lottery Picker™ 2021 (seen below) always shows you ALL Cold Powerball Numbers for any number of drawings you choose in any Date-Range. Powerball Past Winning Numbers. Checking the Powerball past Winning numbers at one place is a great feeling. Powerball Lottery takes place on each Wednesday and Saturday. So checking all current and old numbers at one place is really necessary, and that's why we have created this Number checker page.

New Jersey Powerball Rules

To play Powerball in New Jersey, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age. You can enter a maximum of eight consecutive drawings in advance.

If you would prefer to have a random selection of numbers rather than choose your own, just ask the retailer for a Quick Pick or mark the QP circle on your playslip.

You must choose at the time of purchase how you would like to be paid if you win the jackpot. If you do not mark this box you will automatically be given the annuity, although it is possible to change your mind and take the lump sum when you claim. If you select the cash option at the point of purchase, you cannot switch to the annuity later.

New Jersey players can watch the Powerball drawings on PIX11 (New York) and PHL17 (Philadelphia), although the channel will depend on your television service provider.

Powerball prizes in New Jersey remain valid for one year after a draw takes place. If you win a prize of up to $599.50, you can visit any lottery retailer to claim your prize. For amounts over $599.50, you will need to fill out a claim form before you get your hands on your prize. Claim forms are available from retailers, or from New Jersey Lottery headquarters.

When filling out your claim form, you will need to provide information regarding your ticket as well as your own personal details. You should also make a copy of your claim form and the front and back of your ticket. Send your winning ticket and the completed claim form to the following address:

Attn: Validations
P.O. Box 041
Trenton NJ 08625-0041

You can also visit the New Jersey Lottery headquarters to submit your claim in person. The office is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm ET from Monday to Friday and the location of the headquarters is as follows:

Lawrence Park Complex
1333 Brunswick Avenue Circle
Trenton, NJ 08648

Once you have submitted your claim, it will take approximately three weeks before you receive a check from the New Jersey Lottery.

Lost and Damaged Tickets

You will be unable to claim a prize if you lose your Powerball ticket. If you have a damaged entry and it cannot be validated, you should complete a claim form if you think you might be a winner. Submit the claim form and the damaged ticket to the New Jersey Lottery headquarters, and they will investigate your claim.


State law requires that 5 percent is withheld in tax from all prizes between $10,000 and $500,000. There is an 8 percent tax on all prizes in excess of $500,000. Anyone who does not have a taxpayer identification (social security) number will also be subject to the 8 percent rate for any prize over $10,000.

These state taxes are in addition to the federal withholdings of 24 percent for any prize of $5,000 or more, or 30 percent for a winner without a taxpayer ID number.

Powerball Past Results By Year

Going Public

Powerball Winning Numbers History Download


You are allowed to stay anonymous if you win a Powerball prize in New Jersey, following legislation that was passed in January 2020. Previously, anyone could request information about a winner’s name, town and county and it then had to be disclosed, but lawmakers decided that players should be entitled to privacy. You can also claim prizes through a trust or limited liability company.

The revenue from Powerball ticket sales is split several different ways. The prize fund receives 60 percent, while small amounts are also needed to cover retailer commissions, administrative expenses, advertising and marketing expenses and various other operating costs. This leaves 31 percent to be distributed to aid to education.

The New Jersey Lottery has contributed around $25 billion to programs that benefit local communities since it was created in 1970, and the primary focus has been to support the state’s education system. Among the organizations to have received funding are the School Nutrition Program, Tuition Aid Grants and the Marie H. Wheel of fortune best friends week 2005. Katzenbach School for the Deaf.

New Jersey Powerball Winners

New Jersey has delivered several big jackpot wins since tickets went on sale in the state in early 2010. The largest of them came on May 7th 2016, when eight members of the Smith family snapped up $429 million with a ticket bought at the 7-Eleven store on 750 Chambers Street in Trenton, Mercer County. Church worker Mrs Smith, who bought the ticket, said she rarely played the lottery but those numbers popped into her head that week.

Pedro Quezada, originally from Dominica, had previously held the New Jersey record with a $338 million win from March 2013, while Tayeb Souami won $315 million in May 2018 after returning a bottle of orange juice to a store in Hackensack and coming out with the lucky ticket.

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Two New Jersey tickets – one belonging to Mario Scarnici of Monmouth Junction and one held by a syndicate known as ‘Ocean’s 16’ – both won the jackpot in the same draw on August 7th 2013. A player from Minnesota also matched all the numbers, leaving the three winners with a $162 million share of the gigantic $488 million pot.