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Lines: 12

Rainbow Riches Bingo also features a Wishing Well Bonus, where players can collect gold coins to win the cash prize. Each time you buy a minimum of 5 tickets, you activate the Wishing Well and the magic number which you have already selected at the start of the game. The wild symbol in Rainbow Riches is the gold coin with the leprechaun’s face on it. It pays out generous amounts of up to five hundred times your bet when it creates two, three, four or five-of-a-kind wins. Plus, it can substitute for all symbols except the three bonus symbols when it has the potential to make or enhance a winning combination.

Min Bet: £0.50

Max Bet: £200.00

RTP: 95.00%

Bonus: Free Spins, Wishing Well Bonus, Cash Crop Bonus, Magic Toadstools Bonus, Road to Riches Bonus, Pots of Gold Bonus


Slingo Rainbow Riches comes with four buttons in total. On the left side of the screen is the column displaying the number of lines that have been cleared. Underneath this button are the minus and plus buttons that let you choose the bet.

Rainbow Riches Online

The Start Game button is located in the bottom right corner, just underneath the bingo bowl. This button is pressed each time you want to make a draw.

The three-dash button in the top right corner is the menu where you can view the paytable and the game rules.


In slingo games any selected bet buys 10 spins. The bets range between £0.50 and £200.00 with many amounts that can be selected from between the two ends.

When the ten draws (spins) have been made, the players are able to purchase additional spin or spins, if they wish to continue the game with the hope of filling additional slingo lines.

Rainbow riches bingo

Additional spins cost extra money. The closer you are to the Full House, the more expensive are the additional spins.


Slingo Rainbow Riches, just like every other slingo game, has 12 possible slingo lines, which are the paylines. Each line awards a prize. The greater the number of lines is uncovered, the greater the prize becomes.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Game

However, not all 12 paylines bring awards. It is better than that thanks to logic. With this number of actual lines come 11 awards, because the last number of the grid will always award the remaining two paylines.


The Spin button needs to be pressed once for each draw.

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Slingo games don’t have autoplay because of the jokers and super jokers, as these symbols require your input to select on which grid the joker will be applied.


The column on the left displays the number of lines that have been cleared. Each cleared line brings the player one level higher on the progress bar.

A slingo line is made when either one of the five horizontal and vertical lines are cleared, including the two diagonal lines.

Each line is made of five squares which are covered by a number. The row of five reels at the bottom spins a different set of numbers with each turn. If any of these numbers matches on the grid, that square will be given a star.

Starting with the fifth line Slingo Rainbow Riches starts triggering the bonus features.

Bonus Features

The bonus features are triggered in succession. The lucky players who reach and clear the fifth line trigger the pick me Well of Wishes bonus, which reveals a cash prize.

The sixth line triggers the Cash Crop bonus. A field of coins offers multipliers on the line payout. There are 50 coins and multipliers of up to x10.

The Magic Toadstool Bonus is a field of mushrooms where you can pick three to reveal prizes between x1 and x5 for each mushroom. A fairy reveals automatically three toadstools.

The red version of the bonus above results in four picks and when all values are revealed with three picks (thanks to the fairies) the remainder of the prizes are quadrupled.

The Road to Riches bonus is a Wheel of Fortune game where each spin reveals the number of steps forward. Each step stops on a multiplier prize, the ultimate of which is x500.

In the absolute bonus, the road of riches final prize is x1000 multiplier.

The Pots of Gold bonus spins 12 pots with multiplier prizes. Two gold pots offer x400 and x1000 respectively.