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Spin Control has made its return the Wilson lineup after a long hiatus. After being used in 1990s and 2000s gloves, Wilson finally revamped and improved the technology for the latest series of gloves. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

When talking about spin control, we lump them into two categories: the wrist joints and the other joints. When you juggle clubs, you’re using the wrist and the arm together, resulting in a throw that rotates in a desired spin. If you’re juggling three clubs in singles, you’re already using this system to achieve success. Definition of spin control: the act or practice of attempting to manipulate the way an event is interpreted by others political spin control Examples of spin control in a Sentence When the defective part was recalled, the company had to do some clever spin control. An effort to control the damage done by a bad situation: Various spokespersons attempted a desperate exercise in spin control to deny that Reagan ever made such a promise. (Definition of spin control from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Examples of spin control. See Article History Political spin, in politics, the attempt to control or influence communication in order to deliver one’s preferred message. Spin is a pejorative term often used in the context of public relations practitioners and political communicators. A Spin Button is a control that has a value and by clicking up and down arrows, the value changes to the previous and next values. The ButtonSpinner control comes with the WPF Toolkit Extended provides an alternative to a spin button.

  • Spin Control is a technology that uses a dimpled palm and special oiling process to reduce the amount a ball will move in the pocket upon catching the ball.
  • The Spin Control technology comes in the palm and, usually, the web. These are the areas where the ball typically hits and begins to torpedo in the leather, where either you corral the ball or watch it squeak out.
  • Why would I need this? Due to its spherical nature, a baseball likes to rotate all kinds of ways in the air or in your pocket. This tech simply reduces the amount of spin that can effect how well you catch the ball.
  • Does it actually work? We haven’t tried it out yet, but it seems like MLB players have been using it and liking it so far. We’ll have more information on how well it works soon, but for now it seems pretty good.
  • Is it worth it? Right now, Spin Control mitts aren’t any more expensive than regular A2000 gloves. Although we don’t see it as the latest, greatest feature to get on your glove, if you want to be one of the early adopters of this glove tech, it’s probably worth it.

Right now there are a few gloves that come with this technology, as it roll-out has been calm and measured. These are the models where Spin Control is used:

  • Wilson A2000 1786 Spin Control: Our favorite middle infield glove that measures at 11.5″ with and shallow pocket and I-web. Get it here.
  • Wilson A2000 1975 Spin Control: An 11.75″ mitt that is largely an oversized 1786. Good for shortstop and third base. Buy it here.
  • Wilson A2000 H12 Spin Control: A 12″ glove that is an oversized 1787, with a medium depth pocket and I-web. Good for third basemen and some shortstops. Check it out here.
  • Wilson A2000 M1D Spin Control: A 33.5″ Catcher’s mitt. Probably the best mitt to have Spin Control, as catcher’s deal with a lot of different stuff behind the dish. Get it here.
  • Wilson A2000 OT6 Spin Control: A 12.75″ outfield mitt that comes with a trapeze web and elongated feel. Spin Control is probably good for outfielders to avoid weird flyballs popping out of their gloves. Buy it here.
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Spin Control Examples

A Spin Button Control (also known as an up-down control) is a pair of arrow buttons that the user can click to increment or decrement a value, such as a scroll position or a number displayed in a companion control. it is represented by CSpinButtonCtrl class.

Here is the list of methods in CSpinButtonCtrl class −

Spin Control Definition

Sr.No.Name & Description


Creates a spin button control and attaches it to a CSpinButtonCtrl object.



Creates a spin button control with the specified Windows extended styles and attaches it to a CSpinButtonCtrl object.



Retrieves acceleration information for a spin button control.



Retrieves the current base for a spin button control.



Retrieves a pointer to the current buddy window.



Retrieves the current position of a spin button control.



Retrieves the upper and lower limits (range) for a spin button control.

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Sets the acceleration for a spin button control.



Sets the base for a spin button control.



Sets the buddy window for a spin button control.



Sets the current position for the control.



Sets the upper and lower limits (range) for a spin button control.

Spin Control Book

Here is the list of messages mapping for Spin Button control.

Spin Control Politics

MessageMap entryDescription
BN_CLICKEDON_BN_CLICKED( <id>, <memberFxn> )The framework calls this member function when is button clicked.
BN_DISABLEON_BN_DISABLE( <id>, <memberFxn> )The framework calls this member function when button is disabled.
BN_DOUBLECLICKEDON_BN_DOUBLECLICKED( <id>, <memberFxn> )The framework calls this member function when button is double clicked.
BN_PAINTON_BN_PAINT( <id>, <memberFxn> )The framework calls this member function when an application makes a request to repaint a button.

Let us look into a simple example of Spin button by creating a new MFC dialog based application.

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Step 1 − Add one Spin Control and one Edit control from the Toolbox.

Spin Control Podcast

Step 2 − Go to the Properties of Spin Control and set the values of Auto Buddy and Set Buddy Integer to True.