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International Game Technology (IGT), one of the leading software gaming developers, has an impressive slot game portfolio which boasts several themes including science fiction. Craps games free online. One of the most successful slot games in that genre is the Star Trek video slot. Based on the blockbuster television and movie series, the slot offers the same action-packed gambling and gaming entertainment. IGT is synonymous with creativity and innovation in the gaming industry and has proven it once again with this slot game.

The Star Trek slot offers a variety of bets ranging from 1p to $10. The minimum and maximum real money wager that can be placed on a payline in this game are 0.01 and 300 credits. The game can be played only in the Flash or Instant Play mode at casino sites powered by IGT. This is a boon for players who own Linux or Mac systems as they often. Aristocrat Technology‘s Star Trek: The Next Generation Slot Game will make its premiere today at the M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas. “Aristocrat‘s all-new EDGE X cabinet features two.

Win up to 1000 Casino Credits in the Star Trek Slot Machines

To cash in on all the movie mania surrounding Star Trek, IGT released a slot game which offers 30 paylines and five reels. Real money wagers can be placed in different currencies including euros, pounds and US dollars. The Star Trek slot offers a variety of bets ranging from 1p to $10. The minimum and maximum real money wager that can be placed on a payline in this game are 0.01 and 300 credits. The game can be played only in the Flash or Instant Play mode at casino sites powered by IGT.

This is a boon for players who own Linux or Mac systems as they often face compatibility issues between their computers’ operating systems and the casino software. Players who do not want to wager real money can also play the free game version. This is a good way to experience all the features of the game without the risk of losing money. The highest jackpot offered in the game is 1000 casino credits.

Excellent Graphics in Star Trek Slot

When the television series first aired, it was the graphics that first caught the attention of the audience. Over the years, as the technology improved, so did the quality of the visuals in the series. IGT has stayed true to the essence of the science fiction genre and created animation that is reminiscent of the television series. The graphics are clean, clear and do not clutter up the screen. The game is designed as a console where the spin and bet icons are buttons on it and the reels form the screen.

As the game is based on the first television series featuring Captain James Kirk and his crew, the symbols have been designed accordingly. Scotty, Uhura, Spock and Kirk are some of the regular symbols in the game. Each of the aforementioned symbols is of a different hue, namely, black and white, red, blue and yellow respectively. Unlike some of the other slots based on television series or films, the Star Trek game offers actual images of the characters instead of caricatures. High value card symbols such as Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace are also regular symbols in the slot.

The game also offers wild and scatter symbols. The logo of Star Trek is the wild symbol in the game. The wild symbol is important in slots as it helps form a winning combination by substituting for the other regular symbols. The wild symbol only comes up on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reel. The blue BONUS is the scatter symbol in the game and activates the bonus round in the game.


Bonus Round and Additional Featureson Star Trek Slots

When more than two scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, the Captain Kirk Free Spin Bonus round gets activated. Players are offered up to 6 free spins during this round. The payout of any winning combination hit in the bonus round will be tripled. The free spins bonus round can be re-triggered. The maximum number of spins that can be awarded is 250.

The Star Trek online slot offers an Auto Play feature which allows players to play the game without having to click the spin icon every time. In this feature, players can customize the settings such as wager amount, number of spins, and the duration between each spin. The wins will be automatically credited to the total.

About the Star Trek Franchise: Movies - Games - Comicon

Star Trek is an American television series based on the science fiction genre that began airing in the late 1960s. The show is based on a starship known as the USS Enterprise, its crew and the space voyages to explore the final frontier of space. The series was the first of its kind and introduced themes of extraterrestrials, teleporting and sophisticated gadgetry. The novelty of the television series made it a runaway hit and resulted in the release of several films based on it.

Several of its characters such as Montgomery Scott and Spock have been referenced in several films. The dialogue ‘Beam me up, Scotty!’ is one of the most well-known phrases in the American film and television industry. The series made a huge impact during the 1990s which led to the development of comic books and games based on the popular theme. It was only a matter of time before software gaming developers designed a casino game for online players.

List of IGT Slots

A Character Slot is a slot allowing you to create a player character. All character slots are currently unrestricted, meaning they can be used to create characters of any playable faction. New character slots have historically been added whenever a new playable faction or recruitment event is released, which applies retroactively to all existing accounts and to all future accounts.

All players start with 9 character slots. Lifetime subscribers get an additional 5, for an updated start of 14. Players may purchase up to 44 additional character slots via the Zen Store, for a maximum of 53 slots, or 58 for Lifetime subscribers. Character slots come in packs of two (625 ) or four (1065 ) and go on sale whenever there is a Services sale in the Zen Store. The most cost-efficient way to do this is to purchase 11× four packs when they are on sale.

Star Trek Slots Free

Due to what appears to be a bug, purchasing a two pack of character slots will set your maximum character slots to 51, or 56 for Lifetime subscribers. Unless and until this is fixed, it's recommended to only purchase four packs.

Players who are still subscribed to the game via the legacy Gold subscription system are given an additional character slot, however if the subscription ends and the slot is unused, it is lost unless they later purchase a Lifetime subscription. Subscribers can also unlock extra slots for being 300 and 700-day veterans, which cannot be lost. These slots are included in the Lifetime subscription, which adds 2 slots on top of this for the total of 5.

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Tribble and Redshirt Test Servers[editedit source]

Characters on the Tribble or Redshirt test servers do not count towards a players number of used character slots on the Holodeck live server. However players cannot create more characters on the test servers than their account has unlocked, for example if a player has unlocked a total of 10 character slots on their account, they cannot create more than 10 per test server.

Cryptic sometimes restricts the number of characters that can be created on or copied to the test servers.

History[editedit source]

Prior to Legacy of Romulus[editedit source]

Before the launch of Season 5 each user account initially had two character slots, which could be used for creating Federation faction characters. A 3rd slot was unlocked when one of your characters reached Lieutenant 6, as well as the ability to create Klingon faction characters.

From the launch of Season 5 until the launch of the Legacy of Romulus expansion, players were given two restricted character slots, no longer able to unlock a third:

  • 1 Starfleet only character slot (unrestricted for players who subscribed before Season 5)
  • 1 Klingon only character slot (unrestricted for players who subscribed before Season 5)

Legacy of Romulus to Victory is Life[editedit source]

The launch of Legacy of Romulus gave all players an additional character slot once more, so that all players began with 3, and all 3 slots were unrestricted. With these changes, two chances to gain additional character slots have been lost:

  • Subscribers who chose the annual subscription option (only available prior to launch) received 2 additional slots.
  • Lifetime subscribers who purchased their subscription before release got two additional slots.

Considering the third free slot all players received, it was merely a loss of one slot.

Star Trek Slots

Since then, the Delta Recruitment recruitment event, Agents of Yesterday, Victory is Life expansions additionally added one free character slot each to all accounts, so that players would be guaranteed to have a slot to participate in the Delta Recruitment, Temporal Agent Recruitment and Gamma Recruitment events, respectively, bringing the total for new accounts to seven.

Free Star Trek Slots

Post-Victory is Life[editedit source]

Prior to the closure of the Foundry, players received 1 Slot for Foundry content creation. If a player wished to create content for both factions, they must use one of their other character slots to create another foundry creation character. The foundry was closed on April 11th, 2019.

On March 7, 2019, the character creation UI on PC received a rework. To celebrate the new UI and to compensate for the loss of the foundry, there was a free character slot added to all accounts.

In Season Twenty-two, an extra slot was added for players to participate in the Klingon Recruitment event, bringing the total slots to nine.

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