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Starburst RTP 96.09%. Starburst is a low variance slot with an RTP value of 96.09%. The top payout in the game is set at 50,000 coins, which is a lot lower than on many other NetEnt slots. Still, the low variance of the game means that winning combinations on the reels land frequently, a fact which players can use in their advantage.

  1. Starburst is a 5-reel and 10-payline title. One of the unique aspects of the title comes with the function of both ways to win. It has an RTP of 96.1%. The primary attraction in the game is a Wild function.
  2. Starburst is a low to medium variance slot, with a decent RTP of 96.1%. But even a low variance slot with a good RTP% can go through anything from 20 to 50 spins in a row without throwing you a single spin where you even get 1x your stake back. We have explained in other articles how slots work with the random number generator.

Would you like to find out how to win at Starburst? The fact is that Starburst is one of the most popular online slot games today available in dozens of online casinos. So, it’s no wonder why there are so many people looking for a way to win at this slot game.

Even though Starburst was released back in 2013, this slot game by Netent, which is, by the way, one of the leading casino software developers, is still among the most played games on different casino sites. Thanks to its interesting gameplay and many opportunities to win prizes, Starburst remains to be a leader among casino games. For all the players who want to win at Starburst, we’ve prepared this guide where you can:

  • Discover all the options you have to win at Starburst
  • Find out more about the RTP (Return to Player) percentage
  • Learn more fact about this interesting game

There are many reasons why people love to play Starburst. Some of them like the space theme and gems in this game while others are attracted to the special feature. There are players who enjoy the graphics and music in this slot game too. No matter what has made you start looking search for information about this game, we have prepared a useful guide that will help you learn more about how to win at Starburst.

Good RTP and volatility that promises frequent wins

One of the things that can help you understand the odds of winning at a slot game are the RTP and volatility of the game. In the case of Starburst, this game comes with a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.06%. Basically, this is the percentage of stakes this slot returns to players in theory. 96.06% is not small, but it’s not a very big percentage either. So, we can freely say that the RTP percentage of Starburst is around the industry average.

The other indicator that can help players understand the chances of winning, as we mentioned before, is the volatility. This term is used to describe the amount of risk inherent to an online slot. Starburst is a slot game with low volatility. To put it simply, this slot game comes with a lower risk. So, you can expect slightly smaller payouts, but these payouts are more frequent compared to high-volatility slot games. This is one of the things that makes Starburst more exciting than many other slot games.

A slot game with a standard matrix

When it comes to the matrix, the creators of Starburst have decided to keep the standard set of reels in play. Starburst has 5 reels and 10 paylines as well as 3 rows per reel. This is a classic matrix these days. This is also one of the things that affect the volatility and RTP of this slot game. But, what’s important to mention is that unlike other slots where combinations of symbols pay from left to right or vice versa, Starburst promises both ways wins.

How to win at Starburst with the help of basic symbols?

There is a list that includes seven basic symbols in this game. These symbols can’t help you activate a special feature. However, with the right combination of symbols like this, you can win a cash reward. Before we go into details let’s describe these symbols.

There are five gems in different colors (purple, blue, orange, green and yellow) and shapes as well as a lucky red seven symbol and a golden bar symbol used as basic symbols. If a player manages to land three, four or five basic symbols on any payline, they will receive a predetermined cash reward. In other words, you need at least three identical symbols in order to win a cash prize. The bar symbol delivers the highest prizes while the purple and blue gem bring the lowest prizes.

How to win at Starburst with the help of bonus features?

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To be honest, Starburst doesn’t have a great collection of special features and bonuses, but there is one symbol that has special properties. By landing this symbol on the reels, it should be easier for you to create a winning combination.

The symbol that we are talking about looks like some sort of a star that comes in the colors of rainbows. As a wild symbol, this colorful star is able to replace literally all regular symbols. So, if you miss a regular symbol on a payline in order to complete a winning combo, the star will help you win that round. We should mention that the wild symbol appears only on the central three reels – reel two, three and four.

Another thing that we should point out is that this symbol expands over the reels and covers the entire reel where it appears. After that, the symbol will activate a free re-spin where the wild symbol stays in place. It doesn’t matter whether you have won the turn or not, you will still get a re-spin for free. Of course, the number of re-spins is limited to three.

Best strategy on how to win at Starburst

Truth be told, there are no special formulas or magical solutions that can help you win at Starburst all the time. However, there are some things that can help you increase the odds of winning. According to experts, the best thing that you can do to win at Starburst is to play this game for a longer period of time.

The basic objective here is to hit a wild symbol. As previously mentioned, this symbol will not only help you develop a winning combo even when one of the symbols is missing, but it will also help you activate the free re-spin feature. To speed up things a little bit, you might want to try the auto play feature available at this online slot game. Of course, you must set a budget first. The best idea is to invest an amount of money that you can afford to lose.

Starburst Rtp

Getting the maximum prize at Starburst

Players should not expect to find a progressive jackpot prize in this game. In fact, there is no local jackpot prize present in Starburst. However, the good news is that you can still win big at Starburst. Due to the fact that players can play place bets in different currencies, we will just say that the highest possible win you can achieve in this slot game is 50.000 coins. This is one of the best cash prizes you can find in low variance online slots.

But, if you want to win this big prize, you will have to wait to hit the wild symbol. After every appearance of an expanding wild symbol on the reels, you will get a free re-spin where the wild symbol stays in place (sticky wild symbol). Since you can get no more than three free spins, in theory, you can get three expanding wilds on the reels. This is the only way to win the highest cash reward in this game. Air canada 777.

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We hope that this in-depth guide focused on Starburst will help you win big at this online slot game.