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Could it be that all the lottery game winners selected their winning numbers by luck?

California (CA) lottery results (winning numbers) and prize payouts for Daily 3, Daily 4, Fantasy 5, SuperLotto Plus, Powerball, Mega Millions, Daily Derby.

You may have played an uncountable number of lottery games without winning causing a question like the one above to cross your mind. The need to change your luck, if that is what it is, has become greater than ever.


  • Some of The Methods Winners Discourage
  • Number Wheeling

How to Predict the Next Lottery Numbers

  • California (CA) SuperLotto Plus latest winning numbers, plus current jackpot prize amounts, drawing schedule and past lottery results.
  • How to Play SuperLotto Plus. To play, choose five numbers from 1 to 47, plus an extra MEGA number from 1 to 27. You can choose your own numbers or let Quick Pick select them automatically for you. Tickets cost $1 per play, and you can play up to five times on one playslip.

Knowing quite well that it is folly to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result, it is good practice to know how the past lottery winners selected their winning numbers.

Let’s face it being able to predict lottery numbers is every lottery players dream. But can it really be done.

The simple answer is – no! However, that doesn’t mean there are no other ways to win. You can also use number selection methods that give you a better chance of picking those winning numbers all based on Math.

There are ways to pick your numbers that can help increase your chances of having winning numbers in your selection.

This will enable you to make a better selection and increase your odds of winning.

Some of The Methods Winners Discourage

The following may be popular among lottery players but past lottery winners who use proven lotto systems believe in a picking lotto numbers formula only if it is used with number wheeling. Using only predictive methods is a recipe for failure.

Here are some number selection methods you should not use.

♦ Quick Pick:

This method is used when lottery players would rather have a computer pick random numbers for them instead of doing so themselves.

For the fact that it is based purely on luck, it is looked down on by multiple lottery winners like Richard Lustig.

♦ Lucky Numbers:

What may be lucky numbers with one lottery player may not be the same with another.

Whatever the case may be, this is what guides the selection of certain lottery players.

For instance, the player may consider a particular workday to be extremely great and then use the clock-in time to play a lottery game of Pick 3.

♦ Dates of Birth:

It is common for people to use their year of birth as a numeric password. This habit is extended to the game of lottery.

It is not uncommon to find that lots of players select numbers to play from their dates of birth. This is also frowned upon by past multiple lottery winners.

These are a few ways through which people select the numbers they play in a lottery game. Many more exist, but a group of lottery players believes the following is how to predict lottery numbers:

♦ Long Overdue Numbers:

When you choose to play a lottery game of Pick 3, it is good practice to study numbers which have frequently appeared in recent draws.

They offer a clue of how to select your next numbers to play according to some past lottery winners.

Super Lotto Numbers

The theory is based on the fact that something which has failed to occur for a while is due to happen sooner rather than later.

As a result, selecting such numbers puts you in a good position to win a lottery prize.

♦ Frequently Picked Numbers:

When a particular number is frequently drawn, they are said to be hot numbers. For the fact that they are drawn frequently, some lottery players believe that one stands to increase the odds of winning by playing such numbers.

So, instead of picking numbers at random, they preach the need to select hot numbers each time you play.

You can use any of these methods in selecting the best lottery numbers to pick. Lots of people who used the methods preferred by multiple lottery winners claim it worked for them as well. It is worth giving a try, right?

Should you come up with a combination of numbers expected to be drawn in an Exact Order, buying multiple tickets is a great option.

Since the prize to be won when you choose an Exact Order option in a game of Pick 3 is high, you may choose to increase your odds of winning.

Number Wheeling

This strategy is being adopted by more lottery players with each passing day because it greatly improves their odds of winning.

It involves playing multiple tickets with different sets of numbers. It could be done in two ways:

– As An Individual:

Just like the name implies, a lottery player can buy multiple tickets with a different set of numbers.

– As A Group:

This is when two or more people pool their funds together in order to buy multiple tickets. In a situation where one of their tickets wins, they share the prize money.

Super Lotto Numbers 11/20

Do not find it surprising that people are ready to pool funds together just to share a lottery prize.

It is better to own a share of something with value than to be the sole owner of a valueless thing.

After all, even if you do not pool funds together with another to play a ticket, you would still share the prize money should both of you play the same set of numbers on your individual tickets.

How Number Wheeling Works

Super Lotto Numbers For January 13th

There is a much more in-depth post about number wheeling here that will explain how it works in more detail.


However, here is a quick synopsis of this amazing effective lottery technique.

In a normal lottery game you will only play a set amount of numbers. For our example we will look at a pick 5 game.

In a pick 5 game you must choose 5 numbers and hope that they match the numbers that are drawn in the game you are playing.

Obviously it is very difficult to match your numbers with the winning numbers when you only get to play 5 numbers. But, what if you could play 6 numbers, 7 numbers or 8 numbers and play them all? Do you think you would have a better chance of having some winning numbers in your selection?

Through mathematical “wheels” you can play all of those 8 numbers (as seen in the image above-right) to give yourself an extremely high chance of winning at least one 4 out of 5 win.

You can also wheel the same numbers with a 5 out of 5 wheeling system to increase your odds of winning the top prize.

The added advantage of using such wheels is that if you do have winning numbers in your selection you will win more than one prize because those numbers will be on more than one line of your plays. Superlotto plus. Pretty!

Number Wheeling Example

Using Wheeling

You can use number wheeling in any type of lotto that draws balls/numbers randomly. Some lottery games are easier to win than others.

For example, knowing how to pick winning lottery numbers for pick 3 has made lots of people win various prizes.

Pick 3 is an easy game to play and goes for an affordable 50 cents. While 6 from 49 games are more difficult to win but have bigger prizes and more opportunities to win multiple prizes in the same game played.

With various options to choose from, the methods listed by previous lottery winners that they say can show you how to win the lottery might just be what you need to apply for a change in fortune.

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Find out in seconds if you've won a California SuperLotto Plus prize. Select five main numbers and one MEGA number and click 'Check Numbers.' Your ticket will be checked against all winning numbers for the past 365 days.

In California, you have 180 days from the draw date to claim a prize before it expires.

SuperLotto offers a starting jackpot of $7 million that grows until someone wins it, two weekly draws and nine prize levels. Find out more on the SuperLotto game page and Superlotto Winning Numbers page.