Thanksgiving Bingo


What’s the Project?This Thanksgiving Bingo game is perfect to play while the turkey cooks or for a fun Thanksgiving party. All you need to do is print the game cards and you’ve got a fun Thanksgiving game!

  • Download and print Sun-Maid Thanksgiving BINGO Cards below. Cut out the call cards below. Once all cards are cut out, lay them facedown and mix up the pile to prepare them for calling. Pass out BINGO cards and a box of Sun-Maid Yogurt Raisins to players. The Yogurt Raisins will be used as pegs to keep track of their boards.
  • PREMIUM CARD STOCK: 5” x 7” player cards. PERFORATED chip sheets, easy to tear apart. NOT for full-cover bingo. Perfect for SCHOOL THANKSGIVING events. Thanksgiving bingo is kid-friendly and easy to play for classrooms of all ages. This Thanksgiving bingo game for kids features adorable, festive designs and fall colors to match the season.
  • Thanksgiving BINGO Printable - Free Download! Keep the kids busy while you finish up last-minute preparations for Thanksgiving dinner with this fun game.

Thanksgiving Bingo Game This Thanksgiving Bingo game is perfect to play while the turkey cooks or for a fun Thanksgiving party. All you need to do is print the game cards and you've got a fun Thanksgiving game! Children's Book Reviews by Imagination SoupThanksgiving. Thanksgiving Bingo Bingo isn’t just a fun little game, it also has lots of educational benefits for kids. Did you know that playing bingo can help kids develop important skills like listening, self-regulation, and visual discrimination? Now you have a perfect excuse.

The smell of turkey cooking in the oven, the parade on the TV, and anticipation of the holiday season kicking off this weekend. Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday wrapped in so much tradition and such warm and cozy feelings.

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But the little ones can get a little restless waiting for dinner sometimes and might need a little entertainment, right?

If you’re looking for something to do while they wait (or if you’ve got a fun Thanksgiving party that you’re planning), this free printable Thanksgiving Bingo game is just the thing. The kids love it!

Thanksgiving bingo online

Seriously, my kids get a kick out of playing this and I’ve tried to make it super easy on you by making it so that all you have to do is print and then play!

Hopefully, this Thanksgiving Bingo will make your Thanksgiving go so much more smoothly! And you’ll get to make fun memories with the kids!

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Thanksgiving Bingo Game:

All you need to do is print and play!

I’ve got 8 Bingo boards for you and the drawing cards you will need in order to play all in a PDF that will print in one document. (If you have more players you can divide into groups since there are only 8 cards.)

If you want to you can get these printed at a local print shop to make it extra nice. And it could be nice to laminate it even so that you can play it year after year.

Print Here: Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Boards

And here’s a quick peek at what one of these cute Thanksgiving bingo game boards looks like:

Those are pretty cute, aren’t they?

How to Play:

Thanksgiving Bingo Game

Once you’ve printed the Thanksgiving bingo cards and cut them out, you’re ready to play! All you need to do is give a bingo card to each player. Make sure you’ve got something for the kids to mark the boards with-crackers or candy or small toys can all work well.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

Then one person begins drawing from the drawing cards and showing the selected card to each player. If the player has that picture on their bingo card, they cover it with a marker.

Once a player has five in a row (going any direction-vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), they call out BINGO and they win!

Have a great time playing this Thanksgiving Bingo game with your family!

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