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Turning Stone Resort Casino Keno games are called approximately every five minutes. Twenty numbered Keno balls are randomly selected from a pool of 80. You can choose from 1 to 15, or 20 numbers, and wager as little as $2.00. Your winnings depend on the number of balls drawn that match your ticket. Keno Hours of Operation Daily: 8:00am – 2:00am. There’s lots of different free online keno games for you to play at Turning Stone Online Casino. Sign up and get free chips every day you play! This display is for customer convenience only. The Keno numbers drawn at the Casino, control the official game results.


Turning Stone Keno

Whenever a tech is doing something to the configuration of a slot machine, I like to watch, hoping to catch a glimpse of important data regarding payout percentages, especially at casinos that aren't required to maintain a minimum payout percentage by the state.
Last night I caught a tech messing around with an Everi machine at Turning Stone. I happened to see two numbers. One for money in, and other for money won. I am assuming by the somewhat small numbers they represent values since the last reset or whatever.
Money In: $3900 and something.
Money Won: $2600 and something.
In other words, about 66% payout since the last reset (again, or whatever).
I know that the actual percentage could be set either higher or lower than that, and the numbers are only short term numbers. But given the general perception I've noticed in forums, that Turning Stone is generally bad with payouts, I wonder if these numbers give us any insight.
Don't most machines have a bottom limit below which their payout percentages cannot be set? 66% seems really low.
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