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To understand how much your Keno ticket will cost, multiply the amount wagered per draw by the number of consecutive draws played. Here’s an example: You wagered $5 on 4 consecutive draws. Your Keno ticket costs $5 x 4 consecutive draws or $20. Want to know if your Keno ticket is a winner? Virginia Lottery COVID-19 Update. Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing their activities in Virginia. Be aware, stay alert, and never send money to receive a lottery prize. Claim Center Information. All Virginia Lottery claim centers are open. The Virginia Lottery Headquarters is closed until further notice. The Virginia Lottery is a state-sanctioned but independently owned lottery operator. It was created in 1987 following a vote by locals, and the first ticket was sold in 1988. Since that time, the Virginia Lottery has contributed to multiple good causes and paid out more than $12.4 billion in prize money. Today’s Keno Atlantic results are in. Here are the winning numbers for Monday February 8, 2021 It’s time to check if you are holding the winning Keno Atlantic ticket. Born2Invest covers every Keno Atlantic drawing and gives you the results immediately. The numbers for the Keno Atlantic drawing on Monday February 8, 2021 are as.

The prize tables in keno can look a bit complicated. Here’s our quick tips on what to look out for in keno pay schedules.

Each casino has its own system of payouts, which you will find set out in the Keno brochures or payout schedules around the casino or, if you’re playing Video keno you’ll find a payout table on each machine. An example is shown below.

The term ‘spot’ refers to how many numbers you have marked on your ticket. The term ‘catch’ refers to how many of your chosen numbers match what the house draws.

The table shows what you will win for a 1 coin stake. You need to multiply these amounts by the amount you are wagering. So in the example below, if you make a $2 bet, pick 4 spots and catch 3 of them you will win $12 (that is, $2 x 6).

This schedule does not pay out if you don’t match any numbers. But in some cases if you mark a lot of numbers the casino pays off if you catch 0.

Note that in Keno you do not get your stake back if you win.

Another Example of a Keno Paytable

This is the payout schedule for online casinos running on Microgaming software. If you like the look of it, here’s where to find Microgaming casinos.

In a live casino keno game, where lots of players are gambling on the same draw, the most the house can pay out for any one draw is generally $50,000. If there are too many winners they will each get a proportionate share of this sum.

Introduction to West Virginia Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2020

West Virginia slot machine casino gambling consists of five casinos including one casino resort and four racetracks with slot machines. Many retailers have a few video lottery terminals.

The West Virginia state legislature has two sets of minimum and maximum theoretical payout limits depending upon the location of the gaming machine. Limited return statistics are available annually.

This post continues my weekly State-By-State Slot Machine Casino Gambling Series, an online resource dedicated to guiding slot machine casino gambler to success. Now in its third year, each weekly post reviews slots gambling in a single U.S. state, territory, or federal district.

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Relevant Legal Statutes on Gambling in West Virginia*

The minimum legal gambling age in West Virginia depends upon the gambling activity:

  • Land-Based Casinos: 21
  • Poker Rooms: 21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Lottery: 18
  • Pari-Mutuel Wagering: 21

In 1994, West Virginia legalized video lottery terminals at their thoroughbred and greyhound racetracks. In 1999, West Virginia began allowing physical reel slot machines at licensed racetracks.

Machine restrictions at these pari-mutuel wagering facilities include approval by the local county and having only:

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Keno
  • Many versions of poker

In 2001, West Virginia passed the Limited Video Lottery Act allowing bars and restaurants to have up to five video lottery terminals (VLTs) and fraternal organizations to have up to ten VLTs. The Act also restricted the state to a total of 9,000 VLTs.

*The purpose of this section is to inform the public of state gambling laws and how the laws might apply to various forms of gaming. It is not legal advice.

Slot Machine Private Ownership in West Virginia

It is legal to own a slot machine privately in West Virginia.

Gaming Control Board in West Virginia

The West Virginia Lottery Commission controls VLT gaming regulations. This lottery was created in 1984 by amending the Constitution of West Virginia with Article VI, Section 36.

Afterward, West Virginia legalized VLTs with subsequent amendments, acts, rules, and statutes. Each statute is available in the West Virginia Lottery’s Rules and Regulations.

Casinos in West Virginia

There are four pari-mutuel racetracks and one casino resort in West Virginia, where their slot machines have 18 different games. In 2019, 1,303 commercial retailers each had between five and ten VLTs, offering eleven games.

The largest casino in West Virginia is Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races with 2,500 slot machines.

Daily spin on coin master. The second-largest casino is Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort with 1,525 slot machines.

Commercial Casinos in West Virginia

The four pari-mutuel racetracks with slot machines in West Virginia are:

  1. Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in Charles Town, 320 miles northeast of Charleston.
  2. Mardi Gras Casino & Resort in Cross Lanes, 10 miles northwest of Charleston.
  3. Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort in New Cumberland, 35 miles north of Wheeling.
  4. Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack in Wheeling.

The single casino resort in West Virginia is:

  1. The Casino Club at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, 120 miles southeast of Charleston

Tribal Casinos in West Virginia

Va Lottery Keno Payouts

West Virginia has no federally-recognized tribes and, therefore, no tribal casinos.

Other Gambling Establishments

As an alternative to enjoying West Virginia slot machine casino gambling, consider exploring casino options in a nearby state. Bordering West Virginia is:

  • North: Maryland Slots and Pennsylvania Slots
  • East and South: Virginia Slots
  • West: Kentucky Slots and Ohio Slots

Each of the links above will take you to my blog for that neighboring U.S. state to West Virginia.

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Payout Returns in West Virginia

West Virginia has two sets of theoretical payout limits including:

  • Racetracks and casino resort: 80% and 99.9%
  • Commercial retailers: 80% and 92% (or 95%, if approved)

Retailers must obtain individual permissions to have a greater than 92% payout. These high payout terminals must obtain Commission approval twice, including:

Written consent prior to manufacturing
Approval before applying for testing

From its 2019 Annual Report, the Commission reported the annual return statistics in West Virginia to be:

  • Casino resort: 92.5%
  • Racetracks: 89.6%
  • Commercial Retailers: 92.1%

Summary of West Virginia Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2020

West Virginia slot machine casino gambling consists of one casino resort, four racetracks, and 1,303 retailers with VLT-style gaming machines. Retailers may have up to five VLTs if a bar or tavern, and up to ten VLTs if a fraternal organization. Up to 18 different games are available on these VLTs, including slot machine game themes.

The minimum theoretical payout is 80% for all VLTs. The maximum theoretical payout is 99.9% for casinos, but 92% for retailers. With permissions, retailers can obtain a 95% maximum theoretical payout for specific VLT machines.

Annual Progress in West Virginia Slot Machine Casino Gambling

Over the last year, there has been no change in the West Virginia gaming industry.

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