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October 23, 2019 01:05 PM Vanna White has worn over 7,000 gowns during her 37 years on Wheel of Fortune — and now she’s taking PEOPLE on a backstage tour of her dressing room on the studio lot to. Vanna White and Michael Kaye were engaged. In 2004, Vanna announced on her show ’Wheel of Fortune’ that she was engaged to Michael Kaye, a man who is a businessman from California. She even claimed that Michael was different from her all other ex-Boyfriend and husband, which was exactly what Vanna needed. While exclusively chatting with Closer in December 2019, Vanna revealed the perfect date night with John. “It would be a very simple dinner with a bottle of wine,” she sweetly gushed.

George Santo Pietro (ex-husband; married in 1990-2002)

Date of birth: December 12, 1946

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Vanna White’s personal life was not so happy. In her young years she was in love with an actor John Gibson, but he was killed in a plane crash. After that the model and TV host Vanna was depressed, but her fans supported her and she coped with her frustration with their help.

Vanna White 2019

Being extremely beautiful, Vanna had lots of male fans, who were ready for everything to capture her heart. But she was married just once in her life.

George Santo Pietro was born in a small, but very prestigious Californian town of Beverly Hills. He started his career as a restaurateur, and was very successful in this area. The man ran a lavish restaurant in Bel-Air. George joined his food business with a huge passion to movie industry. In early 1990s he worked as a dolly grip, and not because he needed money, but because he wanted to be the part of this process. Later he turned into an occasional film producer and film director.

George was a big fan of Vanna White, an effective leggy blonde. No wonder that this rich man, who was so interested in movie making, fell in love just with celebrities. Previously he dated a famous actress, mostly known by her role in “Dynasty” – Linda Evans. They were an item during 4 years and had a daughter Andrea together. After their split in 1986 George fell in love with Vanna White.

Santo Pietro chose a long way to Vanna’s heart – he became her friend. He stood by her side, when she missed her late fiancé. In late 1980s they started dating.

White and Santo Pietro tied a knot on December 31, 1990. They dreamed about kids, but their first attempt was not successful – Vanna had a miscarriage. George supported her in this situation too. Soon they became parents of two cute kids.

Their marriage lasted during 12 happy years. But in May, 2002 the couple divorced. 7 free online slot machines. The reason of such decision was not publicized. George and Vanna tried to remain friends – mostly because of their kids. In 2005 George married another woman – a producer Melissa Mascari. Two years later the couple welcomed a daughter Chiara Santo Pietro. And what’s about Vanna White?

Vanna White 2019 Pic

John Donaldson (boyfriend; dating since)

Soon after her divorce beautiful Ms. White announced her engagement to a businessman Michael Kaye. She told that he was her soul mate. Nevertheless, after a year of relationship Vanna broke an engagement. Again, she didn’t share with her fans the reason of break-up.

But a beautiful woman can’t be single for long. Nowadays she is dating a contractor John Donaldson. Wheel of Fortune host and a businessman have been dating since 2012. He runs his own construction company, which he founded in 1994.

Before starting his own business John worked as a builder. He got just $5 per hour, but he had a dream to found his own company – and later he realized it.

Donaldson grew up in Santa Monica. From the earliest years he was interested in building, and decided to devote his life to this profession.

As for now, he makes houses for rich and famous people, such as an actor Richard Dreyfuss, a comedian Martin Mull and many others. The couple plans to get married.