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The first match of the Galfond Challenge is over. Phil Galfond has accomplished the impossible and came back from a €900k downswing to end up winning the match.

  • The action will take place at Galfond's site, Run It Once Poker. The action will be streamed on, though no hole cards will be shown (at least initially). Galfond and 'Venividi'.
  • Galfond also revealed that he will be paying six €3,000/session penalties to 'VeniVidi' and taking the rest of February off to find the best course of action going forward. This includes the.

Phil Galfond vs. VeniVidi1993: The Show is Over

The first match of the Galfond Challenge was a rollercoaster for poker fans. At some point, Phil was €900k down and the question was whether he was throwing in the towel against VeniVidi1993. Fans even learned some advice from a top poker pro on how to handle a massive downswing.

Venividi bet about half pot with €12,390 and Galfond shoved. Venividi called with for top set and the second nuts on the river, but Galfond had for the nuts. He dragged just under €82K. The lead swung back to Venividi heading into the final stretch, but this time it was Galfond finishing strong.

But, after a long break of almost a month, Galfond was able to make a spectacular comeback that will surely be remembered for many years. For the final session, only 698 hands were left and VeniVidi had a small advantage of €8,171.67, not even half a buy-in of a €100/€200 table.

The odds for the final match were:

  • Phil Galfond: 1.83
  • VeniVidi1993: 2.04

This indicates that Galfond had the highest probability to win according to online bookies. The odds difference was smaller for the overall challenge, at just 1.93 vs. 1.91. For the following matches, Galfond is considered to win according to the odds, except against ActionFreak.

Joey Ingram, David Tuchman, and Joe Stapleton were in charge of the comments of the final session that had over 20k viewers on Twitch.

The winner was Phil Galfond. The final match was epic and the last 100 hands were played at one table. After winning a massive pot with a full house, Galfond folded the last 50 hands.

In addition to the profits from the challenge, there was a side bet of €200k : €100k between Galfond and VeniVidi respectively, so the winner took home at least €100k. That without considering any private bet.

The next contender is Bill Perkins Gsn grand casino. , the charismatic entrepreneur who became famous after reaching the Triton Million final table. Both players will fight in 50,000 hands or a €400k loss, and the side bet is €1M : €250k. This match will most likely end earlier as it only took 8 sessions with 940 hands to hit the €400,000 mark versus VeniVidi.

The Galfond Challenge will go on, at least throuhgout the year, and is turning out to be an exciting event followed by hundreds of players. Galfond has proved that he is not rusty at all, and poker fans finally watch a high stakes match ending after many fiascos like the Durrrr Challenge that never ended.

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Venividi Poker Twitter

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One week is down in the online €100/€200 PLO challenge between VeniVidi1993 and Phil Galfond. So far, the latter has definitely taken some lumps.

Galfond is currently losing by €327,000 after just 4,000 hands of the challenge. With 25,000 hands set to be played, the long-time poker pro is on pace for over €2 million in losses.

Bad Luck Could Be Playing a Factor

Phil Galfond made his name by crushing online PLO games. He may not possess the amazing skills he once did, but OMGClayAiken can still keep up with the best.

However, he’s yet to show this side of himself against VeniVidi1993. In one particular session, VeniVidi crushed Galfond to the tune of €155,000.


Veni Vidi Poker

Nevertheless, OMGClayAiken believes that the results don’t tell the whole story. Galfond thinks that he’s running bad to open this match.


“The nice thing about being down €327k in 3.2k hands is that you can be absolutely certain that you’re running bad,” he tweeted. “Yesterday was the worst day yet but my focus was good, even when getting smashed, so I’m happy with how I handled what I could control.”

Galfond even joked around about this being the perfect point for a “comeback story.”

Galfond Has a Side Bet on the Line

Veni Vidi Poker Identity

Again, Galfond must turn this challenge around in order to stop the heavy losses. Assuming he indeed loses, then he’ll be on the hook for an additional €200,000 side bet – plus any future losses.

The good news, though, is that this match features a forfeit clause. Either side can quit early so long as they pay the side bet.

Veni Vidi Poker Online

The reality is that Galfond probably won’t stage a comeback to win. However, he’ll likely play better poker at some point if he begins running good.

Veni Vidi Poker Real Name

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