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The newest casino sites and bonuses with no wagering requirements. Most players switch casinos from time to time, whether it be due to superstition, or because they're seeking something new. New casinos launch almost weekly, and following regulatory pressure to treat players fairly, many new casino sites launch with low-wager offers. What Are Wagering Requirements? When a casino gives you a bonus or free spins, they may come with wagering requirements. This means you can’t withdraw that bonus until you have played a certain amount on their casino games. Sometimes rewards won’t have wagering requirements.

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Wagering Requirements Ignition

A bonus will require you to play our games to a specific level within a specified time period to remove the bonus' restrictions on the real money amount. This is commonly referred to as Wager Requirements (WR) or Playthrough Requirement. Wager Requirements will be fixed (for fixed bonus amounts) or will vary with the deposit amount (for percentage bonus amounts). Once you have deposited, the Wager Requirements will be fixed. Wager Requirements may be measured in money wagered. For example, if you receive a bonus in the amount of $20 with a WR of 5x, you will be required to wager 5x the amount of your bonus. In this case, you must wager $100 before the bonus amount is released and available for withdrawal. Always be sure to read the bonus' Terms and Conditions for each promotion to fully understand how each specific bonus works.

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