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It’s Wheel of Fortune, America’s Game, and we’re posting the Bonus Puzzle with the winner’s final prize amount. By way of comparison, the Jeopardy! payoff is also included with a link to the recap of that game.

Wheel of Fortune September 12, 2018 Teacher's Week - Tina, Auja, Seth Wheel of Fortune. Klvied 12 Inch Heavy Duty Prize Wheel, 12 Slot Tabletop Color Spinning Wheel with 2 Model Clicker, Carnival Spin Wheel with Dry Erase Markers and Eraser for Trade Show, Fortune Spin Game 4.5 out of 5 stars 486.

Just a note on the Jeopardy! results this week: the College Championship is going on so the high score is not a player’s actual winnings. It guarantees each player a spot worth a minimum of $10K in next week’s semi-finals.

Mon 4-9-18 Wheel: $19,050
On Jeopardy: $17,000
Jonny Knowles scored with a P and an O, giving him the first 3 letters of the second word. I dunno, I always get a sinking feeling when a contestant starts off with a guess that starts with one of his/her rejected picks. That happened and he didn’t seem to notice that the first word had 6 letters either. So Jonny didn’t get to take his all cash winnings home in a BMW 320i.

Tue 4-10-18 Wheel: $22,400
On Jeopardy: $23,312
Paige and Terry added three P’s and one C to the puzzle. The middle word was completely blank and they couldn’t figure it out so they didn’t get a VW Beetle convertible.

Wed 4-11-18 Wheel: $22,600
On Jeopardy: $20,100
Andy Nguyen got Vanna to turn over all the letters he picked, one D, H and C and two O’s. Now he knew the last word for sure but the first word just didn’t come to him. For the third night in a row, no car. This time, it was a Camaro.

Thu 4-12-18 Wheel: $50,820
On Jeopardy: $26,000
CJ Covington only got one C and one I from his letter choices but they were in very strategic positions. He had it all figured out about a second before he even realized his success. CJ added $35,000 to the $15,820 he racked up in the main game.

Fri 4-13-18 Wheel: $17,950
On Jeopardy: $19,601
Brian Schwartz had a Wild Card entitling him to an extra consonant. That D he picked turned out to be the only letter he could add to the puzzle and there were 2 of them together. Unfortunately, they did nothing to help Brian win an extra $35,000.

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