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My most wanted episodes Any Game Show that is deemed Bad or Horrible or had a really bad moment on the show, i.e. Stupid contestants Remote Control. My Game Shows, Wheel of Fortune Chuck Woolery: The 1973 pilot (titled 'Shopper's Bazaar', w/a completely different set and music, plus numerous format differences) SM The 1st pilot from 1974 (hosted by Edd Byrnes; has time code at bottom of screen) SM. It's time to continue my run of Wheel of Fortune 2003 for the PC. We have a 7 game total of $180,355. Can I increase my winnings? Watch to find out. Join the Wheel Watchers Club and Get Your SPIN ID. Wish you could win BIG MONEY like our contestants? Sign up today to get your personal SPIN ID and unlock chances to win $10,000 and other amazing prizes.

Wheel Of Fortune Angelfire January 2006

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Any Game Show that is deemed Bad or Horrible or had a really bad moment on the show, i.e. stupid contestants
Remote Control
Sale of the Century
Tic Tac Dough
The Joker's Wild
Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy (Anything pre-1994)
Supermarket Sweep
Shop til You Drop
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Double Dare (Any version minus 2000)
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WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Pat Sajak & Vanna White/Daily Syndication, 1983-Present) [17 episodes]
Has really fallen down since Merv retired in 2000, becoming formulaic and trip-heavy..not to mention being pretty frickin' cheap some days and completely turning me off during the grand idiocy that was Season 28. I've started to respect it a bit more since Season 30, though.
Season 22 (2004-05)
* April 1, 2005: Jon vs. Bronwen vs. Karen. Includes an end-of-week giveaway tally by Pat. Original commercials. [2.8/OB, WPLG-10 {Miami, Florida}]
Season 25 (2007-08)
* September 10, 2007 (Season Premiere): Alan vs. Amanda vs. Jill. Not a great way to start off.. Original commercials, first two minutes or so missing, average quality for first half. [40.9/OB, WPLG-10]
* September 11, 2007: Ann vs. Sarah vs. Richard. Original commercials. [40.12/OB, WPLG-10]
* September 28, 2007: Angel vs. Kathy vs. Mike. Pat wonders why the Bonus Wheel is still out..after forgetting it's been done that way for the past two years. Original commercials, VERY grainy-but-watchable video that isn't the best quality. [44.6/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 1, 2007: Jesse vs. Calandra vs. Angela. Features an embarrassingly-bad decision in Round 3. Classic Clip: Pat & Vanna screw up promos. Original commercials, not-so-good video. [44.10/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 9, 2007: Deborah vs. Christine vs. Scott. Somebody really cleans up! Original commercials. [45.5/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 10, 2007: Kate vs. Allison vs. Aaron. Vanna tells a joke (I think that's what it was) during the end segment. Classic Clip: Pat & Vanna in a hot tub. Original commercials, video screws up at times. [46.1/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 11, 2007: Lindsey (can shake her eyeballs..I think) vs. Barbara vs. Rory. REALLY close Bonus Round! Original commercials. [46.4/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 12, 2007: Justina vs. Manny vs. Erika. EASY Bonus Round missed! Original commercials, B/W video throughout until closing credits (where the color flickers for about 25 seconds). [46.8/OB, WPLG-10]
* October 29, 2007: Amy vs. Jason vs. Leslie. Classic Clip: Contestant, then Vanna, slaps Pat's butt (2003). AWESOME Bonus Round solve! Original commercials. [48.5/OB, WPLG-10]
* November 2, 2007: Russell vs. Jessica vs. Kerry. EASY Bonus Round missed! Classic Clip: the Radio City Music Hall stint with DON PARDO announcing (11/14-25/88). Original commercials. [49.10/OB, WPLG-10]
* December 24, 2007: Patrick vs. Debra vs. Megan. Classic Clip: Pat's Premiere (12/28/81), with a reunion of those first contestants..and a couple of references the show usually won't admit. Original commercials, VERY grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times and is B/W throughout (aside from a few color flickers and half of Round 2) including the final segment (in which the 'screwing-up' quits). [53.4/OB, WPLG-10]
* December 31, 2007: Jenny vs. Jaimi vs. Clementine. Game show-related puzzle in Round 3! Classic Clip: Pat cuts Vanna's hair, then she introduces a new style (12/1 and 4/95). Original commercials. [54.6/OB, WPLG-10]
* January 2, 2008: Tiffany vs. Jennifer vs. Marc. Classic Clip: Pat introduces his twin brother Paul (2000). GREAT final segment with genuine CERAMIC DALMATIANS and a plug for the bizarre Wheel Watcher's Club-exclusive Ceramic Dalmatian Bobblehead. Original commercials. [54.8/OB, WPLG-10]
* January 7, 2008: Davina vs. Jonathan vs. Lindsay. Six-round marathon! Classic Clip: Vanna reveals she's wearing a 'foundation' (1997). Original commercials, crapload of video problems throughout (a bit grainy and screws up at times, but from the first puzzle through the middle of the second becomes much grainier and flickers almost constantly between color and B/W {this also occurs on a slightly lesser scale from the very end of the third puzzle onward}). [55.4/OB, WPLG-10]
* April 1, 2008 ('Wheel Around The World', Day 2): Pammy (who insults her family!) vs. Coral online bingo. Jana vs. Russ. Foreign Clip: Turkish version. Pat admits he wears a hairpiece, and has Vanna remove the offending item. Original commercials, pretty grainy-but-watchable video that screws up at times..not to mention the skew at the top throughout. [58.8/OB, WPLG-10]
* April 4, 2008 ('Wheel Around The World', Finale): Mary vs. Michelle vs. Rob. Foreign Clip: Italian version. Original commercials, first few seconds cut off. [58.10/OB, WPLG-10]

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