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The Ferris wheel was sold and relocated to Pleasureland Southport. One ride which lasted the duration was the Skyways roller coaster which was removed in 2018. A new addition to the pier is a pirate-themed crazy golf course situated behind the Clarence Pier arcade. $1K T-U: PN N E W / N D T S The NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS didn't make the playoffs this season but Natasha makes $1K: Natasha Woods (Winchester, CA): Nature photographer married to Garrett for 11yrsEllen Davidson (Culver City): Movie buff married to David who. These figures often wear the guise of kings. The metaphor became so popular during the latter twelfth and thirteenth centuries that it made it into the iconography of the cathedral, culminating in the great rose wheel windows of many cathedrals, which were essentially based on the idea of Fortune's wheel. The image was a favorite of Henry III of England (who apparently spent too. Wheel Watchers Club. Landmark the/roman /baths/in /bath/england Follow @WheelOfFortune. FAQ; Contact Us; Terms & Conditions.

The Wheel of Fortune or Rota Fortunae has been a concept and metaphor since ancient times referring to the capricious nature of Fate. Wheel of Fortune may also refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • The Wheel of Fortune, 1883 painting by Edward Burne-Jones


  • Big Six wheel, a casino game also known as the Wheel of Fortune
  • Wheel of Fortune video games, based on the game show franchise


  • The Wheel of Fortune (novel), a 1984 novel by the English author Susan Howatch
  • The Wheel of Fortune, a 1795 play by the British writer Richard Cumberland


  • Wheel of Fortune, an album by Susan Raye
  • 'Wheel of Fortune' (1951 song), originally performed by Johnny Hartman
  • 'Wheels of Fortune' (song), a song first released by the Doobie Brothers
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  • Wheel of Fortune (horse), a British racehorse

Wheel Of Fortune England Trip


  • Wheels of Fortune (film), a 2020 film


Game shows[edit]

  • Wheel of Fortune (American game show) (1975–present), an American game show created by Merv Griffin
    • International versions of Wheel of Fortune, based on the American version:
      • La Ruota Della Fortuna, Italian game show
  • Wheel of Fortune (1952 game show), a 1952–1953 American game show that aired on CBS that is unrelated to the later 1975 American game show


  • 'Wheel of Fortune', series episode of The A-Team (season 4)
  • 'The Wheel of Fortune', third episode of the 1965 Doctor Who serial The Crusade
  • 'Wheel of Fortune', series episode of The Dead Zone
  • 'Wheels of Fortune', series episode of Frasier (season 9)

Wheel Of Fortune Uk Jenny


  • Wheel of Fortune (house), listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in Kent County, Delaware
  • Wheel of Fortune, United States Virgin Islands, a settlement on the island of Saint Croix
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Wheel Of Fortune England

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Wheel Of Fortune

Spin the wheel and solve the puzzle!

Not very different to hangman, Wheel Of Fortune is addictive viewing no matter who's presenting. Often to be seen on Challenge TV, Wheel Of Fortune is available to enjoy as an online game and official board game. We've also got facts and trivia about the show.

On this page:

Wheel Of Fortune information/history

Originally broadcast on UK TV between 1988 and 2001, the British version of Wheel Of Fortune had a few different presenters throughout its run. Nicky Campbell had by far the longest innings and was the original host, presenting from 1988 to 1996. Bradley Walsh took over briefly in 1997 before departing for fatherhood, whereupon the infamous John Leslie stepped in as Wheel Of Fortune's frontman until 2001. After John, and not often seen on UK TV, there was a subsequent presenter of Wheel Of Fortune - the not-very-well-known Paul Hendy for just one series in 2001.

Wheel Of Fortune also had a number of co-hosts. Best known are Carol Smillie (from 1989 to 1994) and Jenny Powell (1995 to 2000).

Contestants win a prize at the end of each round and one lucky contestant gets to solve the main prize puzzle. The big prize varied throughout and included a holiday, cash prize, car, furniture and a boat.

Wheel Of Fortune - the board game

The official Wheel Of Fortune board game is now in its third edition and enormous fun for all ages, even if some players have never seen the TV game show! The board game comes with everything needed including the famous Wheel Of Fortune spinner, puzzle board (with legs), display and backing board, free spins tokens, play money and 96 pre-made puzzles.

The Wheel Of Fortune board game works great as a family or party activity but can also be played with less people (2-4). Once you've worked your way through the included puzzles, you can create your own (within the limitations of the board).

You can buy the Wheel Of Fortune board game at Amazon.co.uk

Wheel Of Fortune - the online slot game

The online Wheel Of Fortune slot game is bright, glitzy and fun. It's got a lively 'game show' feel and keeps you entertained. There are two bonus games for extra winnings - the 'Mini Wheel Bonus' is awarded when three 'scatter' symbols appear anywhere. Similarly, players win a 'Triple Extreme Spin Bonus' with three 'bonus' symbols. Either can pay a big prize.

The Wheel Of Fortune online game was developed by IGT, creators of more than 200 official Wheel Of Fortune slots for land-based casinos. It can be enjoyed just for fun or played for real money, with bets of just 50p a spin offering 720 different ways to win.

You can play TV-based games online for free or real money at Hello Casino (free registration + welcome bonus)

Wheel Of Fortune facts and trivia

The UK version of Wheel Of Fortune (along with most international versions) differed from the American game show where the numbers on the wheel represented real money to be won instead of points.

The filming of one episode of Wheel Of Fortune had to be postponed when a contestant sent the wheel spinning the wrong way and broke the gearing mechanism (filming resumed the following day). We've no idea if the guilty spinner went on to win.

All contestants in all series, win or lose, went home with a Wheel Of Fortune watch.

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Wheel Of Fortune website: challenge.co.uk/wheel-of-fortune