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The old results for the past six drawings (Midday and Evening) are listed beneath the live result. Pick 3 (otherwise known simply as 'Numbers') is a twice-daily draw. The Midday draw takes place at 2:30 pm ET in the afternoon, Monday to Sunday. The evening draw takes place at 10:30 pm ET, seven nights of the week. (AP) The winning numbers in Friday evening's drawing of the New York Lottery's 'Win 4 Evening' game were: 1-3-1-6.

Find below a list containing the latest 10 New York(NY) Win 4 Evening drawing results. The results are shown by draw date and in descending order with the latest Win 4 Evening winning numbers shown first. In case you want to learn more about past results, you can look up Search Past New York(NY) Win 4 Evening results, and New York(NY) Win 4 Evening winning numbers calendar.
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Mon Feb 08, 2021
Sun Feb 07, 2021
Sat Feb 06, 2021
Fri Feb 05, 2021
Thu Feb 04, 2021
Wed Feb 03, 2021
Tue Feb 02, 2021
Mon Feb 01, 2021
Sun Jan 31, 2021
Sat Jan 30, 2021
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New York Win 4 Evening News and Payout for Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Updated: Monday, September 10, 2018 01:53 AM

The winning numbers of Evening Win 4 lottery for Sunday, September 9th, 2018 were 6, 1, 1, 0 and lucky sum was 8. The next New York Win 4 evening drawing will be held 7:30 p.m., Monday, September 10th, 2018, Eastern Time.

In the evening New York Win 4 drawing on Sunday, September 9th, 2018, 3,194 winning tickets share $0 in prizes. Below is the detailed prize payout information:

  • 94 ticket(s) won Straight Play prize.
  • 3,046 ticket(s) won Box Play prize.
  • 0 ticket(s) won Front Pair prize.
  • 0 ticket(s) won Back Pair prize.
  • 6 ticket(s) won Straight/Box with Exact Hit.
  • 27 ticket(s) won Straight/Box with Box Hit.
  • 11 ticket(s) won Combination Play prize.
  • 10 ticket(s) won Lucky Sum prize with $0.00 payout per ticket.

Evening Win 4 drawings are held 7 days a week around 7:30 pm Eastern Time. To play New York Evening Win 4, go to a New York lottery retailer, use a New York Evening Win 4 play slip, which has 4 games on each panel. You may play 1, 2, 3, or 4 games. Choose four digit numbers in each game panel you want to play.In each game played, choose a wager type from one of these below:

  • Straight
  • Box
  • Straight/Box
  • Combination
To know more about what bet types are, you can ask the store clerk for a New York Evening Win 4 lottery brochure where detailed instructions of bet types can be found. You can play up to 10 tickets per game panel. Use only black or blue pen or pencil to mark with heavy vertical marks. If you can't come up with any 3 numbers to bet, you can just mark the Quick Pick option to have numbers picked for you randomly. After you are done, hand over your completed play slip to the clerk for processing.

Click here for detailed information of New York Win 4 Evening payout and news.

Most of you at some point in life would like to earn lots of money, so much money that is not possible in either a life time or during a specific period of time. However for some, getting lucky to receive such huge amount of money comes along with a burden of guilt.

There is light at end of the tunnel for such people - New York Win 4!

New York Win 4 is an 'In-House Draw Game' among the various games offered by New York Lottery. It is a lottery game that was initiated in the US. The New York lottery, in general, began in the late 1960s. The best part of this lottery is that it generates funds for public education. The fact that New York Win 4 lottery contributes to the development of society at large makes it all the more attractive.

New York Lottery games are projected as an aid to education.

Ny Lottery Win 4 Today

There are 4 different sets of numbers. Each set has the digits 0-9. 4 numbers are drawn from the 4 sets. Krugerrand sacramento.

New York Win 4 lottery lots are drawn twice a day, at midday (12.20 pm) and in the evening (07.30 pm) at the retailer's parlour. You can play this lottery for individual draw / both draws for any number of days at a stretch. It is mandatory to inform the retailer about the details before hand.

The minimum age for participating in this game is 18.

  • Obtain a playcard from the New York Win 4 retailer. A play card has 4 games each (A, B, C & D).
  • Place bet on 4 digits . 1 digit in each row in the placard. You can either explicitly bet on 4digits (considered lucky) or in case you are not able to decide the 4 digits, you can use quickpick, where the computer chooses the digits randomly. Partial quickpick is not permitted.
  • Each game played has a wager type associated with it, namely, straight (STR) , box (BOX) , straightbox (STRBOX) or combination (COMB) play. STR and BOX cost 50¢and STRBOX and COMB cost 1$.
  • Each game panel consists of 10 games. There is no compulsion that all games have to be played.
  • Once the above info is marked in the playcard, mark the number of tickets needed and the number of days that you wish to play. You can get separate tickets for each draw of New York Win 4.
  • Once you have filled the necessary portions in the playcard, hand it over to the New York Win 4 retailer.
  • You will then be provided with a ticket each for every New York Win 4 game that you wish to play.
  • Play and get lucky !!!
  • You have to ensure that the New York Win 4 retailer is being informed that you will be participating in the next draw so as to be enrolled for the next available draw.
  • New York Win 4 does not offer subscriptions.
  • In addition to the above game module, New York Win 4 also offers a chance to get lucky even if all our numbers are not drawn. This is called Lucky Sum Option. This costs 1$ more. The sum of the numbers drawn should equal the sum of our numbers.
  • There is also a module called Play Instant Win at 1$ extra that lets you win based on matching of the position of your numbers vis-a-vis the drawn number.
  • STR play fetches USD 2,500 for 50¢ play and USD 5,000 for 1$ play
  • 4-way BOX play fetches USD 600 for 50¢ play and USD 1,200 for 1$ play
  • 6-way BOX play fetches USD 400 for 50¢ play and USD 800 for 1$ play
  • 12-way BOX play fetches USD 200 for 50¢ play and USD 400 for 1$ play
  • 24-way BOX play fetches USD 100 for 50¢ play and USD 200 for 1$ play
  • 4-way STRBOX play fetches USD 600 for any order match and USD 3,100 for exact match
  • 6-way STRBOX play fetches USD 400 for any order match and USD 2,900 for exact match
  • 12-way STRBOX play fetches USD 200 for any order match and USD 2,700 for exact match
  • 24-way STRBOX play fetches USD 100 for any order match and USD 2,600 for exact match
  • 4-way COMB play fetches USD 2,500 for 2$ play and USD 5,000 for 4$ play
  • 6-way COMB play fetches USD 2,500 for 6$ play and USD 5,000 for 6$ play
  • 12-way COMB play fetches USD 2,500 for 6$ play and USD 5,000 for 12$ play
  • 24-way COMB play fetches USD 2,500 for 24$ play and USD 5,000 for 24$ play
  • In case your prize money is less than USD 600, you can collect it from the New York Win 4 retailer within 45 days of the draw else it can be claimed from any of the New York Lottery Regional Customer Service Centre.
  • Validity period of ticket is 1 year.
  • Prize money is taxable since it is considered to be a source of income.
NYLOTTERYX.COM provides immense information on New York Win 4 Evening. It is important to gain enough ideas about each product from reliable websites so that you are leaded through the right way and not given false information on the same.

Few reports available on this website that helps you to devise a strategy are:

  • Overdue Chart - The overdue chart provides information on those numbers that have not been drawn for the past .n. number of draws. This helps players to choose the numbers wisely.
  • Skip and Hit analysis - This report provides historical information on the winning patterns of a specific number as per the latest draw.
  • 50 Most Winning Numbers and 50 Least Winning Numbers.
  • Lucky Sum Analysis
  • The News & Payout section furnishes information on the events & happenings along with the details of prize money won.

Mon Feb 8, 2021Mon Feb 8, 2021
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New York Lottery Winning numbers history

Here, you can find the Past Winning Numbers, statistics, and in-depth analysis of Numbers Midday, Numbers Evening, Win 4 Midday, Win 4 Evening, Take 5, Pick 10, Lotto, Cash4Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball. . The winning numbers history is provided and its FREE. You can save it or print it. Our page also has a tool to search for winning number or set of numbers for all New York lottery games.

For in-depth analysis and other resources of the game winning numbers visit the game home page. Summary of winning numbers data available for New York lottery on our website as of today

GAMEData Available on this Site
Numbers Midday01/01/200802/08/2021
Numbers Evening01/01/200802/08/2021
Win 4 Midday01/01/200802/08/2021
Win 4 Evening01/01/200802/08/2021
Take 501/01/200802/08/2021
Pick 1001/01/200802/08/2021
Mega Millions04/20/201002/05/2021

New York Lottery Draw Games Schedule

Numbers Midday12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PMUS/Eastern
Numbers Evening7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PMUS/Eastern
Win 4 Midday12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PM12:24 PMUS/Eastern
Win 4 Evening7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PMUS/Eastern
Take 511:21 PM11:21 PM11:21 PM11:21 PM11:21 PM11:21 PM11:21 PMUS/Eastern
Pick 107:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PM7:35 PMUS/Eastern
Lotto11:21 PM11:21 PMUS/Eastern
Cash4Life9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PMUS/Eastern
Mega Millions11:00 PM11:00 PMUS/Eastern
Powerball10:59 PM10:59 PMUS/Eastern

About New York ( NY ) Lottery

New York Lottery has been officially inaugurated in 1967 after the approval of a constitutional amendment by the majority of the New Yorkers. This constitutional amendment has been passed to authorize the establishment of a government-run lottery. All the revenue generated by the NY Lottery operations will be directed and utilized exclusively for the support or aid of education. Before the 20th century, lotteries run in New York were used to generate revenue for non-educational purposes. New York City hall has been built with contributions from lottery proceeds. A few other lottery proceeds contributed to the building and repairing of several roads, canals, and ferries. Additionally, those lotteries have helped in developing the manufacturing industries of New York.

New York Lottery has begun in 1967 with it’s first and foremost slogan, ‘Your Chance of a Lifetime to Help Education’. More than 34 billion dollars has been generated in revenue in aid for educational purposes. After the inception of New York Lottery, it has become an autonomous unit in collaboration with the Department of Taxation and Finance. On 1st of February 2013, the operations of New York Lottery were merged into the New York State Racing and Wagering Board which formed the New York State Gaming Commission. NY lottery results are usually updated on the internet without any delays.


The NY Lottery offers a wide range of highly exciting and entertaining games. All these games are very simple and easy to play with lucrative prizes. After playing a game here, you can wait for the New York lottery results to be announced and see if you win any. Here’s a look at the main games that are being offered by the NY Lottery:

Numbers: Number is a very basic game that involves the drawing of three-digit numbers. This game is drawn two times every day. Three numbers are drawn from the range of 0 to 9. 50 cents is the minimum wager for this game. The amount may vary for the combination wagers.

Win 4: This New York lottery game involves four drawing machines and the rest of the game model is similar to the Numbers. The wager amount is also same as the Numbers, which is 50 cents and it may vary for the combination wagers.

Take 5: This game began as a Friday-only model in 1992. Later in the year of 2000, this games has transformed into nightly. Each game costs one dollar. The drawing of five numbers from a range of 0 to 39 takes place in this game.

Sweet Million: Infamously known with the tagline ‘Sweet Millions is sweeter than sweet’, this NY lottery game has been a huge success right from the introduction. This game lets the players watch the drawing of the lottery with the help of sweet animals.

Pick 10: This game is drawn every night. From a range of 0 to 80, a total of 20 numbers are drawn. Players must choose the right set of 10 numbers, with the matching of 20 numbers lets the players win half a million in cash if your picks are among the New York winning numbers.

Lotto: This NY lotto game is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. Players get two games with the purchase of a 1$ play. 6 numbers are drawn from a total of 59. The game offers incredible prizes if you pick the right Midday numbers from the New York Lotto results.

Cash4Life: Drawings of this game takes place on every Monday and Thursday. Each game costs you 2$ each. Players have to choose 5 numbers out of 60.

Mega Millions: On every Tuesday and Friday, this game is being drawn. Mega Millions draws five balls which are labeled with numbers ranging from 1 to 70 and the sixth ball with numbers ranging from 1 to 25.

Power ball: This is the drawing game with the highest prize potential. The games cost two dollars each. Players get to choose 5 numbers from 69 and a Powerball with the number from 1 to 26. This game is drawn on every Wednesday and Saturday.

For details of New York lottery and latest news visit New York Lottery Official Website

New York Lottery Contact Address :

NewYork State Gaming Commission
One Broadway Center comma P.O.Box 7500
NY 12301
Phone : (518) 388-3300

New York (NY) Win 4 Evening Lottery Results Lottery Post

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